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Testimonials & Case Studies

Table of Contents

  1. Quadriplegic Man Walks Again
  2. Awoken from coma, acute pancreatitis healed
  3. Awoken from terminating septic-shock coma
  4. Crushed, splintered legs healed pain-free. Walked in 3 months instead of 10
  5. Epileptic Seizures Stopped
  6. Severed nerve in leg regenerated
  7. Diagnosis – Malignant brain tumor resolved
  8. 26-year Psoriasis Resolved with Energized Water
  9. Rare Infant Blindness Resolved in a Month
  10. Bedridden for 25 years, Semi-immobilized Woman starts to heal, now playing competitive tennis
  11. Extremely painful TMJ/Lockjaw resolved
  12. Was able to avoid neck and knee surgery
  13. Grandmother resolves neuropathy, arterial stenosis & high blood pressure; increases energy and range of motion
  14. Diabetes improves, heart unblocked – WOW
  15. Chronically ill businessman gets healthy life back. Barely walk and because healthy.
  16. Carpal tunnel syndrome relieved
  17. Was able to heal my heart’s coronary thrombosis
  18. Sciatica pain free, finally sleeping, increased circulation
  19. Inflammation gone immediately
  20. Instant relief from asthma
  21. Helps neuropathy pain and sleep
  22. Arthritis pain finally gone
  23. Lumpy scarring replaced by healthy tissue
  24. No more severe backache
  25. 27-year rodeo injury relieved
  26. Grandmother gives major first aid to grandchild
  27. Broken elbow heals rapidly – with no pain or swelling
  28. Menstrual cramps gone
  29. Energy Improvement
  30. I Couldn’t Believe It – Pain Gone
  31. Gingivitis and plaque disappear
  32. Chronic back pain resolved
  33. Bad sprain mended
  34. Mountain High Altitude Sickness
  35. Profound laryngitis and a hacking, paroxysmal cough resolved in 15 minutes
  36. One regular (medium size) magnet neutralizes the sting of 8 Yellow Jackets

Chinese Case Studies
All BiomagScience BioMagnet Therapies are known in Chinese as “Tsi-Bao.

  1. Case Study #1: Medical equipment exhibition
  2. Case Study #2: Occupational stress
  3. Case Study #3: Liver cancer
  4. Case Study #4: Flu infections
  5. Case Study #5: Acute myocardial infarction
  6. Case Study #6: Leukemia
  7. Case Study #7: Involuntary sneezing
  8. Case Study #8: Hurt ankle
  9. Case Study #9: Positive vs. negative field polarity
  10. Case Study #10: Hepatitis B infection
  11. Case Study #11: Ovary tumor
  12. Case Study #12: Qigong practice
  13. Case Study #13: Spinal correction practice
  14. Case Study #14: Teeth
  15. Case Study #15: Japanese Isogai therapy


  1. Quadriplegic Man Walks Again

A 47-year-old man lost control of his motorcycle badly injuring his spine, breaking one of his legs and several ribs, leaving him paralyzed, unable to ever walk again. The nerve damage was so severe, he could barely use his arms. He was in such pain that he had to use a morphine pump. After visiting over 20 doctors throughout the US who could not help him, he tried BiomagScience.

He took to the magnets with great interest and started with three METs (Meridian Energy Therapy) daily. He also slept with magnets religiously placed on the sternum and pineal gland [Nightime]. In addition, he drank at least 8 to 10 glasses of Bio-Negative energized water every day.

By the end of three months he began to notice some feeling coming back into his legs, arms and hands. At this point, he still could not shake hands with me. His pains had subsided somewhat, but he continued to use the morphine pump.

He was religious in using the magnets and was dedicated to continuing on with the Meridian Energy Therapy. By the fourth month, he could sit up and do some writing with his hands. By the seventh month, he began to walk and had regained enough strength to look forward to regaining a normal life. However, he still had limited mobility, some aches and pain and continued with the morphine pump.

By the tenth month, he was able to walk to a car and sit up; most of his pain had subsided enough to remove the pump. Within in a year he was brave enough to climb aboard a “Segway” motor bike and take it out for a ride. Six months following this, he actually stood up on his Segway motor bike and drove two miles up curvy roads in the hills in Santa Barbara to show off his returned health and well-being. This man has normal health again and is back to running his business and leading a normal life.

Note from BiomagScience: We feel that if the individual had placed the nerve regeneration circuit on the breach on his spine instead of using the MET, based on what we have seen, we believe he would have healed much more quickly. The MET would have been an important step 2 to the protocols instead of the primary application. 

  1. Awoken from coma, acute pancreatitis healed

“I was in a coma, dying from Pancreatitis. Horrified, my son asked the doctor if he could try Advanced BioMagnetic Therapy. The doctor said ‘try anything you want.’ Biomagnets were applied and within 2 days I regained consciousness. It’s been over a year since. I’m alive, happy, very healthy and continue to use BioMagnets to maintain my vitality.” A.G., S.B., CA

  1. Awoken from terminating septic-shock coma

A 91-year-old man’s kidneys failed and his dialysis could no longer be done, so he slipped into a septic shock coma. Just before he was about to terminate, the Organ Group Energizing (OGE) therapy was applied and instead of terminating, he woke up and started healing. He lived on for approximately six months without the need of dialysis as his kidneys healed and functioned. Then he peacefully died in his sleep after indicating that he wanted to pass on to be with his wife who had died many years before. This case is responsible for the creation of the OGE therapy, which has been an extraordinary therapy in helping with cases of chronic illness.

  1. Crushed, splintered legs healed pain-free. Walked in 3 months instead of 10

Oct 25, 2003 – Both knees were crushed with my legs splintered down to my ankles from an accident. I required screws and metal rods in both lower legs. I was told if the injury had been any worse I would have lost both legs. It was so serious, I had to be sent to a large hospital over 100 miles from home.

Operated on 10/28/03 and was told I would be laid up till August of 2004. I placed 8 Super BioMagnets on the Proper placement of the right leg and 8 on the left leg along with some Regular BioMagnets and 2-stack Power Wafers on ankles, knees and in other places along the legs. Every day I was asked my pain level from 0 to 10. My answer was always 0 because of the magnets. This was very unusual as all patients required pain drugs.

