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Peter Kulish

About Peter Kulish

Peter Kulish began his research in Biomagnetic therapy almost four decades ago. Originally studying and consulting with the godfather of Biomagnetism, Albert Roy Davis, Peter took an advanced degree from the Broeringmeyer Biomagnetic Institute and has consulted, and developed energy medicine protocols with doctors, scientists, and researchers from around the globe. He is respected worldwide for his extensive research of Biomagnetism and pioneering the development of advanced therapies and protocols for prevention, wellness and resolution of pain, injury, illness, disease, nerve regeneration and most medical conditions. Extensively researched and used by the Asian Energy Medicine Association, his protocols are taught in curricula throughout Asia, where Energy Medicine is considered standard medical practice. His therapies are also used by individuals, practitioners, and in medical institutions and health spas throughout the world. As a master healer with a wealth of almost 40 years of research and application in the effects of magnetism on all aspects of the human body, he has been a featured guest speaker of Biomagnetism at clinics, hospitals, medical colleges, and universities and has been interviewed extensively on TV and radio, headlining many times on the "International Science Hour."

Posts by Peter Kulish:

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