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Sinus cleared, increased energy with MET Biomagnet Therapy

 “After hearing , on a Thursday BiomagScience conference call, about a man who kept the Meridian Energizing Treatment (MET) on for quite a few hours, I decided to try wearing it for a full hour. And, since I didn’t really have the time to just lay down for an hour, I taped the magnets on and went about my chores at home. Right away, I noticed a clearing, sinus’ opening up feeling – literally I could feel blockages opening up and a subtle flow of energy in my body. I’ve been doing this a number of days now, and feel that it’s generally beneficial for my health. I’ve had chronic problems with fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, PTSD, and Lyme disease, so I’m certain that this kind of treatment is helpful for ‘healing at the root.”

M.W. of MA

Will require 2-stack of Power Wafers. They are available either in the Pain Relief / Vitality Kit and in the Wellness Kit.

It is suggested that the individual drink Bio-Negative energized water along with daily energy supplementation of the Daytime therapy.

The Wellness Kit is recommended. It also has all the other Advanced Therapies that may be needed as an adjunct to the primary therapy.  It has everything for over 180 simple and painfully acute injuries, chronic illness and other medical conditions. It is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains bruises, sprains, burns, bites, and etc. It is also considered to be the best overall supplemental energy kit for your family’s daily wellness. Every home should have one.”

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