Torn Medial Meniscus completely healed in around 7 weeks with Biomagnet Therapy

I have been using bio-magnets for three years now. My greatest testimony so far, proving the healing powers of bio-magnetic therapy is the healing of my torn medial meniscus, left knee.

I went to a well respected knee doctor and after looking at pictures of my knee concluded that the tear was comparable to that of a football injury a lineman would experience, and that I needed arthroscopic surgery ASAP. Having a wife, three little kids, and running a painting business this was not in the cards. I held off on surgery, followed the treatment advice from my health kit, and was completely healed in around seven weeks. NO SURGERY!!!

I might also mention that years before tearing my left meniscus, I had two surgeries on my right knee within five years, for a torn meniscus. There’s no mistaking a torn medial meniscus once you’ve had the unfortunate experience of going through it.