Lupus – Amazing results after a week of magnet therapy

A client of mine is 43 and has suffered horribly from lupus since she was 29 years old. I turned her onto bio-magnets and she has been doing meridian therapy for almost a week; following everything by the book… Last weekend, she became so ill she had to go to the emergency room, because her digestive system hardly works at all, and she suffers from severe constipation; just one of the many things that plague her because of the lupus.

Within a few days of magnet therapies, her transformation has been to say the least awe-inspiring. She couldn’t even drink water before wearing the magnets and she’s already on her second gallon of magnetized water. And the most amazing thing… She’s hungry for the first time in a long time. She can’t believe how much better she feels already.

Tammy is committed 100% to helping herself with magnet therapy. When she was 29 her lupus doctor, same one to date, who diagnosed her, gave her ten years to live. She’s beat that by four years. She wants to live..obviously. She has told her doctors about the recent magnet treatments, and they have had an extremely, positive response. Her lupus doctor is especially, anxious to see how she’s coming along at her next monthly check up.


Lupus – No More Symptoms After One Month.

Woman in her late 20’s with Lupus applies Daytime Sternum therapy and her condition resolves completely with 6 weeks. She passed on the therapy to another woman with Lupus and her Lupus resolved in approximately the same amount of therapy term.

BiomagScience comment: We classify this disease as a weak genetic receptor problem due to a lack of energy which prohibits the full genetic code being received by the receptor sites resulting in the condition known as Lupus. When applying the therapy, the energy increases the amplitude to the full genetic coding resulting in the cells normalizing and the Lupus resolving.