Subject: Acute Shingles
Testimonial Published: Practitioner on his Brother-in-law

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This is a testimonial from Harold L. my brother-in-law. In May of 2018 a rash appeared on his side and he thought nothing of it and let it go for a few weeks when it started itching terribly. He showed it to his wife Aina and she took him to the hospital. It was determined to be an advanced case of shingles. They gave him meds which did not help. in a week or so the nerve endings were irritated and beginning to hurt. Harold could not sleep. He was given morphine, Percocet’s and Oxycodone for pain but he was allergic to most of that and it made him constipated so he discontinued the pain meds. I, Vilis G., have been using magnets for about a year or so. I called Peter and discussed Harold’s case. We had Harold put magnets at the top of his spine , shoulder level and on his sternum. He also started liposomal “C” 4-5 grams a day and Activated Oxygen twice a day with 30 drops to a glass of BOA water three times a day. In three days the rash was beginning to fade and he was able to sleep some. The pain decreased from almost a constant ten to zero to three and he could sleep nights which he had not done for weeks on a regular basis. He would walk around most of each night due to itching and pain. The rash went away in around a few weeks and the itching stopped. He is continuing the treatment and getting rid of the residual effects some pain zero to three occasionally but it now over and he is recovering. Thank you Peter Kulish for sharing your knowledge and making these items available to everyone. Harold L.

Overcoming the acute discomfort of shingles.

I had to develop a therapy for someone in my family who was born with aggressive hemihypertrophy (elephant man’s disease). I found out it was from chicken pox (varicella virus) in which the virus was dominating the spine where the neck meets the shoulder and causing improper cellular signaling hemispherically (one side of the body). So I blasted it with oxygenated (drops) negative charged water and loads of vitamin C along with a strong Bio-negative field (Biomagnet on the area) which lyses (electromotively kills) pathogens.

As a result, the hemihypertrophy went away and continuing with the Biomagnetism further up the neck, the right side of the body caught to the larger left side of the body.

As a result of this, I developed a therapy that provides major comfort for shingles within about 3 days. Since shingles come from the dormant varicella virus that suddenly populates at a later age, Biomagnets should be put on the spine at where the shoulder meets the neck.

The therapy requires 3 glasses (daily) of Bio-Negative water mixed with 30 drops of our Activated Oxygen and 6 grams of liposomal Vitamin C (Dr. Mercola has the most cost effective) taken at one time in the morning. That is the advantage of liposomal Vitamin C, it does not make you go to the bathroom, but instead is almost entirely bio-available to do its job internally. Since Vitamin C is a viricide, it is very important supplement in the therapy.

The above testimonials reports that the acute pain and irritation preventing sleeping was overcome within 3 days with this therapy.

To do the therapy, a person needs:

  1. A Pair of our Medium BioMagnets to be worn in a stack of 2 with a bandaide in-between Green side toward skin on the spine,
  2. Water Jar Energizers for the Bio-Negative Water,
  3. Large bottle of our Activated Oxygen, and
  4. Enough liposomal Vitamin C for 6 grams a day to last for 6 weeks which is the therapy term.

The therapy has shown to kill off the varicella virus population that is creating the shingles and supports healing by amplifying the body’s natural Bio-Negative healing energy which helps to neutralize and overcome all Positive charges of pathogens, free-radicals and the inflammation causing the discomfort.

Unfortunately there is no cure as it seems to be impossible to get rid of all the virus. But by depopulating it to almost nothing, it stops being harmful and with the additional energy support, the immune system becomes strong enough to overcome it and keep it at bay.

An inexpensive, simple therapy that has shown to work very quickly in helping the body resolve the terrible pain and discomfort of this condition.

It is recommended that the individual continue to drink the energy water and wear the BioMagnets daily over the sternum to maintain a normal energy level to support continued immune function to defend against any further varicella virus attacks.



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