Tsi-Bao Method

My friend Ho called for help when his father was in the hospital for therapy of liver cancer. I instructed Ho to use the enhanced “Tsi-Bao” method by applying three Super “Tsi-Baos” to the location of his father’s tumors and having a regular “Tsi-Bao” worn on the sternum.

After approximately a week of this enhanced therapy, Ho’s father made progress in his condition and was allowed to leave the hospital. However, after being released from the hospital, he went quickly back to his old, bad habits, addictions, and discontinued the use of “Tsi-Bao” despite of the risk of recurrence. Ho’s father was diagnosed with tumor recurrence many times soon-after; each time, this life-threatening announcement frightened him into applying the enhanced “Tsi-Bao” method.

Ho’s cousin, a doctor at the Wanfang Hospital, was surprised with the whole scenario and could not understand what’s going on. However, because hospital regulations prevent the release of medical examination records, no official evidence was available to support the effects of applying “Tsi-Bao” on the tumor. This was a pity, as Ho’s father could have really benefited from applying the enhanced Tsi Bao method consistently to his lifestyle.

However, this experience did convince Ho of the effectiveness of “Tsi-Bao” and he has been one of the loyal promoters of applying it to many patients ever since.(Tsi-Bao is Daytime Therapy over sternum.)

Coordinated by Professor Charles Yeh

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