Ruptured Ear Drum

Ruptured Ear Drum Pain Resolved

     Reported by practitioner

A woman with a terrible ear pain in the middle of the night was taken to urgent care where she was diagnosed with a ruptured ear drum. They gave her Tylenol and prescribed a $300 course of antibiotics which she could not afford. The Tylenol wasn’t doing anything for the pain so contact was made to know if I had anything that might help. I sent her home with some colloidal silver to take orally, a near infrared lamp to keep the area warm, and a BiomagScience Super magnet to reduce the pain and inflammation.

I told them to move the magnet around to find the best placement. They said that placing it on the skull above the ear made the pain worse, but putting it on the mastoid area gave her dramatic pain relief. She held the magnet there and got enough pain relief that she was able to fall asleep. During the night the magnet fell away, and the intense pain returned and woke her up. This time she taped the magnet on. It quickly reduced the pain again, and she was able sleep the rest of the night. The next day she was definitely on the mend.

They said the silver, NIR lamp and the magnet all helped, but the magnet was the best. They’re thrilled with how well it worked, and they asked me to convey their thanks to you.

Hi Linda, Thanks so much for sharing. This is a classic case of the Biomagnet stopping the pain and when that occurs, rapid healing is taking place. It is pleasing to hear.

It is a shame to hear that the cost of the antibiotics was so much. This woman was lucky to have the BiomagScience connection, but for those who do not access the BiomagScience connection and have to just bear the pain because of the UN-affordable $300 cost is too much, that is wrong. Thankfully BiomagScience can help – get the word out please.

Best of health,
Peter, BiomagScience


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