I went to a nursing home from November 4th to the 26th. I wanted to go home in the worst way and they had intentions on my staying longer, but a physical therapist had me do something not realizing my wheelchair had no preventive tip bars installed. I was dumped on the floor and had to be retrieved to the wheel chair by a body lift.

With the BioMagnets, my braces went from a 30 degree bend, then 60, and finally 90 degrees and on the 21st of January the surgeon said the x-rays showed the legs and knees completely healed and to go home and learn to walk.

On January 30th I walked normally into the nursing home as I promised I would when I left. This made many at the hospital and nursing home amazed at my rapid recovery because I wasn’t supposed to start physiotherapy until August – much less my age 73. TW, PA.

  1. Epileptic Seizures Stopped

“It’s no joke playing mother to an adopted nine-year-old boy who is an epileptic. Imagine seeing him suffer grand mal seizures despite unpleasant medications such as Tegretol 200 mg. that he had to take three times daily.

But, things changed for the better when one day, I brought home a set of BioMagnets and applied them on him. I told him that this was much safer for his body since the magnets are applied externally. He had been on daytime and nighttime therapies since December 1995.

The results.. I’d say quite satisfactory because his intake of medication has been reduced to once a day and he hasn’t suffered an attack since then.” E.L.M.T., M.D.

*BiomagScience suggests that all the above therapies be used as a supplementary adjunct to professional care; not as a substitute.

6, Severed nerve in leg regenerated

I had a very bad fall, which required extensive surgery. It left me with a limp and complete numbness below my knee. It was like walking with my foot and leg asleep. My doctor told me there was nerve damage and I would have to live with it the rest of my life. I applied the Biomagnets, which took away the pain. Then I did the advanced protocol and within a week I had feeling in the area and the limp starting going away. The nerves were being regenerated and the mobility is increasing every day – something the doctor told me would not happen. I’ve finally gotten full mobility. Thanks to BiomagScience, I can walk again. E.R. PA. 2-06

  1. Diagnosis – Malignant brain tumor resolved

I am the father of three children. My youngest is now two. When she was 6 months old, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor with no options. I was given 2 months to live. My heart was heavy and I was depressed.

A friend asked me if I wanted to meet people that were involved with alternative healing. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose? That meeting changed my life. I met Peter Kulish, Founder (Foundation for Magnetic Science). He immediately prescribed a BioMagnetic therapy plan that included Meridian Energizing Therapy, Daytime Sternum Therapy and Nighttime Therapy. I drank Magnetized Negative Water, took Stabilized

Oxygen (MSO), changed my eating habits and added colloidal minerals to my diet. I was determined to get well.

It’s over a year later now and all traces of the tumor are gone. Today I am cancer-free. I live in Malaysia with my beautiful wife and children and work for the company that is dedicated to helping humanity. Thank-you Peter, R.L., Malaysia

  1. 26-year Psoriasis Resolved with Energized Water

Since 26 years I’m living in the same house, with public water supply and a good quality KDF-GAC filter for my drinking water (installed under the kitchen sink). And since these 26 years I have been suffering from this “skin disease” Psoriasis (30-50% of my skin was red, with skin scales continuously flaking off). My regularly changed KDF-GAC water filter (1 micrometer) made no difference to my psoriasis.

First I only used 1 Water Jar Energizer on a 1.5 liter glass jar filled with filtered water… the taste of this bio-energized water improved a lot, and my psoriasis improved a little bit. Weeks later my brother installed 2 blue Cold Water Line Energizers – 1 under my kitchen sink, and the other to the pipe [that eventually goes to the shower]…

Only 10 days after these 2 blue CWLE were installed, my psoriasis was 99% healed!!!
Gertie O, New Zealand

BiomagScience comment: It is felt that the increase oxygen from the restructured water to the skin is the healing mechanism.

  1. Rare Infant Blindness Resolved in a Month

At 3 months, an infant was diagnosed as having manifest nystagmus with strabismus. Nystagmus means that the infant’s eyes go from side to side and up and down continuously, not able to focus; if it is manifest, it is very aggressive (rapid) and if they have Strabismus, their eyes move independently, crossing over each other.

This condition creates blindness because the eyes cannot land to focus. Considered a fault in the neural system, including the cerebellovestibular, optokinetic and pursuit mechanisms that normally hold the eye’s fixation (focus) steady, there was no known allopathic therapy to help the condition. Once the condition was established, Bio-Negative energy was applied on the top middle forehead to stimulate the frontal lobe where the hypotrophic [non-matured] area was considered to be. In 3 weeks, there were no longer any physical signs of involuntary and uncoordinated eye movements and the child started to see; the hypotrophic area’s growth had caught up. After the 3 weeks, the biomagnet was moved up higher on the forehead every couple of weeks until it reached the top of the head.

  1. Bedridden for 25 years, Semi-immobilized Woman starts to heal, now playing competitive tennis

After just one hour of the lower CVS BioMagnetic treatment, her cellular electromotive cellular energy increased enough to start healing her 25 year illness.

“I’ve been using the Foundation [BiomagScience] Biomagnets, their Ultimate Supplement (HGH) and Oxygen Product for almost a year, and I have experienced a lot of benefits from them.

I am 54 and have had chronic right knee pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome for over 25 years possibly from Lyme disease… worn down and despairing from the years of illness and disability. These three Foundation products have been life changing for me. I wear the Biomagnets on my right knee and upper back, and sleep on a Foundation sleep pad. My knee, back and overall pain is greatly diminished and my functioning and ability to exercise are close to normal. The Ultimate Supplement and Oxygen product have greatly improved my energy level and overall feeling of well-being, so my functioning is further improved.

A recent hormone test showed mostly normal levels. The same test a year and a half ago showed one of the worst results (especially with adrenal function) my practitioner had seen in a lot of years! The test showed my adrenal functions stays within the normal range all through the day.

