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Weight Loss – OGE Therapy

I have some great News to share with you, in regards to using your magnets!

I keep my weight pretty well, but have been frustrated about, every time I get a weekend snack like carbs, pizza, chocolate or wine and the like… my weight bumps up by 5 lbs… and it wears off after 4 days. Meaning… that I could not eat what I like the most without putting on weight. This has been so for the last 15 years. I’m now 35. Before I could eat this kind of foods without affecting my weight.

All this changed after I did the OGE therapy with magnets for 4 days…

The last 2 weekends I’ve eaten the same, enjoyed some wine, chocolate a hamburger and some sweets…. I even ate some in the week. I was sure that my weight would bump up again by 5 pounds as usual…. but this time… to my surprice… I’ve actually put off weight! I’m now 154.3 lbs.

I got the OGE therapy set, because it said it was for metabolism… I hoped it would help… but it did more than that. I Guess it revved up my “youth metabolism” again… as when you are young and can eat what you like without putting on weight.

I talked with some diet doctors about my weight issue before… and they said that when you get older, your liver gets burden with all the not so healthy foods you eat… and it comes to a point over the years, that it does not work as well metabolizing fat as before, and you put on weight. It’s called non-alcoholic-fatty-liver… I don’t think I had that, maybe a mild form… enough to hinder my liver to metabolize as it should to keep my weight, even though while eating carbs.

SO to sum it up… the magnets activated and fixed my liver and the other organs that are responsible for metabolizing and keeping my weight at bay. Just Perfect!

Thanks a lot!

Best regards from

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