Mom helps skeptical son with back pain Yes, yeah magnets! Now that I have good quality magnets and know how to use them correctly (because of your book), I use those things all the time. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Your magnets came to the rescue again this week. A few days ago my son decided to emulate his mother. =;-) He picked up some heavy, precariously balanced computer equipment and ended up pulling his back. I immediately placed the back circuit therapy on him, and he’s healing quickly. He’s no longer skeptical about the benefits of magnet therapy. Many thanks Peter! Love, Linda

No more severe backache

Two years ago, I suffered from severe backache. The pain would occur every time my workload got heavy. One day, I attended a seminar on Biomagnetics held by the BiomagScience Group (now the Foundation for Magnetic Science). Hoping to solve my problem, I borrowed a set of Biomagnets and placed them over the affected area. I waited overnight for the results.

The following day my back pain was gone. I was cured and impressed to say the least. I also drank Magnetized Negative Water to supplement the therapy. From that time on, I haven’t complained about my back pain. Now I am really determined to use a whole set, not only for my family, but also to help those who wish to be relieved of any illness. Mrs. E C.

Chronic back pain resolved

I have an old nursing injury from lifting patients for years. I was told I would have degeneration to the site and there was nothing I could do. I started a swimming program to strengthen the surrounding muscles but if I sat incorrectly, I would be in pain for months until the inflammation reduced. Now I apply the Super BioMagnets to the area for one day and the pain is gone. Now even when I sit improperly, there is no pain. C B NJ 3-06

Go to Advanced Back Therapy Kit for additional therapy information.

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