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Bad Sprain mended with BioMagnet Therapy

I had a very bad sprain to my ankle from a volleyball injury. I applied BioMagnets for three days and had no more pain or swelling.

Broken Elbow Heals Rapidly
No pain or Swelling

I was riding my bike and over I went. About an hour later the pain really kicked in and I realized I couldn’t move my arm and every little bump sent a chill up my spine.

An hour later, the hospital x-rays showed a broken elbow. The doctor put me in a sling (he told me they no longer did the cast thing) and gave me my instructions and a prescription for pain and sent me home with an appointment to see him in his office 2 weeks later.

The minute I arrived home I got the Conquer Pain therapy book so I could apply the BioMagnets in the right place. I left them on for 3 full days around the clock. As soon as I put them on, I never experienced any more pain and within 2 days I had some range of motion and by the 4th day I could completely straighten my arm!!!!

When I went back to my doctor’s office two weeks later, he demanded to know what I had done to my elbow. He couldn’t’ believe it. I have to tell you that today, 8 months later; the broken arm is stronger than it ever was. A good friend of mine in California broke her elbow on her bike a week after me and she is still having real problems. I am hooked on these magnets. I keep a full set in a box in my garage just in case. MO,

27 Year Old Rodeo Injury Relieved

I was suffering constant pain in my right wrist due to a rodeo accident when I was 27 years old. I am now 54 years old, and until I discovered the healing power of BioMagnets, I had periodic swelling and pain in the wrist.

I applied the Biomagnets as per instructions and wore them for five days during the daytime. I noticed within the first hour that there was no pain in my wrist when I was wearing the Biomagnets. By the second day, the swelling started to subside. The entire healing process took seven days and I now work normally at any task including typing at the computer.

I still have slight wrist pain every few days, but when I place my Biomagnets on the injured area for about one hour, the pain ends. I have told many of my friends about Biomagnets and I will continue to do so in the coming years as I have experienced the success story of Biomagnets for healing. R. S., Canada

See meniscus issues on healing acute sprains.

Using the appropriate size Biomagnet, placement of the Bio-Negative Green over the sprain helps overcome the pain and supports rapid healing quickly. It is important to make sure that if the sprain is on the limb, place the green on the green Bio-Negative meridian so that the energy helps support the pain relief and healing. Placing the green on the red Bio-Positive A (with the exception of the hip area) will cause stress. Please see the Meridian Polarity application guide in the brochure or in the Conquer Pain therapy book for correct placement.

BiomagScience Recommendation

BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit.  It contains the A-Z Book/Manual, Pictorial Guide, all the various sized Biomagnets, Water Energizers, liquid Oxygen, bandage and step-by-step protocols necessary for to help resolve over 180 simple to painfully acute injuries, chronic illness, and such medical conditions as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida, MS, Lupus, Malabsorption, etc.

BiomagScience recommends doing the Advanced Therapies on Page 8 of the Pictorial Guide to help rebuild and revitalize the system to support the healing of any chronic condition, such as an illness or joint repair.

The Wellness Kit is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains, bruises, sprains, burns, bites, or any major health issues that can occur in daily life. It provides the best overall supplemental energy for your family’s daily wellness. Every home should have one for better health and increased longevity.


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