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BioMagnetic Therapy Basic FAQs

What is the history of Magnet Therapy?

Magnetism is both leading-edge science and traditional therapy that has been used by the Chinese for 5,000 years. Throughout history, many cultures have tried magnets with varying results. It is said that Cleopatra had a lode stone (natural magnet) under her pillow to sleep on at night. Paracelsus, a scientist in the late 1400’s, used them successfully with seizures and many other illnesses.

In the 1930’s Albert Roy Davis, often called the godfather of contemporary Biomagnetism, started his investigations on magnetism and found that Bio-Negative (the Geo-Noth Pole of a magnet) was the healthy operating and healing electromotive energy of the body. His finding created many of the scientific precepts used in contemporary Biomagnetism.

Peter Kulish, who studied with Davis, later got an advanced degree in Magnet Therapy from Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, a long-term protégé, partner, and colleague of Davis who ran certification classes through his Foundation.

Kulish taking Davis’s voltage measurements of the body and coupling them to the various energy measurements in physiology and the energy medicines of Polarity & Reiki, identified, founded and developed the proper applications and specific, advanced techniques based on proper polarity placement to help overcome over 180 A-Z simple to complex injuries, illness, disease and health conditions. His work is used throughout the world.

Kulish explains “The science of Biomagnetism is here to stay. It is not complicated but must be done correctly. We are very fortunate to live today as contemporary science has discovered and measured exactly how the body’s cellular energies work and how they can be supported for rapid healing.”

“Another wonderful change in technology is that magnets have gotten much stronger while their size has gotten smaller. Now doing a therapy that required a huge magnet (4” x 6” x 1” thick) can be replaced by a small state-of-the-art Biomagnet – getting the same results without having to lug around a huge heavy magnet.”

Biomagnetism is being used by many practitioners and consumers worldwide, especially in Asia where they have known of the healing properties of magnetism for many years and consider it just part of general medicine. They all teach Kulish’s proper meridian polarity placement.

Medical Disclaimer: Magnetic therapy is intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as a treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health, or human development principles.

How effective is Biomagnetic Therapy?

When applied properly, reports all around the world indicate very quick and outstanding results. Please see our results under Health Conditions and Research. People were brought out of terminating comas, quadriplegics walking again after 20 years of immobility, acute, chronic lupus resolved, acute cirrhosis helped in days, terminal cases experiencing “spontaneous remissions, resolution of 25-year malabsorption, regeneration of herniated discs back to full height and results of helping most medical conditions resolve, from all over the world.

With the right placement and the properly designed magnet, the magnetic field supports the sick, traumatized, stressed cells by increasing their voltage which increases their immune and metabolic functions helping them to progress toward wellness rapidly. See the fellow under Broken Bones (under Health Conditions) who walked in 3 months instead of starting physiotherapy in 10 months.

Medical Disclaimer: This information is based on the traditional use of magnetism to support health and has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Magnetic products are intended to support general well-being and not intended to treat disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.

Is Biomagnetic Therapy recognized?

In Asia, Biomagnetism is recognized as an energy medicine and is used in many countries. Throughout the world, many scientific investigations have been and are being conducted continuously to determine the effect of magnetic fields on biology. One can go to Pub Med or Medline or one of the various other websites such as or on the Bibliography pages of this site to view many of the tests that have been conducted in Biomagnetism.

Here in the US, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) under the National Foundations of Health under the Public Health Service in the Department of Health and Human Services classifies magnetic therapy as a form of Energy Medicine and states “Static magnets have been used for centuries in efforts to relieve pain. Numerous anecdotal reports have indicated that individuals have experienced significant, and at times dramatic, relief of pain after the application of static magnets over a painful area.”

BiomagScience offers research and various therapies on this site, which indicates the substantial effects of what correct therapy applications and protocols can do to supplement the correct energy in assisting in the body’s healing.

Many individuals, practitioners from many areas of medicine and physiology, clinics, hospitals, medical colleges and universities worldwide use and teach BiomagScience Therapies.

How does Biomagnet Therapy work?

All cells in the body and their proper balance are governed by the electromotive forces (ions) of biochemical interactions. These voltage forces or micro-charges [cell membranes are measured in pF – pico Farads – billionths of a volt, the cytoplasm, interior of the cell, is measured in mV – millivolts – thousands of a volt] are responsible for all the cellular metabolism (nutritional uptake, energy production, waste elimination, immune functions, etc.). 

The measurement of cellular voltage produces an immediate snapshot of it health. Normal healthy cell’s membrane measures about 25mV and the interior of the cell (cytoplasm) measures about 850pF.

When a site is injured and/or the tissue is damaged from trauma or stress (long or short term), the site loses its Negative Zeta potential moving toward a Positive state causing swelling (inflammation) resulting in pain. The sudden lack of normal Negative voltage sends a stress signal to the brain, which in turn sends healing Negative energy to the site for repair.