Eight months later, after hearing on a Foundation Health Forum call about a man who kept the Meridian Energizing Treatment (MET) on for quite a few hours, I decided to try wearing it for a full hour. And, since I didn’t really have the time to just lay down for an hour, I taped the magnets on and went about my chores at home. Right away, I noticed a clearing – sinuses opening up – literally feeling the blockages opening up and a subtle flow of energy in my body. I’ve been doing this a number of days now, and feel that it’s generally beneficial for my health.

The professionals at Foundation for Magnetic Science have been very helpful and kind to me, taking the time to explain the products and how best to use them. Thank you for helping me to get my life back! I am now playing competitive tennis again. M.W., Mass

  1. Extremely painful TMJ/Lockjaw resolved

My TMJ was so severe on the right side that the pain was radiating throughout the right side of my face and it was difficult to eat, chew, talk or sing.

I purchased the magnets because I wanted to alleviate the pain as I was taking pain killers and I wasn’t happy about taking pain killers every day. So I placed a magnet on either side of my face, and taped them near my ears. The magnets relieved the pain to such an extent that the TMJ went away completely. Amazing, really, I’m so happy that the magnet worked for me.

  1. Was able to avoid neck and knee surgery

Hands down – takes the pain and discomfort away. Applying the Green side of the BioMagnets to the back of neck, I was able to sleep after months of no sleep from severe whiplash causing nerve damage.
My knee has calcium deposits where cartilage used to be. This has been so severe at times, I would spend days immobile with my knee in an ice machine. I followed the Biomagnetic placement from the book “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism.” and put Super BioMagnets on the knee and got relief by the following morning. Normally, this would take a week to get that type of relief from being off the leg while using pain killers and ice. M.R. N. Attleboro Ma. U.S.A.

  1. Grandmother resolves neuropathy, arterial stenosis & high blood pressure; increases energy and range of motion

I have neuropathy of my feet and suffer with extreme pain. Both feet were discolored and covered with sores. At the same time, my blood pressure was out of control and I had frequent infections so my doctor ordered a cat scan of my kidneys. This revealed calcification of my aorta.

My sister put me on the Circulation Enzymes and the CVS therapy with the BioMagnet on my neck during the day. This was all I did. To my surprise my feet improved and the pain greatly subsided. The coloring came back to pink.
Also, after one month, for the first time in 15 years, my neck had more range of motion and felt relaxed. I had had a spinal fusion 15 years ago and had no idea that the area was so stiff until it relaxed.

After three months I had another cat scan and there was no more calcification of my aorta. I am continuing with my program and have added the Foundation’s Oxygen product and the Ultimate Supplement (hGH) which has increased my energy, am no longer fighting infections, and my Blood Pressure is lower. I no longer feel like I am falling apart. J. N. Mass. 1-06

  1. Diabetes improves, heart unblocked – WOW

I have used the BioMagnets for years and know that they have kept me alive during my heart condition. A few years ago, with a 90% blockage, I used the Super BioMagnet and the MSO oxygen drops to keep my heart alive and my system oxygenated while I tried to get the money for an operation. The Doctor was completely surprised that I didn’t have a major attack during the 3 months it took before I could get the money. He said whatever I was doing, keep it up as no neuropathy was occurring which he did not understand.

December 20, 2005 – after days of starting Circulation Enzymes – After breakfast I have to take my diabetic medications and to test again, I did not take any medications as mentioned and my blood sugar level shows 6.1 which is excellent and to me this is astonishing as after food sugar levels must go up without medications but with the help of enzyme capsules, it has done wonders.

December 29, 2005 – “The latest news on The Enzyme Circulation pills – Yesterday morning I took another bold step. I had a good breakfast and did not take my 3 different diabetic pills and also BP tablets. Come afternoon lunch time, I had my usual lunch. Then at tea time I took my toast of bread and 2 Marie sweet biscuits.”

“At 5.30pm I did my glucose test and the shocking and surprising result was that it was at 6.5. I have my doubt that any doctor would believe me unless I was tested at the hospital. I have done this before, but not after 3 meals. My sugar levels should have gone up to 15 minimum, but they stayed at very, very normal levels.

WOW. WOW. WOW. The blockages in my heart had cleared by 100%. Blockages in my artery on my throat has been reduced to 45 to 50% from a high of 75% and this is within bearable level and as such, no angioplasty is needed or surgeries. I am now a young man of 37 and not 73.S. M. Malaysia

  1. Chronically ill businessman gets healthy life back

I am 74-year-old male business owner that has been on 12 different medications with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, aches and pains and severe fatigue. I would have great difficulty walking after driving for less than an hour. I was unable to kneel at church for a long time. I was quickly going down-hill and very discouraged. My doctor told me that I would have to accept my situation.

My friend told me about how good he felt on a program he was on so I thought I have nothing to loose. This was not living so I threw my medication away and went on the same program as my friend.

Within a few weeks I could not believe how good I felt. My aches and pains went away. I was able to kneel in church and my energy level soared. Even my blood test changed for the better one in one month. My doctor couldn’t believe it. He called Peter Kulish [of the Foundation for Magnetic Science] to find out more. I had simply worn the BioMagnets on my chest, took their Oxygen product, Circulation Enzymes and Ultimate Supplement. My life is back! J.G. Pa. 3-06

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome relieved

I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. The pain was excruciating. Nothing helped. Pain had traveled up my arm. It was debilitating. I could no longer perform simple tasks such as lifting a book, writing or combing my hair. I consulted a neurosurgeon for help. He said I had nerve damage and suggested surgery, as the only cure. Surgery didn’t appeal to me and I felt there had to be something else that could help me.

