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About Magnet Therapy and BiomagScience

Following links explain how well our Biomagnetic Therapy Works. < Click link for full article. >

Advantages and Benefits of Certified BioMagnets
Our Certified BioMagnets have been designed with the “Scientific Findings” of some of the World’s leading Alternative Medical Scientists and Researchers.

I’ve tried Magnetic Therapy and it didn’t work for me
We hear this reaction to magnet therapy quite often.
Unfortunately magnet therapy has not worked for many people because:

Which Biomagnet Kit to Order (quick reference guide)
Quick Reference Guide
 For ALL of the below Health Concerns and Health conditions we strongly recommend the Wellness Kit – Complete Biomagnetic Therapy Kit:

Which Side of a BioMagnet to Use?It Matters!
Our Rare Earth Biomagnets are properly focused Negative (-) and/or Positive (+) Polarity. This is a very important factor because the response of the individual magnetic poles has differing effects on the physiology of the human body.

Why BioMagnetic Therapies for Pain Relief & Vitality
BiomagScience has 35 years of R&D in magnetic clinical applications. It has developed over 180 simple and advanced protocols to help resolve painful, acute and chronic conditions. Its proven therapies are used by individuals and practitioners worldwide and it has provided amazing results.

Important Difference of Magnets:

In developing its therapies, BiomagScience integrated Physiology and its electrical measurements with Energy Medicine to understand the correct energy values of the body. Correlating the fundamental similarities, BiomagScience developed its therapies to properly amplify the body’s flow of energy and its cellular energy to assist the body in pain relief and rapid healing. This knowledge is essential in providing proper therapy for the limbs which have different polarity meridians from each other. BiomagScience is the only company applying the correct therapies on the proper meridians.
Other magnet companies DO NOT UNDERSTAND that using the healing energy on the wrong meridian creates electromotive stress which inhibits healing.
Will BioMagnets really work for you?
Peter A. Kulish, Founder Statement about Biomagnetics

“All of our BioMagnetic applications used throughout the world have shown excellent, rapid results.”

“Simply, when used correctly, magnetic fields have shown to elevate the cell’s vitality and as a response, the body moves in a very progressive, positive trend toward health.”

“Besides the normal day-to-day aches and pains or such issues as carpel tunnel, we have had wonderful findings on helping individuals such as a 25-year term of chronic illness suddenly progressing toward health after only a 60 minute therapy (see blood and BIA tests on our site)
“Another example is an individual with a cirrhotic liver who could not even sit up. After one day of advanced therapy, he was up and around as if he was never sick.”

You need more EMF Protection today than ever before


EMF Protection

  • What is EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)?
  • How does EMF affect our health?
  • How does Jet Lag or Frequent Flyer Fatigue affect our health?
  • How does BiomagScience therapy protect you from EMF?

What is EMF

A basic law of physics is that magnetic fields excite and stimulate electrons – that is how electricity is made. Electricity is generated by passing wires through multiple magnetic fields (60 here in the USA and 50 in most other countries in the world) which pulse and excite the electrons making them flow through the wires to be used as electricity elsewhere. Without magnetic fields, there would be no electricity or lights, appliances, electronic devices, transportation, flight, or technology that makes up our contemporary society as we know it.

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