In order for healing to take place [which will relieve the pain and swelling], the Negative voltage is increased to about 50mV until the cell heals and the voltage drops back to normal.

What the specific Biomagnetic energy does is supplement the cells with increased electromotive energy to help force normalization of cellular voltage resulting in amplifying immune function to heal rapidly while providing rapid pain relief.

Increasing the cell’s Zeta potential with Bio-Negative magnetic immediately improves cellular transfer of oxygen, nutrients, and waste as it relaxes capillary walls, surrounding muscle and connective tissues. As the Zeta Potential increases, the cells take on their electromotive vitality (see BIA Test Reports) and start an accelerated trend to correct metabolization for reorganization back to health.

How quickly will Biomagnetic Therapy work?

That depends on the type of condition and its severity. Everyone’s body responds differently to magnetic therapy. In general, most people report rapid results.

For acute injuries, most people start feeling more comfortable in a day or two. Many report pain reduction within hours or even minutes. Most people report full comfort within approximately 3.5 days with issues like a wrenched back pinching the sciatica nerve.

With long-term chronic pain-related conditions, it has been reported several days to several weeks to achieve comfort.

Looking under the Foundation’s and research reports, a woman suffering from mal-absorption syndrome, bedridden for 25 years with severe fatigue, pain, and candida, responded in an hour of Foundation therapy protocols and was able to get up and start living normally within about 30 days – although this has taken several more months to overcome in others, but all have reported excellent results and a return to normal life.

A 91-year-old man in a terminal coma from sepsis from kidney failure which eliminated dialysis and sent him into the coma, woke up healing within 3 days using the OGE (organ group energizing) therapy; the therapy also healed his kidneys.

Using Biomagnetism correctly provides the cellular energy to immediately start immune and metabolic function along with pain reduction in an accelerated trend toward healing.

How do I get results from Biomagnetic Therapy?

The proper magnetic field, the proper energy, and the proper placement are critical for correctly increasing the electromotive energy [Zeta Potential] of the distressed tissue at the problem site (such as carpel or tendonitis) or an overall lack of electromotive vitality – in which case the Biomagnet can be used to energize the whole body. (see BIA tests)

There is a combination of various therapies that are used together to help benefit the body’s vitality such as:

  • Drinking magnetized water
  • Using BiomagScience’s highly stable Activated Oxygen supplement
  • Using BiomagScience’s Circulation Enzymes
  • Daytime, Nighttime, CVS, Organ Group and Meridian Energy therapy treatments.
  • Advanced therapies such as the OGE & MET, and circuit therapy which has shown to start the healing of bones, nerves, sockets, etc.
  • Successful results occur from the proper placement, the proper applications, the proper supplements, and continuing the therapy for the amount of time it takes for the tissue to re-balance and heal. Often, there is rapid pain relief when correctly applied. However, the protocol must be followed for enough time to make sure the tissue is healed.

For example: Several individuals reported their pre-operation Carpel Tunnel pain and immobility went away completely within hours. The individuals took off the Biomagnets and the pain came back in a couple hours. They were directed to do the therapy for one month [which is easy to do because the Power Wafers are so small and non-intrusive].

Their final reports indicated the Biomagnets helped heal them completely by using the detailed instruction of the proper applications as provided in the ”Conquering Pain” therapy book. There have been many reports that people, using other company magnets, experienced pain when using it for carpel tunnel. Unfortunately, they put the magnet on the wrong side (improper polarity location) of the wrist.

Biomagnetism is a very exacting science and must be placed properly. When used improperly, it can stress the area instead of giving rapid results.

Since pain can be a response from somewhere other than where it hurts, the protocol may require review. The Foundation provides contact through email, conference call forums and practitioners skilled in the art to assist you in determining how the therapy may be correctly guided.

Can Biomagnetic Therapy benefit back pain relief?

The Foundation has developed an advanced back pain protocol that uses a Negative / Positive / Negative circuit that stimulates healing and reduces swelling and pain quickly.

Most companies just use the Negative field on the back – however, using the Negative over the spine relaxes the tissue which reduces the extra-cellular fluids allowing the vertebrae to continue to pinch the nerves for a lessened, but continuous pain.

The Foundation’s protocol helps stop the nerve pinching while stimulating the healing of the weak, traumatized muscles. The advanced back pain protocol was designed to support building muscle strength to hold the vertebrae in place after therapy.

The Back Circuit therapy has been shown to help regenerate herniated discs back to full height when worn for 2-3 months.

Does Biomagnetism help joint pain?

Biomagnetism increases the Zeta potential in the cells that make up the spongy and surrounding connective tissue that make up the joints – thereby stimulating cellular healing, and reducing swelling and pain.

