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Detrimental Health Effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)
Below, is a list of only some facts concerning the detrimental effects of EMFs:

  • Autoimmune reactions
  • Dysfunction of the immune cells preventing these from optimally fighting infections and cancer
  • Direct stimulation of infectious agents
  • Frequent infections due to immunosuppression: viral, fungal, parasitic, bacterial
  • Cancer and leukemia in children and adults
  • Poor energy, chronic fatigue
  • Headaches, insomnia
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Asthma, respiratory allergies

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What Biomagnet Kit to Order – Quick Reference Guide

The following is a quick reference guide to chose the proper BiomagScience Therapy Kit and any supplements that are recommended.

Please review our Therapy Kits for:

  • Increased Vitality and Health Maintenance
  • Aches and pain
  • Acute Pain or Injury
  • Chronic Illness or long-term medical condition

We recommend the Wellness Kit for everyone as it contains everything for and therapies for over 170 medical conditions while providing the family with energy supplementation.

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Science of Magnets for Health: “BioMagnetism”

Magneto-Biophysics is the science of magnetism in which specifically designed magnets are used to support the normal electrical charges of the human cells to achieve and maintain a healthy state. Sounds awfully scientific doesn’t it? Actually it is. It is very scientific. You would be very foolish to drive down to the local hardware store, purchase a couple of magnets and just place them on your body; without knowing what you are doing or for that matter, worse; how your body operates.

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In Jan. 2014 I was diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes. My doctor wanted me to take.. Metforim to help control my sugar. I also was told to test my sugar levels twice a day. So I bought the medication.. and left it sit on my desk.. my thought was that my mother had taken the same medication and she was never really able to control her sugar.. My grandmother had gone into a diabetic coma some fifty years ago and never came out of it.
The following case is for your review. It indicates the various full therapy protocols BiomagScience, under the Foundation for Magnetic Research suggests for AS.
When reviewing a debilitating condition, two factors that are found is the immune system is compromised due to the individual’s low [electromotive] vitality level and systemically, the biochemistry is completely out of balance and is most often in acidosis.
I’m reporting on a success story. I’ve had rotator cuff problems for 12 years. After the painful episode of the initial flare up, I’ve had weakness and pain which slowly escalated to the point where I could not use my left arm for any sort of rigorous work. Pulling a shirt off over my head was really hard. I was always sore. I couldn’t exercise, and I continually had to protect my shoulder from typical daily functions. My husband was convinced that I needed surgery. I decided that as long as I behaved myself, I could manage the problem.
Poison Ivy SPRING TIME! It feels so good to be outside, working in the garden. But watch out for the poison ivy! Some poison ivy got me on the arm Sunday and a rash erupted. I could not fall asleep last night (Monday) because of the burning/itching. Then I remembered the remedy from BiomagScience. I applied Green Bio-Energized Structured water with drops of Activated Oxygen on my arm and in a matter of 5 minutes the burning/itching was gone and I fell asleep. Thank you BiomagScience for such a simple yet effective remedy. SM PA
The Wellness Kit is the 21st Century First Aid and Wellness Kit for the individual and family. Recognized and used by people, practitioners, clinics and medical schools worldwide, the Wellness Kit is the first complete energy therapy toolbox to help the family increase vitality while providing excellent First Aid and advanced therapies for most health conditions.
Hypercoagulation is a thickening of the blood where the RBCs (red blood cells) stack up and clump together in what; is called the Rouleaux formation. It is one of the leading causes of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and a host of other illnesses.
The stacking and clumping of RBCs reduces the RBC’s surface area to the capillary beds which reduces the delivery of oxygen (O2) and nutrition to the tissue which also reduces the CO2 exchange to the lungs. The reduced oxygen/nutrition and increased CO2 results in cellular dysfunction leading to conditions such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, autoimmune diseases, bone necrosis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue/CFS, chronic infections, deep vein thrombosis, dementia, depression, diabetes, eye diseases, fibromyalgia, heart attack, high blood pressure, infertility, Lyme disease, menstrual problems, metabolic syndrome (stuck cells), migraine, osteonecrosis of hips, knees and jaws, pulmonary embolism, stroke, tinnitus, and varicose veins.
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Multiple Sclerosis – BiomagScience Therapy Response

The following case studies of women having MS [symptoms] used the BiomagScience therapies available at the time (approx 2003-2005) and went into remission. Today, the BiomagScience therapies would include a few more advanced therapies that have shown to help normalize the system a little more quickly.

In the first trial, a middle aged woman [in 1st stage MS] was experiencing a major loss of energy during her normal running regimen and would have to sit down a number of times during the run to get her energy back. Her doctor told her she had MS. Upon using the Super Biomagnet over the liver, she regained all her energy. Upon removing it within a week of therapy, she experienced energy loss again and upon replacement, she immediately regained her energy. After 3 months of therapy, she stopped wearing it. From all indications, it appears the MS symptoms were occurring from a hypo-active liver not producing the correct amount of enzymes responsible for the nerve sheathing. The woman was recommended to continue the Daytime and the lower CVS therapy for prevention – to keep the system highly charged to maintain normal metabolic functions.

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Chronic Shoulder and Neck Muscle Mobility and Pain…

At the end of last year, my daughter and I had serious conditions. I had torn an upper muscle in my shoulder and despite all the therapy; it hadn’t healed in a year. I couldn’t lift it without major pain. While my 17 year old daughter had been undergoing therapy for over a year and a half for a pulled muscle in her shoulder and neck; she was not getting any relief either. The doctors told her that calcium seemed to be building up in the tissue and that this problem would probably affect her the rest of her life.

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Indigestion: Positive field for 10 minutes over…

Positive field for 10 minutes over stomach area and a full glass of structured energized water.

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