Biomagnetic Alternative to Blood Thinners for Hypercoagulation For the Prevention of Heart Attacks and Stroke

Hypercoagulation of blood naturally thinned

Hypercoagulation is a thickening of the blood where the RBCs (red blood cells) stack up and clump together in what; is called the Rouleaux formation. It is one of the leading causes of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and a host of other illnesses.

The stacking and clumping of RBCs reduces the RBC’s surface area to the capillary beds which reduces the delivery of oxygen (O2) and nutrition to the tissue which also reduces the CO2 exchange to the lungs. The reduced oxygen/nutrition and increased CO2 results in cellular dysfunction leading to conditions such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, autoimmune diseases, bone necrosis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue/CFS, chronic infections, deep vein thrombosis, dementia, depression, diabetes, eye diseases, fibromyalgia, heart attack, high blood pressure, infertility, Lyme disease, menstrual problems, metabolic syndrome (stuck cells), migraine, osteonecrosis of hips, knees and jaws, pulmonary embolism, stroke, tinnitus, and varicose veins.

Hypercoagulation also increases the blood’s tendency to form fibrin (a sticky protein fiber) which can lead to excessive clotting in the blood forming inflammation and obstruction in capillaries and the vascular system leading to thrombosis and necrosis in tissue, veins, pulmonary embolism of the lungs, heart attack and stroke.

Thick Blood:
Besides the clotting and fibrin, hypercoagulation thickens the blood viscosity which reduces the flow and increases blood pressure.

Blood thinners:
Hypercoagulation creates a lot of medical problems and is why so many people use blood thinners like Coumadin (Warfarin), Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis just to list a few of the many that are available. Have you ever reviewed the safety information of blood thinners: can cause bleeding, excessive bleeding, may lead to death.

The possible side effects of blood thinners are scary. The fine print indicates once starting them, if you have to stop for surgery or dental work, the doctor should be notified because stopping may cause a stroke or heart attack. In other words, taking blood thinners is precarious, but hypercoagulation is too dangerous not to do something to resolve it. The following s how simple Magnetic Therapy can help and provide even greater benefits.

The following microscopic pictures of hypercoagulation show

how the Biomagnetic Alternative works differently than blood thinners

Hypercoagulation of Blood Cells

Sample 1: Live cell blood analysis of a 26 year old male professional with a history of physical inactivity, poor nutrition, lack of water consumption, difficulty sleeping and general malaise. He fasted the night before the test.

This RBC pattern of dehydration and inflammation is typical of many people with a poor diet who don’t drink enough water and get very little exercise. The RBCs are stacking and clumping together (Rouleaux formulation) due to their loss of the Zeta potential which is the slight negative charge that surrounds healthy RBCs which keeps them separated to provide normal nutritional/oxygen delivery and detoxification of CO2 in the tissue.

The small floating specks are a large amount of fats probably from the individual’s fast food diet. Normally fats are cleared from the blood within four hours of ingestion, however hydrogenated fats have been observed to take days; in this case may take quite awhile to clear from the blood even with an immediate diet change.

Sample 2: After 30 minutes of BiomagScience Energy Therapy on the sternum, improvement in plasma congestion is observed, however the Rouleaux formulation continues as well as the fats (specks).

The smallest size fats are HDL’s, medium sizes are LDL’s, and the very large fats may be cylomicrons or hydrogenated fats from a fast food diet. Fats enter the body in the Micro Villa (finger like projections in the small intestine that emulsify the ingested fats) into the Lacteal Duct (the Lymphatic system). This is very significant due to the fact that the Lymphatic system houses our immune system and powerful antioxidants that the liver creates.

The fats are then dumped into the Subclavian Vein and into the blood stream. One can only imagine the congestion this can cause with a constant diet high in harmful fats including hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

Another important issue is that the Lymphatic System does not have a pump like the Arterial System. Some of the ways it is able to circulate include exercise through the pumping action of the muscles and deep breathing which changes the thoracic pressure to create movement both in the Lymphatic system as well as the Venous System. This information is significant in this case due to the fact that this individual consumes a large diet of fat and doesn’t exercise.

Sample 3: After 2.5 hours of BiomagScience Energy Therapy, the Zeta Potential was reinstated in the blood cells which normalized and separated significantly improving circulation. The sample also shows the White Blood Cells (WBC’s) with increased motility and as the fats have been cleared, verifies the Bio-Negative Energy Therapy has supported a substantive increase in liver and gallbladder functions; the blood chemistry is now normal.

Conclusion: BiomagScience Energy Therapy Resolves Hypercoagulation

After 2.5 hours of BiomagScience Energy Therapy, the unhealthy and dangerous affects of hypercoagulation blood chemistry was resolved. The thick blood viscosity responsible for so many health problems including heart attack and stroke, was also resolved; the therapy normalized the low energy (Zeta potential) of the blood cells eliminating the hypercoagulation and increased motility, cellular transfer efficiency and organ and lymphatic functions.

Conclusion: Biomagnetic energy therapy is a natural method to quickly thin the blood and eliminate hypercoagulation while positively increasing nutrition, detoxification and other important metabolic functions in the body without any bad side effects. The therapy also supports preventative maintenance for good health – something that drug thinners cannot provide. The BiomagScience OGE, MET, and CVS therapies provide the same energy support to overcome hypercoagulation of the blood.

*Noted: Bio-Energized Structured water was not taken during the test. It has been shown that if used in conjunction with the BiomagScience magnet therapy, the micronized, charged structured water works synergistically in providing further support in nutrition/oxygen delivery and detoxification of the cells.

Daily Therapy for Thinner Blood and Increased Vitality

Using a set of Power Wafers from Pain Relief/Vitality Kit, do the Daytime Therapy wearing a 2-Stack of Power Wafers over the sternum as shown in the Instructional Guide provided. In addition, drink Bio-Energized water daily for increased nutrition and detoxification for better health and wellness. Either order the Water Jar Energizers for travel or the Cold Water Line Energizer for a lifetime supply of healthy Bio-Energized Structured water.

Dry-Cell Oxidative Stress test of Free-Radical sites
(Taken concurrently with RBC tests above)

The following is a review of the effect on free-radicals BiomagScience therapy had on 26-year old. Take a look at the following before and after microscopic pictures of the free-radical sites:
Sample 1 – Dry, Untreated – Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The dry cell Bowen Test shows evidence of oxidative stress/free radical activity that is observed in this sample as a white area. This is a good indicator of free radical activity in all the tissues.

Hours Sample 2.5 hours after Energy Therapy Free Radical Repaired

The dry cell has filled in, showing no free radical activity in the matter of 2.5 hours. In my many years of clinical experience, I have not seen this kind of dramatic change. C. B.

Conclusion on BiomagScience Therapy on Free Radicals Site

The Bio-Negative Energy of BiomagScience therapy produces an abundance of Bio-Negative electromotive energy which, like the donor electrons of anti-oxidants, neutralize the positively charged free-radicals and provide supportive healing of their damaged sites. As observed by the researcher, the Magnetic Therapy produced immediate, extremely rapid healing not ever observed before.

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