Then I heard about BiomagScience. I wore the BioMagnets and within six days the pain that I had suffered with for four years was 80% better. Within 2 more weeks I was playing tennis. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. I feel like a miracle happened for me. Thank you BiomagScience for helping my body heal in a natural way. M. R. CA

  1. Was able to heal my heart’s coronary thrombosis

Mr. Alfred Ayers suffered in pain and discomfort. He couldn’t walk more than 100 meters without gasping for breath, and then only aided with his cane. His doctor diagnosed his problem as coronary thrombosis and told him without bypass surgery, he wouldn’t live more than 5 years. Mr. Ayers had neither the money, nor insurance to cover the operation. He was extremely worried and anxious when a close friend encouraged him to wear this “new gadget” called a BioMagnet pendant from BiomagScience {now the Foundation for Magnetic Science]. That was 1994.

In April of 1995, Mr. Ayers returned to his doctor for a checkup. He was not surprised to find out that his heart condition had healed without surgery or expensive medicines because he could walk long distances now, and climb overpasses with ease and without his cane. Mr. Ayers states, “At present, I still wear my BioMagnets for maintenance…Perhaps its worth mentioning here that as a bonus, BioMagnets helped me get rid of my arthritis. Thank you BioMagnets.” Mr. Ayers

  1. Sciatica pain free, finally sleeping, increased circulation

I wish to let you know that your bio-magnet technology is helping me a great deal. I’ve been using the bio-magnets for about a month now and I’ve seen definite results which I want to share with you and your staff.

I started using the magnets for my sciatica condition. I’ve been wearing the Regulars all day across my back: red on the spine and green 3 inches on either side on the upper hip. I can honestly say that I have hardly felt my sciatica since I started that protocol and I’m really happy because last year I maxed out on my health insurance allowance for the chiropractor and the pain around my sciatica had not gone away.

I do the Meridian Treatment at night for 15 mns. before falling asleep. That helps me fall asleep quickly and also it helps me sleep thru the night. I noticed the first time I did it that I did not wake up until 5:30 A.M. which was fabulous since otherwise I would have waken up at 2:30 and then again every hour. Now I feel so much more rested in the morning!

The Meridian Treatment has also helped tremendously with circulation. My whole life, I’ve lived with cold hands and feet, all year around. It got to the point where the tip of my fingers and toes were numb. About a week into doing the Meridian Treatment I noticed the feeling coming back to my extremities! That is truly remarkable!

It’s very natural for me to share the benefits that I’ve gotten from the bio-magnets with people and I’m delighted to refer folks to your website.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bring this technology to the common people for their healing and ultimately for your help in the healing of the planet. In gratitude. SM PA

  1. Inflammation gone immediately

I am a forty five year old body builder that frequently pushes my limits. This causes a lot of pain and inflammation to these body parts. Upon application of the BioMagnets to these areas, the pain and swelling are gone. Now, I apply them after my workouts for fast recovery. WB, NY

  1. Instant relief from asthma

One time when I was having a bad asthma attack, I placed a BioMagnet on my sternum and immediately felt relief. Unlike drugs, that took many agonizing minutes before feeling better, the BioMagnets worked instantly. I told myself that if I ever felt uneasy about pain or any disease that came my way, the answer would be BioMagnets. Mr. A M

  1. Helps neuropathy pain and sleep

I have been using BioMagnets for around eight years for numerous applications dealing with pain in joints and other miscellaneous problems. I am currently using Power Wafers for treating electrical nerve pain associated with Neuropathy in my feet caused by diabetes.

I apply them in the evening to my feet and I have experienced enough relief to allow me to sleep.
A B. Lake Stevens, WA.

  1. Arthritis pain finally gone

I am a 70 year old man who has advanced diabetes and arthritis. These conditions have severely limited my mobility for several years. Even with raised seats, it was still a struggle for me to get up out of a chair.

The BioMagnets first went on my knees and hips and soon the pain subsided and in two days I was able to raise myself out of my chair without using my arms and hands as levers.
My wife has a sleep disorder as well as other general aches and pains. She has been using the Foundation BioMagnets as directed for depression and sleep, including the ones on the top of her head and has slept well the past few nights. She has done so well, she is even willing to not take her regular dose of melatonin and just use the BioMagnets.

She has also suffered an ache in her left foot for over two years. She immediately put one magnet on the top of her foot and the pain subsided instantly. She was absolutely ecstatic.

We are today using the Magnetized Water, the Ultimate Supplement and doing the treatments. We feel this has improved our overall general well being and feelings of vitality, as well as the specific items mentioned above. Spreading the word to some relatives has prompted them to order some BioMagnets also. We feel confident they will have the same positive reaction we have experienced.

Keep up the good work. We are definitely impressed and feeling better than we have in quite some time, even years. Gratefully, M.W.

  1. Lumpy scarring replaced by healthy tissue

I have been a holistic healthcare provider for 25 years, and have had a frustrating circulation problem in my lower right leg for about 20 years. Besides the faithful use of a broad spectrum of quality nutritional products, I’ve tried various other approaches with mixed results. A violent reaction to Melaleuca oil nine years ago created deep scarring which complicated the problem.

The BioMagnets immediately eliminated the swelling created by a medical procedure my family physician had recommended. I also managed to get the 10 inch area of my lower leg relatively stable, but it remained a gray/black area of concern.

Within 3 days of starting the Circulation Enzymes I had visible evidence of the healing process that was occurring. It was truly remarkable! The healing continues to increase every day, with the dark, lumpy scarring being replaced by healthy tissue.

It is such a testament to the marvelous ability of the body to repair itself when given the proper support. The obvious healing is proof of the repair happening through my entire circulation system. I expect my physician to be even more impressed with the Circulation Enzymes than he was with the BioMagnets. Thank you for Circulation Enzymes, an exciting product. J. C. H. Locust Grove, Virginia

Note from Foundation – It is our finding that the Circulation Enzymes only produce these type of results because of the increased electromotive Zeta potential provided by proper Biomagnetic [application] therapies.

  1. No more severe backache

Two years ago, I suffered from severe backache. The pain would occur every time my workload got heavy. One day, I attended a seminar on Biomagnetics held by the BiomagScience Group (now the Foundation for Magnetic Science). Hoping to solve my problem, I borrowed a set of Biomagnets and placed them over the affected area. I waited overnight for the results.

