Overcoming Chronic Fatigue, Illness, and Its Pain, Anxiety & Depression

There are so many troubling accounts of pain and depression from long-term chronic illness. Unfortunately very little has been available to help these individuals until now.

By analyzing health and medical issues through cellular voltage measurements, breakthrough energy therapies have been developed that have helped chronically ill individuals overcome their conditions and become well again.

Cellular voltage is the electricity that operates the cell’s metabolic and immune functions. Years ago after the FDA certified instruments to measure the voltage of the cells, researchers found that a cell’s voltage measurement provided an exact snapshot of an individual’s health.   

Basically, when an individual gets sick, the healthy normal voltage of the afflicted or systemic cells goes down and as the cells heal, the voltage returns to normal.

The accepted cellular energy values established by the medical community are:

  1. Very High voltage indicates extremely healthy.
  2. High voltage indicates optimum health.
  3. Medium voltage indicates average health.
  4. Low voltage indicates below average health.
  5. Extremely low voltage means very poor health, chronic illness, extensive inflammation, pain, disease and many medical issues.

When cellular voltage is extremely low, metabolic and immune functions cannot operate properly and since the cells do not have adequate voltage to produce the additional healthy Bio-Negative energy to help heal the [positively charged] inflammation and free-radical sites, inflammation runs rampant throughout the body causing pain, fatigue, and the many conditions of chronic illness along with its accompanying anxiety and depression.

The BIG problem with extremely low voltage is the Catch 22 condition of “Cellular Malabsorption.” When the cells reach such a low voltage level, they do not have enough energy to pull in the necessary electrolytes and nutrition in order to increase their voltage so they can heal. The cells literally become “stuck” in an extremely low energy mode preventing them from healing and resulting in chronic illness.

There are a number of ways cells lose their voltage/energy and get stuck: sometimes from getting sick or an accident that shocks and/or traumatizes the body or chemical or EMF toxicity that depreciates the voltage/energy, etc. Whatever triggers it literally reduces the cellular voltage/energy throughout the body (systemically) keeping the individual chronically ill for long periods of time with no contemporary treatment or therapy available until now.

Energy Supplementation for Chronic Illness

BiomagScience first tested cellular voltage on long-term, chronically ill individuals and learned about the medical conditions that were common to malabsorption such as constant pain from inflammation, arthritis, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Candida, gastrointestinal issues (Colitis, Gastritis) and many other medical conditions; in addition to these medical issues, malabsorption also prohibits the ability to absorb small amounts of [important] supplements which often makes the person even more ill with a toxic-like overload reaction.

Another common issue was the numerous practitioners who tried but could not help and the many therapies that not only didn’t work, but often made the illness worse.

The most common issue associated with chronic illness is the constant pain, anxiety and depression that everyone has from being ill so long.

The Solution

BiomagScience has found a solution to malabsorption and its terrible results. By carefully and properly supplementing voltage increases in the cells through BiomagScience advanced therapy applications, the cells take on immediate voltage increases resulting in chronically ill individuals healing and becoming well again. All BiomagScience advanced therapy applications are simple to apply and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Here is an example of a chronically ill individual:

History: The subject, a 53 yr. old female, has a history of extreme pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia1 that incapacitated her and kept her bedridden for 25 years. She had malabsorption and had been under the care of a multitude of practitioners who have not been able to help her. She even tried using improperly designed magnets and electromagnetic pulsed therapy, but nothing worked. She tested for chemical poisoning (perhaps the original “trigger”) which also meant she was very toxic – common to malabsorption because the cells do not have the energy to fully detoxify. Due to her malabsorption, she could not take any supplements; even a slight nutritional supplementation created an overload and threw her body into a crisis.

During the last three years prior to the BiomagScience therapy, her cellular voltage was extremely low despite multiple therapies, including a custom nutritional program. The subject’s inability to absorb or detoxify made it impossible for her health to improve and most therapies made her ill.

BiomagScience therapies: The subject first used the CVS therapy to slowly initiate an increase in energy so she did not detoxify too quickly. Her voltage points went up 25% the first hour, then after a number of days of the CVS, she did the Daytime, Nightime, and MET (Meridian Energy Therapy) therapies while also drinking Bio-Negative Energized water. Within a month of the first application, the subject was able to resume her favorite activity of singing and song writing with a band.

Note: The OGE (Organ Group Energizing) therapy, which was not available at the time of her therapy, is now recommended after the initial CVS therapy. The OGE helps uniformly energize and balance all the primary organs and their associated glands. Once OGE therapy is concluded, then the subsequent therapies [stated above] are applied.

Her dynamic improvement was monumental as the subject had been unable to perform the most basic activity for 25 years, including standing for any period of time without severe pain. The chemical poisoning that she had suffered from, resulted in the blockage of important pathways, and since she did not have the electromotive energy in her cells to metabolize correctly her health was stuck in a toxic pattern for 25 years.

Her chronically stuck, low-charged cellular voltage was immediately elevated by the BiomagScience therapy to a functioning state. The new energy re-started the cell’s natural ionic forces to be able to absorb electrolytes and micronutrients resulting in increased metabolic and immune function which started her healing on the road to full recovery. Within a month, she had her life back and a year later after 25 years in bed, she was playing competitive tennis.


Energy testing and remarkable case results under Research on the BiomagScience site show how proper energy therapy elevates cellular energy and immune functions for overcoming critical health issues.

The above case indicates a segment of health issues that do not have allopathic treatments, but now have energy therapy to help heal and overcome pain. Used daily as an adjunct to naturopathic and allopathic medicine, BiomagScience supplemental energy supports prevention, increased vitality and wellness.

The BiomagScience Wellness Kit is specifically recommended for chronic illness. It has all the necessary equipment and all the instructions and the award winning Conquering Pain therapy book to perform all of the advanced therapies for over 180 simple and complex medical conditions such as chronic illness. Page 8 of the Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide explains the exact step-by-step protocols for chronic illness.

It has been found that during the periods of Fibromyalgia pain (muscle cramping, inflammation, shooting electric shocks, etc.), no hGH (human growth hormone) can be found in the blood. In view of the importance of hGH in mitosis and of people reporting immediate pain relief from hGH supplementation during the initial energy therapy, it is felt that the absence of hGH is what causes Fibromyalgia. The lack of hGH production by the chronically ill with malabsorption has shown to resolve once the body’s energy is elevated. 

“BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit as it was designed to have everything and simple step-by-step instructions to overcome the pain of chronic illness and its many conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida, and etc. BiomagScience recommends doing the Advanced Therapies on Page 8 of the Pictorial Guide which will help rebuild the system so that the condition goes away and better overall health is achieved.”

BiomagScience also recommends the very important Ultimate Supplement to help overcome the pain of Fibromyalgia and help rebuild the system back to health.”

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