The joint Circuit therapy [shown in the Conquer Pain book and the Pictorial Guide] is used to regenerate the entire joint within 4-12 weeks depending upon the deterioration. It stimulates the energy pathways which apparently lights up the DNA to replace any missing tissue in what BiomagScience calls “Going back to Blueprint.”

Can Magnetic Fields help heal bones?

Yes. With the proper advanced circuit applications, completely crushed bones with surgical pins have healed without any pain 4 times faster providing normal walking in 3 months instead of starting physiotherapy 10 months after the surgeries to rebuild his legs.

Can Biomagnetism help me sleep?

There are a number of ways that Biomagnetism can help sleep.

A lack of sleep generally occurs from pain, stress, a condition that wakes up someone such as coughing, a change of the sunlight time throughout the year affecting serotonin, and a lack of melatonin made by a hypo-active pineal gland.

Since the Biomagnets help reduce pain, they can help one get to sleep. Since they can help the body increase it electromotive vitality, the condition of coughing may be addressed by increasing the immune system and therefore, the Biomagnets can further help sleeping.

Dr. William Philpott discovered that when the pineal gland [which is responsible for melatonin – the sleeping neurotransmitter responsible for rest and therefore the body’s natural repair] is energized to increase its Negative Zeta potential, melatonin is increased for better sleep. As people get older, many have a tendency to make less melatonin which means they get less sleep.

The Foundation has developed a protocol of using a 2-stack of Power Wafers simply using the hair [between the bottom and top Power Wafers] or a bobby pin, barrette or a band-aide to attach to the crown of the head which increases the melatonin for better sleep.

One of the mechanisms of melatonin is that it reduces stress – that is why it is used as a sleep supplement. Increasing it naturally with Biomagnetism is a simple, natural therapy to achieving sleep without drugs.

Are magnetic bed pads safe?

Finally, the Companies who used to make the stressful Positive energy multi-polar beds are now making Negative beds. But are they safe?

In discussing magnetic bed pads with Dr. Walter Rawls (living partner to Albert Roy Davis and his work) at the International Tesla Conference, Kulish and Rawls had similar findings…

It was found that most people exclaimed the Negative bed pads are great. They indicated great sleep and waking up rested. Then upon further questioning, it was found that the individuals using the pads for a long period of time were also indicating a consistent bit of lethargy during the day. What they remembered about the sleep and rest – simply was their reaction to the first week they had the pads – not their continued use.

Rawls and Kulish surmised that it was the long-term magnetic effect on the adrenals glands that was putting them into a slowed-down hypo state which was not supplying the correct amount of adrenaline for the body’s needs. Since there are useful applications with magnetic bed pads, the Foundation determined to make pads without magnetic fields under the adrenal glands.

The Foundation also recognizes very low Gauss-powered magnetic beds. The Foundation’s Senior Medical Officer, the well-known researcher, Dr. Tom Levy, has reported using the very low gauss bed without any lethargic reactions found on the stronger magnetic beds.

The remaining issue is using a magnetic bed that puts out the Bio-negative energy into the positive side of the limb meridians causing electromotive stress. For that reason, the Foundation recommends magnetic pads that go under the torso and head, but not under the legs and arms. These pads are available through search engines and can provide non-stress elevation of the cellular zeta potential so important in health.

Does Biomagnetism help supplements to work?

The Foundation has acquired cutting-edge supplements to work in conjunction with its Biomagnetic therapies to ensure that the proper micro-nutrients are available to support the increased cellular vitality gained from increasing the Zeta Potential of the cells. All of the supplements the Foundation uses were acquired for their special responses such as:

  • A bio-identical hGH molecule naturally derived from plant material specifically acquired to help assist cell mitosis and support a reduction of such conditions as Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, aging
  • A natural oral chelation for assisting reduction of vascular and cellular plaque
  • An oxygen supplement to support increased blood oxygen levels and topical application when needed

In tests and research case reports, each of these products has worked faster and better with the Foundation’s Biomagnetic therapies than the lab’s original research on each of these supplements.

The Foundation reports that the supplements, in conjunction with the energy therapies, indicate not only faster response – but unusual responses such as organs like the pancreas restarting with blood/sugar level balancing and rapid removal of plaque in the heart, ankles, and feet resolving restrictive circulation while reducing pain, swelling and blood pressure.

Part of the Foundation’s Mission is to find, research, develop, and provide the most effective supplements and energy therapies to support the healing of all conditions.

Is Biomagnet Therapy safe and can it be used with pregnancy?

Biomagnetic therapy is completely safe if applied properly – but with pregnancy, is not advised to place the Biomagnet over the fetus as there have been no conclusive studies. Expectant mothers certainly can do the Daytime and lower CVS (back of the neck) therapy and drink the Bio-Negative energy water to help maintain a high Zeta potential that is good for the body and the baby.