The following day my back pain was gone. I was cured and impressed to say the least. I also drank Magnetized Negative Water to supplement the therapy. From that time on, I haven’t complained about my back pain. Now I am really determined to use a whole set, not only for my family, but also to help those who wish to be relieved of any illness. Mrs. E C.

  1. 27-year rodeo injury relieved

I was suffering constant pain in my right wrist due to a rodeo accident when I was 27 years old. I am now 54 years old, and until I discovered the healing power of BioMagnets, I had periodic swelling and pain in the wrist.

I applied the Biomagnets as per instructions and wore them for five days during the daytime. I noticed within the first hour that there was no pain in my wrist when I was wearing the Biomagnets. By the second day, the swelling started to subside. The entire healing process took seven days and I now work normally at any task including typing at the computer.

I still have slight wrist pain every few days, but when I place my Biomagnets on the injured area for about one hour, the pain ends. I have told many of my friends about Biomagnets and I will continue to do so in the coming years as I have experienced the success story of Biomagnets for healing. R. S., Canada

  1. Grandmother gives major first aid to grandchild

I consider myself a young grandmother who is totally addicted to my 6 year old grandsons. One day last month I had them on a sleep over. The next morning I was in the shower and I heard this blood curdling scream. Now every Mother and Grandmother in the world knows that scream. This is the” I am really hurt” one that goes all the way to your toenails. I ran nude dripping wet to see my angel with blood gushing out of his head and running in 4 or 5 different streams down his face. How I did this I will never know but I said in the calmest voice I have ever heard come out my mouth….”Tyler, Bubby can take care of this. It is not a problem.”

I had the “Conquering Pain” book and some magnets on my nightstand and I pulled his hair tight over the slice in his head and threaded the magnets with his hair pulling it tight to close up the opening. I knew someone from Alaska that said when her kid cut his head she braided his hair and that was his stitches because they lived 5 hours from the closest hospital.

Anyway, the blood stopped flowing almost immediately and I took the towel that was meant to cover my body and wiped the blood from his face and told him to sit down. I am here to testify that there was NO swelling on his head and there is no scar and Tyler never said he had a headache although you can imagine that I kept a VERY close watch on him all day. I would never be without my magnets. Keon MA.

  1. Broken elbow heals rapidly – with no pain or swelling

I was riding my bike and over I went. About an hour later the pain really kicked in and I realized I couldn’t move my arm and every little bump sent a chill up my spine.

An hour later, the hospital x-rays showed a broken elbow. The doctor put me in a sling (he told me they no longer did the cast thing) and gave me my instructions and prescription for pain and sent me home with an appointment to see him in his office 2 weeks later.

The minute I arrived home I got Peter Kulish’s Conquer Pain therapy book so I could apply the BioMagnets in the right place. I left them on for 3 full days around the clock. As soon as I put them on, I never experienced any more pain and within 2 days I had some range of motion and by the 4th day I could completely straighten my arm!!!!

When I went back to my doctor’s office two weeks later, he demanded to know what I had done to my elbow. He couldn’t’ believe it. I have to tell you that today, 8 months later; the broken arm is stronger than it ever was. A good friend of mine in California broke her elbow on her bike a week after me and she is still having real problems. I am hooked on these magnets. I keep a full set in a box in my garage just in case. MO, MA.

  1. Menstrual cramps gone

I was having painful cramps on the first day of my menstrual cycle. I applied the Foundation’s Regular BioMagnet over my lower abdomen and the pain went away within minutes. I also get headaches and when I get my cycle I started putting the Power Wafers on my head over the pain and within a few minutes the pain stopped. K. NJ 2-06

  1. Energy Improvement

I received the Wellness Kit 11 days ago, and have noticed some improvement in my energy and especially in less feeling of oxygen deprivation, using the Meridian Energizing therapies, the MSO, negative magnetized water, daytime, sternum therapy, and nighttime therapy. C.S.

  1. I Couldn’t Believe It – Pain Gone

At first, I couldn’t believe that this little device called a Biomagnet could heal any illness. I had a toothache. Out of curiosity and perhaps for want of a cure to relieve me of my misery, I placed a magnet on my left jaw, the side where the aching tooth was. Just like some sort of magic, the pain disappeared within exactly five minutes.

One time after that, I tried it for a headache. It also disappeared after a few minutes. These experiences totally convinced me that [formerly] BiomagScience Biomagnets indeed, can do healing wonders for any kind of disease. What’s good about this therapeutic alternative, (unlike drugs), is that it doesn’t cause any negative side effects. It is my firm belief that people will benefit from this product. Me? Well, I don’t need anybody to convince me of their healing powers. Ms. O.

  1. Gingivitis and plaque disappear

I have had many problems with my teeth as I have been smoking for years. Gingivitis and plaque were a constant problem. In between dental appointments I started drinking magnetized water and on my next visit there was no plaque build up.

Also I broke my elbow skiing and the Dr. told me I would be in a cast 4-6 wks. I applied the BioMagnets immediately and from that point on there was no pain or swelling. The break healed in 2 wks. I have no residual pain. M.O. Mass. 12-05

  1. Chronic back pain resolved

I have an old nursing injury from lifting patients for years. I was told I would have degeneration to the site and there was nothing I could do. I started a swimming program to strengthen the surrounding muscles but if I sat incorrectly, I would be in pain for months until the inflammation reduced. Now I apply the Super BioMagnets to the area for one day and the pain is gone. Now even when I sit improperly, there is no pain. C B NJ 3-06

  1. Bad sprain mended

I had a very bad sprain to my ankle from a volleyball injury. I applied BioMagnets for three days and had no more pain or swelling. S. B. Albany NY

  1. Mountain High Altitude Sickness

I have just back from Tibet last week and would like to inform you the good news about the wonderful power of our bio-magnets.

When we reached the altitude of 3850 meters, many of our team members suffered from the mountain sickness(Altitude illness),they felt dizzy, fever, nausea and bleeding. After they applied the magnets, all the sufferings had gone away within half an hour. they just thought it was a magic. It’s good to tell you that the power of magnets are much better than those anti-biotics.
EY, 10/1/06

  1. Profound laryngitis and a hacking, paroxysmal cough resolved in 15 minutes

“I had been suffering from profound laryngitis and a hacking, paroxysmal cough which disturbed my sleep and left me unable to breathe 12 to 15 times per hour for about 4 days. Nothing seemed to help the symptoms or the distress despite mega doses of vitamins, herbs, etc.”

