Lung infection: My husband has COPD

My husband has COPD. He’s been battling a lung infection for a month and a half — has gone through three rounds of different antibiotics, plus Albuterol inhalation. He feels better, but the cough remains — frequent, harsh and *wet* sounding.

He saw his doctor yesterday who told him that because he has COPD, he will possibly have to live with the cough. This does not sound right to me — he’s had COPD for a number of years, and the cough came on with this latest lung infection — he didn’t have the cough before. Incidentally — the lung infection is his normal response to any cold — his colds either become lung infections, or pneumonia. The coughs always have gone away when he got well.

So — I’m wondering — can the magnets help in this situation? Any other advice? Thanks. MA

The COPD suggested therapy found to help resolve these symptoms is 3-6 grams of Vitamin C (VC) daily with Biomagnetic Daytime therapy after load dosing the VC (to bowel-tolerance – 8 to16 grams throughout the day) for two days with Daytime therapy.

After the first 2 days of VC load dosing, find a comfortable daily supplemental dosage of VC (3-6 grams throughout the day).

Liposomal VC is very good, but expensive. A good buffered Vitamin C powder with bioflavonoids in capsules is much more bio-available than hard tablets.

Normally a reduction of the COPD symptoms occurs within the several days of Biomagnetic therapy and VC load dosing; then a continuing reduction of the symptoms have occurred thereafter. We have seen the lungs clear up from the walking-pneumonia liquid condition often associated with acute COPD.

If the VC or the use of the Daytime therapy is stopped, the COPD symptoms will start occur again after a few days. This is where the function of VC and the high Bio-Negative energy works extremely well. This therapy was realized when the COPD disappeared after a VC IV and further analysis and research developed into this simple protocol.

Just want to report that four days of wearing the double-stack small magnets with the CVS placement — as well as Vitamin C intake — has cured my husband’s cough. Totally. And completely. Something that three rounds of antibiotics could not do. Amazing. Thank you- thank you- thank you Peter.

Just amazing. MA

BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit general and advanced therapies such as OGE (organ Group Energizing), Daytime, Nighttime and MET (Meridian Energizing Therapy) along with Bio-Negative Structured water daily to provide the body’s biochemistry energy to heal and balance the system to support healing and wellness.

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