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Chronically Ill

Chronically ill businessman gets healthy life back

I am 74-year-old male business owner that has been on 12 different medications with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, aches and pains and severe fatigue. I would have great difficulty walking after driving for less than an hour. I was unable to kneel at church for a long time. I was quickly going down-hill and very discouraged. My doctor told me that I would have to accept my situation.

My friend told me about how good he felt on a program he was on so I thought I have nothing to loose. This was not living so I threw my medication away and went on the same program as my friend.

Within a few weeks I could not believe how good I felt. My aches and pains went away. I was able to kneel in church and my energy level soared. Even my blood test changed for the better one in one month. My doctor couldn’t believe it. He called Peter Kulish [of BiomagScience – Foundation for Magnetic Science] to find out more. I had simply worn the BioMagnets on my chest, took their Oxygen product, Circulation Enzymes and Ultimate Supplement. My life is back! J.G. Pa. 3-06

For additional information and therapies, go to: Overcoming Chronic Fatigue, Illness, and Its Pain, Anxiety & Depression

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