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I haven’t had a cold in 18 years, but recently

I haven’t had a cold in 18 years, but recently just had a sinus thing that went into a cold. …

I could feel it settling into my lungs and didn’t want any part of that, so I put a magnet over each upper lung, where the soreness was. There was immediate relief.

It did not stop the lungs from getting the gunk, but it certainly made it easy to cough the gunk out AND kept the pain away. Since I had childhood asthma, colds always went straight for my lungs and the pain was always bad.

Burning, tightness and soreness.

The magnets stopped that from happening.

I had also put one power wafer on the cheek on each side of my nose; taped them there because I was SO stuffy. They did help by reducing the inflammation there…

The magnets did not stop the cold, but it certainly made dealing with it much easier and less painful.

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