Lung infection: My husband has COPD

My husband has COPD. He’s been battling a lung infection for a month and a half — has gone through three rounds of different antibiotics, plus Albuterol inhalation. He feels better, but the cough remains — frequent, harsh and *wet* sounding.

He saw his doctor yesterday who told him that because he has COPD, he will possibly have to live with the cough. This does not sound right to me — he’s had COPD for a number of years, and the cough came on with this latest lung infection — he didn’t have the cough before. Incidentally — the lung infection is his normal response to any cold — his colds either become lung infections, or pneumonia. The coughs always have gone away when he got well.

So — I’m wondering — can the magnets help in this situation? Any other advice? Thanks. MA

The COPD suggested therapy found to help resolve these symptoms is 3-6 grams of Vitamin C (VC) daily with Biomagnetic Daytime therapy after load dosing the VC (to bowel-tolerance – 8 to16 grams throughout the day) for two days with Daytime therapy.

After the first 2 days of VC load dosing, find a comfortable daily supplemental dosage of VC (3-6 grams throughout the day).

Liposomal VC is very good, but expensive. A good buffered Vitamin C powder with bioflavonoids in capsules is much more bio-available than hard tablets.

Normally a reduction of the COPD symptoms occurs within the several days of Biomagnetic therapy and VC load dosing; then a continuing reduction of the symptoms have occurred thereafter. We have seen the lungs clear up from the walking-pneumonia liquid condition often associated with acute COPD.

If the VC or the use of the Daytime therapy is stopped, the COPD symptoms will start occur again after a few days. This is where the function of VC and the high Bio-Negative energy works extremely well. This therapy was realized when the COPD disappeared after a VC IV and further analysis and research developed into this simple protocol.

Just want to report that four days of wearing the double-stack small magnets with the CVS placement — as well as Vitamin C intake — has cured my husband’s cough. Totally. And completely. Something that three rounds of antibiotics could not do. Amazing. Thank you- thank you- thank you Peter.

Just amazing. MA