“When my BiomagScience Wellness Kit arrived, I put two of the smallest magnets in a stack over my sternum. Within 15 minutes the coughing was virtually gone and my voice had returned.”

When I went to bed without the magnets I was up most of the night with the same hacking, breathless coughing and my voice was absent once again in the morning.

When I got up and put the magnets back on my sternum, the same almost magical relief took place in the same short time. But when I showered and got dressed again, forgetting the magnets (since I am not used to using them), the cough and laryngitis were plaguing me once again. Remembering the Power Stack, I clipped them to my clothes and, as if by the magic of magnetic treatment, my cough was gone and my voice came back.

I am still hoarse but I can be heard over the phone and my voice is getting stronger by the hour. Unless I take the magnets off, my symptoms have gone from disabling to minor and resolving.

These two days have taught me the astonishing power of magnets about which I had previously only read and heard! Dr. R. L., M.D. 05/21/07

  1. One regular (medium size) magnet neutralizes the sting of 8 Yellow Jackets

Matt had the unfortunate experience of stepping into a nest of Yellow Jackets and was stung 3 times on his ankle and lower leg (so he thought). I immediately grabbed a medium size magnet and slipped it into his sock. Within 5 minutes he had calmed down and realized that there was no pain and the area was not swelling. Matt kept the magnet in his sock and insisted on helping me with yard work.

The next day Matt called to say that in fact he had been stung 8 times and he related to me that his foot had not reacted to the poisonous bites; his skin felt just slightly tingly and itching which was nothing compared to the reaction he had experienced before. SM Furlong, PA 07/18/07

Chinese Case Studies

All BiomagScience BioMagnet Therapies are known in Chinese as “Tsi-Bao.

  1. Case Study #1: Medical Equipment Exhibition

In November 1996, I attended a medical equipment exhibition held at the Taipei World Trade Center. I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Dr. Nelson Chung, the chair of the Department of Alternative Medicine at the Taiwan VA Hospital.

The following May, Dr. Chung called me and we had a long discussion on the monopolar BiomagScience. We both came to the conclusion that the bio-effect of the BiomagScience on patients can be monitored using the Bio-energetic Regulatory Measuring Instrument (BERMI) developed by Dr. Chung. In other words, the performance of the BiomagScience Tsi-Bao, can be quantified from BERMI measurements.

The measuring pointer of BERMI goes up when the patients are stimulated, excited or encounter inflammatory responses—this is called the positive magnetic field effect. The measuring pointer of BERMI goes down when the patients are calmed or relaxed—this is called the negative field effect.

Preliminary results showed the positive magnetic field appears to be hazardous to human health, while the negative magnetic field is not. Since then, Dr. Chung has been an essential advocate of “Tsi-Bao.” He first introduced Dr. Davis’ novel concept on the magnetic effects in an article entitled, “The human body is a network of electric circuit,” published in local Evergreen (# 174, September Issue, 1997). Then, he edited a booklet entitled “Monopolar BiomagScience-Based Diagnosis” by referring to the Brochure of Energy Therapy Methodology by Dr. Broeringmeyer. He invited me to join the Taiwanese Energy Medicine Association and we, along with Dr. Pong, co-organized a professional development class on “Application of Biomagnetic Energy” in his clinic. During his visit to the U. S. in January 1998, Dr. Chung began using “Tsi-Bao” to complement his acupuncture treatment on an old friend, Mr. Herb Ellingwood, the legal consultant of former President Bush. Use of “Tsi-Bao” improved Mr. Ellingwood’s situation greatly, and he was able to sleep and attend church again. On his flight back to Taiwan, Dr. Chung also performed an emergency treatment. These two case studies have been reported in the 5th issue of the Association Journal.

  1. Case Study #2: Occupational Stress

As a result of long-term occupational stress, my father had a fragile digestive system and required constant medication at an early age. In his later years, liver cancer was detected during a routine health examination and surgery was recommended to cut off the tumors.

Prior to the surgery, I checked with experts from MGI (now Foundation for Magnetic Science) and followed their suggestion, placing a super monopolar BiomagScience (“Tsi-Bao”) against the body near the location where tumors had been diagnosed. In addition, a regular “Tsi-Bao” was worn on the sternum. This enhanced “Tsi-Bao” method of treatment lasted for a month until the surgery.

During the pre-surgery check-up, radiologist Dr. Wang was astonished to tell me that the data from my father’s ultrasound report indicated the movement of blood in the hepatic veins which drain the liver. He had never seen this occur in other cancer patients before, as advanced liver cancer usually spreads to the hepatic veins and blocks the out-flow of blood, causing liver congestion. This phenomenon indicated that “Tsi-Bao” could potentially play a role in tumor regression and the activation and recovery of liver cells, allowing them to function despite the tumor invasion.

Despite this positive response, at the time, I was not yet familiar with the capability of “Tsi-Bao” to target tumors, and did not pursue alternative treatment using solely “Tsi-Bao.” Therefore, the surgical operation was conducted the next day, as scheduled. The surgery was successful in removing the tumors, but the cancer recurred six months later. Dr. Hsu, the primary surgeon, strongly recommended another operation, but family members found it difficult to agree, considering my father’s physical condition was still weak and might not be ready for another stressful operation.

Remembering the previous success of applying Tsi-Bao on my father’s body, I persuaded the family that father’s second operation should be postponed until he had completely recovered from the first. During this recovery period my father consistently followed the enhanced Tsi-Bao method prescribed by MGI.

Six months later, during a routine patient check-up, Dr. Hsu suggested that “hepatic artery embolization” (plugging the arteries to the liver to cut off blood supply to the tumor) procedures be conducted on my father since the tumors in his liver would not be removed right away. Strangely enough, upon using ultrasound spectroscopy to check the tumors, the doctor discovered that the shadow previously detected six months ago had disappeared, indicating no distinctive presence of tumor cells. This encouraging news is an actual case study that shows “Tsi-Bao” can really improve the condition by regressing tumor cells.

