A Brief View of Resolving Late Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD): In the last 30 years, there has been a massive 5500% increase in Alzheimer’s disease affecting 1 in 10 people over 65, 1 in 5 over 80 and 1 in 3 people over 90. This author believes cell and cordless home phones are responsible for this increase as the EMF from these phones create inflammation in the brain which appears to be the primary cause of AD.

Medical researchers indicate that continued physical and mental activitivity, good sleep and food that contains anti-oxidants and omega 3 fatty acids help prevent AD. However, Allopathic medicine indicates that once the disease becomes later stage and fully symptomatic, there is no disease modifying treatment – nothing can be done.

However, BiomagScience lower CVS (cerebral vestibular system) energy therapy has provided healing support for individuals in late stage AD to “wake up” and return to conciousness within about 4-6 weeks. In addition, people have been reporting for years that the same lower CVS therapy provides calm, clearer thinking and a reduction of minor memory loss.   

What science has established so far about Alzheimer’s disease:

  1. The neurons in the brain store our memories for thinking and functional metabolic operations of the body and release their information when thinking, learning or metabolic functions are required.
  1. The synapse is the space between the neurons that connect and transmit the neuron’s information. When the neurons are activated, chemicals called neurotransmitters are introduced into the synapse which transmits the neuron’s memory as a thought or metabolic function.
  1. When the synapse processes the neuron’s transmission, Amyloid beta () peptides are produced as an amyloid precursor protein (APP) in the synapse. The APP (cellular debris) is then cleared from the synapse by microglia (janitor) cells as a normal immune response which is subsequently cleared out in the cerebral spinal fluid.
  1. At the early stages of AD, inflammation in the brain starts to prohibit the microglia from clearing the APP and it is cut into fragments that start to buildup in the synapse which correspondingly starts to cause minor dysfunction and initial memory loss. In these early stages of memory loss, anti-inflammatory drugs have reduced the inflammation which helped overcome the memory loss.
  1. As the inflammation continues and the buildup becomes larger, the microglia janitor cells become overwhelmed and hyperactivate which releases dangerous chemicals that cause more inflammation. As the inflammation and the APP fragments continue to buildup, the buildup changes into a sticky aggregate which prohibits more of the synapse from communicating resulting in increased memory loss and cognitive impairment (inability to think correctly).
  1. At what is called the “Tipping Point,” inflammation throughout the brain causes the APP aggregate buildup to change into Amyloid “plaque” in the synapses of various areas of the brain. The plaque prohibits the neurons from being able to communicate, resulting in major memory loss and cognitive impairment. During this time, some of the tau (the microtubules that make up the cell’s cytoskeleton) in the neurons in the affected areas gets twisted by the plaque which further disables the neuron memory. At a certain stage, the plaque starts to cut off nutrition to various neurons which die.

The tipping point progresses at different rates throughout the brain, depending upon the individual; often evolving to a catatonic state and eventual death from loss of neuron-driven metabolic functions.

BiomagScience feels the reason why people in advanced AD states respond to the Bio-Negative therapy is because the energy from the therapy is conveyed in the cerebral spinal fluid and blood which flows throughout the brain bathing the inflammation and plaque in the energized fluid.  As a result, the inflammation is reduced and the plaque dissolves which supports the return of memory and cognitive function.

  1. Inflammation in the human body has a Positive charge. The body naturally defends against inflammation by flooding it with Negative charges which neutralize and help heal inflammation. BiomagScience therapy amplifies the body’s Negative charge which in AD, helps to immediately reduce brain inflammation. This is supported by the following supportive tests which are under Research at

    Dramatic inflammation reduction by Bio-Negative energy is shown by the before and after dry-cell Bowen tests of inflammation reduction and healing of damaged oxidative stress/free-radical tissue sites within hours of the therapy application under Research on.

    Live-cell microscopy testing using the BiomagScience therapy shows how in less than 1-2 hours, the systemic red blood cells (RBCs) in the low-energy Rouleau pattern of a very sick individual, change into high-energy, healthy RBCs – something never seen before in such a short time.

    Before and after [BIA] cellular voltage testing shows how the fluid therapy of the blood can systemically increase the overall health by increasing the entire body’s electromotive health; the lower voltage (indicating illness and disease) changing to the higher voltage (indicating good health) within 2 hours of therapy – an increase that would normally require a year of specialized treatment and diet. Never seen before, this is another example that the Bio-Negative healing energy is carried from the application site by the fluid (blood and cerebral spinal fluid) where it’s provides energy to all the tissue it comes in contact with for an immediate decrease in inflammation and increase in voltage, vitality and wellness.

  1. It has been found that the Amyloid plaque is soluble and another major reason why AD clients respond to the correct energy therapy. Like other MHD (MagnetoHydrodynamic) potentiated fluid plaque reducing technologies, the energized cerebral/spinal fluid and blood dissolve the Amyloid plaque providing a renewal of communication of the neurons that was not occurring before the therapy.

It is advised during the initial therapy if possible, that the caregiver provide Bio-Negative energized water along with activated oxygen as it supports the overall therapy. If this is not available, then just the lower CVS therapy application worn constantly has shown results.

Reports of individuals “waking up” from late stage AD indicate it takes some time and care as the individual practices cognitive thinking  again; they go through various stages as they return to their normal pre-AD personality.

With the waking up of late stage AD, it has been reported that although there is some memory loss from neurons that have died, many long-term memories became accessible. Since there are trillions of brain cells, depending upon the individual, the return and resolution of the AD will take various periods of time and types of re-adjustment that we have not had the opportunity to review yet.  

After the initial BiomagScience therapy, it is important that the therapy be continued as a daily energy supplementation to maintain the therapy response.