  1. Case Study #3: Liver Cancer

My friend Ho called for help when his father was in the hospital for treatment of liver cancer. I instructed Ho to use the enhanced “Tsi-Bao” method by applying three super “Tsi-Baos” to the location of his father’s tumors and having a regular “Tsi-Bao” worn on the sternum. After approximately a week of this enhanced treatment, Ho’s father made progress in his condition and was allowed to leave the hospital.

However, after being released from the hospital, he went quickly back to his old, bad habits, addictions, and discontinued the use of “Tsi-Bao” despite of the risk of recurrence. Ho’s father was diagnosed with tumor recurrence many times soon-after; each time, this life-threatening announcement frightened him into applying the enhanced “Tsi-Bao” method.

Ho’s cousin, a doctor at the Wanfang Hospital, was surprised with the whole scenario and could not understand what’s going on. However, because hospital regulations prevent the release of medical examination records, no official evidence was available to support the effects of applying “Tsi-Bao” on the tumor. This was a pity, as Ho’s father could have really benefited from applying the enhanced Tsi Bao method consistently to his lifestyle. However, this experience did convince Ho of the effectiveness of “Tsi-Bao” and he has been one of the loyal promoters of applying it to many patients ever since.

  1. Case Study #4: Flu Infections

During his tenure as the Dean of the Zen-Tsing Medical Research Institute, Professor Wan attended many international conferences and published many medical reports. Such a busy schedule made him susceptible to flu infections and he caught colds easily. This illness not only interfered with Professor Wan’s daily life but even affected his research progress especially after oversea trips when his body rhythms were disrupted by jet lag. At a medical equipment exhibition show, he was introduced to ‘Tsi-Bao” and became intrigued by the potential health effects of negative magnet energy. He bought a set of ‘Tsi-Bao” and used it regularly, following the procedures in the brochure diligently.

After some time, he saw the potential benefit of using “Tsi-Bao”: his frequent bouts of flu infection had disappeared! As a scientist, he became intrigued with the mechanisms of the recovery process, and decided to investigate the biological effects of negative magnetic energy by using free radical reduction as a biomarker, which followed the protocol recommended by the Taiwanese National Science Foundation.

This project was a collaborative effort among Professor Wan, myself, and Dr. Chen, the Chairman of the Internal Medicine Department in the Institute. Fischer-344 (or Sprague Dawley??) rats with damaged livers were used in this study to investigate any enhanced liver recovery resulting from the application of negative magnetic field.

The results demonstrate the positive effects of “Tsi-Bao”: there is reduced free radical production, lessened inflammation, and a decline in ATP content in the presence of “Tsi-Bao.” The report is published in Volume 7 of the Journal of this Association; it can also be found in Volume 8 with the combined issue. Professor Wan shared the results with Dr. Cheng (National Taiwan University Hospital) and a follow-up experimental demonstration was conducted in Dr. Cheng’s laboratory to investigate the effects of negative magnetic energy on free radical production.

Interestingly, in the presence of “Tsi-Bao,” there is a distinctive, whole-scale reduction of radicals as quantified by Electron Spin Resonance in the laboratory. Dr. Cheng was amazed by this phenomenon of free radical reduction and asked if I could elucidate what had happened. A black and white TV was present in the lab and I saw a perfect opportunity to demonstrate this phenomenon. I positioned the positive magnetic pole of the “Tsi-Bao” close to the TV screen (consisting of electron beams) and then repeated the procedure with the reverse (negative) pole.

I explained that the difference of the two distorted patterns on the screen was partly due to the different electron spins under the different magnetic fields: electrons are inclined to spin counterclockwise under the influence of negative magnetic energy, whereas positive magnetic energy tends to make electrons spin clockwise. Under normal biological conditions, cells exhibit a counterclockwise electron spin and thus a negative magnetic energy. Free radicals in the cells are formed when electron(s) are stripped from bio-molecules as a result of a change in the electron spin from a normal counterclockwise state to an unstable clockwise state. The presence of negative magnetic energy in can suppress the production of free radicals by opposing the electron stripping, as well as eliminating free radicals by reversing the electron spin to the normal counterclockwise state.

  1. Case Study #5: Acute Myocardial Infarction

After several stressful years working at Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical, S. B. Chen, my classmate from middle school, experienced a sudden onset of acute myocardial infarction (sudden heart attack).

He was sent to the emergency service at Chang Gung Hospital, and survived the heart attack, but was forced to retire early. Since then, he has been introduced to the benefits of Tsi-Bao’s negative monopolar magnetic field, and he has consistently worn a “Tsi-Bao” on the sternum. He also follows doctor’s guidance and has routinely gone back to the hospital for checkup.

Although his physical conditions were worse than before the incidence, he could still work at a normal pace and did not feel like a person who had just recently experienced a heart attack. Even though he is a pharmacist with extensive knowledge of therapeutic drugs, he has great faith in the efficacy of “Tsi-Bao” in stopping bleeding, relieving pain, reducing swelling, and alleviating inflammation.

  1. Case Study #6: Leukemia

Since being diagnosed with leukemia, Mr. Lin, my classmate from elementary school, has routinely been treated with chemical and radiation therapies in the National Taiwan University Hospital. He holds a high-salary job in Mainland China and the monthly commute between Mainland China and Taiwan is very stressful on his body.

Upon being treated with “Tsi-Bao” at home, his leukemia has come under control and his examinations have shown a gradual improvement in his biochemical indices. In addition, the side effects from chemical and radiation therapies have been eliminated. It has been about 10 years since he first used “Tsi-Bao.” Although leukemia cannot be completely cured, “Tsi-Bao” has helped Mr. Lin lead a normal and socially active life.

  1. Case Study #7: Involuntary Sneezing

Miss Lin, the part-time administrative and accounting assistant of the Energy Medical Association, works in front of a computer monitor every day. She noticed that she would start involuntary sneezing each time she forgot to wear ‘Tsi-Bao” whereas the sneezing would disappear once she wore it. In addition, regularly wearing the “Tsi-Bao” helps eliminate all nuisances (cramps, headaches, etc.) during her period.

  1. Case Study #8: Hurt Ankle

Mr. Yeh, the Planning and Exploration Department Manager of an automobile company, plays basketball often, but has hurt his ankle various times. The injury often requires many visits to a chiropractor and a prolonged rehabilitation period. However, Mr. Yeh started applying the negative field of “Tsi-Bao” to the injured site during sleep. Since then, he has observed a 2-3 day recovery in swelling, a major improvement to past recovery times.

  1. Case Study #9: Positive vs. Negative Field Polarity

Mr. Ling is my friend S. C. Chen’s classmate in the Pharmacy Department of Taipei Medical College. Formerly serving as the primary pharmacist in Chung-Sing Hospital, he is currently the owner of a pharmacy store. To demonstrate the different effect positive vs. negative field polarity has on humans, he had photos taken in Chun-Mao photography store located at Ba-Teh Road. Figure 7 shows the different coloration of the halos around the person in the Polaroid photos when no field (right), positive field (center), and negative field (left) of “Tsi-Bao” were worn, respectively. While the red color shows that there was no distinctive energy observed around the person, the dark blue color reveals that the energy was concentrated around the person and the light blue color suggests that the energy was radiated outward.

  1. Case Study #10: Hepatitis B Infection

Six years ago, Mr Lin, the Vice-President of an Air Cargo company, developed complications due to Hepatitis B infection. He had a Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) index that was three orders of magnitude greater than normal. At the National Taiwan University Hospital, he was prescribed with interferon-alpha treatment under the guidance of Dr. Lai. Although he showed a positive response to the treatment in the beginning, the improvement did not continue for long. Frustrated, Mr. Lin started to try the enhanced ‘Tsi-Bao” approach along with the treatment. The result of the next routine check 4 months later, was amazing — the index came down from three to only two orders of magnitude, a ten-fold reduction. Dr. Lai was amazed with the improvement.

  1. Case Study #11: Ovary Tumor

Miss Liu was diagnosed with an ovary tumor that needed to be surgically removed. To avoid potential complications resulting from the surgery, she began trying the enhanced “Tsi-Bao” approach by wearing a regular “Tsi-Bao” on the sternum along with applying “FR” (ring-shaped “Tsi-Bao”) to the location of the tumor. Later on, a routine check-up revealed the tumor had shrunk in size. With this exciting result, Miss Liu continued the procedures even more diligently. Eventually the tumor was so small it did not require surgery and her discomfort gradually disappeared.

  1. Case Study #12: Qigong Practice

Master Liu teaches traditional Chinese martial arts at a local Kung-Fu center. After experiencing the benefits of “Tsi-Bao” himself, Master Liu recommends his students to wear “Tsi-Bao” to complement Qigong practice. In his words, “Beginners should place the positive side of the “Tsi-Bao” on the right palm and the negative side of the “Tsi-Bao” on the left palm simultaneously while practicing the movement of Qi, which will bring about the state of quiescence and tranquility.”

  1. Case Study #13: Spinal Correction Practice

After being trained in spinal manipulative techniques, Mr. Lin, a former middle school teacher, quit his job and started a spinal correction practice at Da-Liao, Kaohsiung with his wife. Besides using a style of acupressure massage called Tui na therapy, their facility also equipped with a Bipolar magnetic bed to allow for patient’s recovery after operation. Their skillful techniques have led to a very successful business with many new patients.

Unfortunately, a successful business often means more work and stress, and eventually both husband and wife developed sleeping disorders. Mr. Lin used to practice Qigong and was able to get rid of filthy Qi accumulated in the body during the day, but Mrs. Lin was unable to relieve her stress. After learning the potential relief “Tsi-Bao” could provide, they both began wearing “Tsi-Bao” and followed the procedures recommended both during the day and before sleeping at night. They have both benefited from “Tsi-Bao” and now get a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, they have gotten rid of the magnetic bed for patients and instead recommend their patients to wear “Tsi-Bao” at home to expedite recovery after the therapy.

  1. Case Study #14: Teeth

Mrs. Hwang has had chronic problems with her teeth, but always delays in visiting the dentist. Her husband eventually made an appointment for Tuesday night, but on the Saturday night before the appointment she was inflicted with great pain on her teeth and called me for help. I instructed her to place “Tsi-Bao” on the spot, holding it with a hand while she was awake, and fastening it with a belt during her sleep. Mrs. Hwang gradually felt no pain and was able to check with the dentist the following Tuesday. As the dentist inspected her teeth, he reported that her teeth had serious inflammation, and he was astonished at how she could have dealt with all that pain over so many days. She responded by showing him the “Tsi-Bao.” He smiled in amazement.

  1. Case Study #15: Japanese Isogai Therapy

Clinical therapists like Dr. Chang, an expert in spinal manipulative techniques, Mr. Chen of the Reflexology master, and Mr. Lin of the Japanese Isogai therapy, have all seen many patients over a long period of time. They all witness and deeply appreciate the benefit of “Tsi-Bao.” They not only wear “Tsi-Bao” themselves, but also recommend it to their patients for daily health-care at home. They have all set good examples for the complementary therapeutic approach praised by the Energy Medicine Association.


There are scientific case studies that show the before and after cellular voltage readings on 15-year and 25-year term chronic malabsorption cases that could not be healed by any modality or drug or alternative medicine until BiomagScience which showed healing started within one hour from the Biomagscience therapy application. Additional Photomicroscopy shows an immediate increase in red blood cell terrain health. There is also photomicroscopy of free-radical sites healing in a very short period of time..

All of these BiomagScience scientific research test results have never been seen before. Never has any healing support ever produced such rapid healing results. There are many thousands more cases, studies and testimonials to be collected worldwide from practitioners, clients, medical colleges and universities.


“The use of magnetism is intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles.”

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