When do I stop using Biomagnetic Therapy?

Although the pain and swelling may have disappeared, it is wise to use the application for at least a week to ten days longer to give the area a chance to heal. If the pain returns after removal of the application – re-apply the Biomagnets. There are many people around the world who use the Daytime Therapy every day as their daily energy supplement – keeping their cellular voltage levels at high normal.

Most people report an overall increased and continuous vitality using the Daytime therapy and over the more than 4 decades of study, BiomagScience indicates that individuals who use the biomagnets daily and drink the energy water live healthier and longer.

What determines the effectiveness of a Biomagnet?

The strength and proper field of the magnet to penetrate the stressed tissue and the location of the application to make sure the site is being properly energized on the correct [if applicable] meridian. Both issues are critical for rapid results.

Too many magnet therapy companies either sell improperly designed magnets that use both polar fields (such as necklaces or improper bracelets or multi-polar pads) or simply state ‘just use their Bio-North pole consistently.’ Again, the wrong polarity location will stress the tissue. Only the correct field on the applicable meridian will provide rapid and proper results.

For the correct applications and therapy protocols, please review BiomagScience Foundation’s vast developments and you will understand why practitioners use the Foundation’s Biomagnets. The second edition of the “Conquering Pain” therapy book has specific protocols for over 180 conditions.

What are penetration values – how important are they?

The penetration value is how deep into the tissue the magnetic effect penetrates.

It is very simple – if there is a deep tissue condition, the magnet must be strong enough to penetrate the energy to stimulate the cells correctly.

For example – when the Foundation’s protocols were used on the woman in a coma with terminal pancreatitis, the Super Biomagnet was used. The Super Biomagnet is twice as thick and strong as other Rare Earth Biomagnets [in the marketplace] and its penetration value was the most critical issue about the therapy.

The woman was on a trend to terminate within a day or two – instead, she woke up in 3 days and left the hospital 4 days later. She was also given the Meridian Energy therapy to stimulate her entire nervous system to help her body’s cellular communication system work better.

All BiomagScience Biomagnets are designed to specifically reach the required penetration values for all its over 180 A-Z health condition therapies – whether you have pain, chronic illness or an acute condition.

Gauss is the rating of a magnet – what does it mean?

Science has always measured gauss (g) as the number of magnetic lines of force that are emitted from one square centimeter of the polar surface of a magnet. Since the introduction of the new Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Super magnets, there has been a shift in “language” due to the substantially increased Oerstedt value (the distance of it working magnetic field) of the new Super Magnets.

Some manufacturers are using the br. coercive Gauss rating as the power of their magnets. This has nothing to do with the surface or the acting Gauss field; it is the amount of energy it takes to magnetize or de-magnetize the magnet.

With the advent of the new Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, the lines of gauss on the surface have gone up substantially from the + 1400g surface to 2000, 2500, 3000, and 3500 to as much as 5500g whose power is so strong, the magnet is dangerous to handle and not made for consumer use.

As the thickness of the Rare Earth magnets increases, the surface Gauss and the depth of penetration (Oerstedt) value increases. This is critical in the proper deep penetration therapy of organs and damaged tissue deep in the body.

At the time of this writing, the measurements in Peter Kulish’s “Conquering Pain” book on the Foundation’s Super Biomagnets are based on surface measurements – but are +14,800 br. Coercive Gauss Super magnets. The Foundation only carries State-of-the-Art Rare Earth Biomagnets.

The Foundation’s largest Super Biomagnet is twice as powerful as the other Rare Earth Biomagnets offered in the Marketplace. It can deflect a compass 22” away. This is extremely important in raising the Zeta potential in deep tissue therapy such as a fatty hypo-active liver.

One has to be careful what one buys. With many untrained individuals selling powerful, magnetic energy devices – they have started creating their own language and Science. You must be careful because if True Science is not followed, then the magnets and application may also be incorrect.

Does the Gauss rating of a Magnet indicate its effectiveness?

No, it does not. Due to the fact that many size Biomagnets will be made of the same material with the same rating does not mean they will have the same energy and penetration values.

The power and depth of the energy penetration of the tissue is determined by the thickness of the magnet. Simply said – a small magnet will have a much smaller penetration value whereas the larger and thicker the magnet, the more powerful it is and the better it will work on deep tissue therapies.

The BiomagScience Foundation Biomagnets were developed in three major sizes.

The Power Wafer is a small, easy-to-use dime-sized Biomagnet which is often used in a stack of 2 with a band-aid between them and then applied to the skin for easy application. Its frequencies (power) were specifically designed for most aches and pains and to energize the entire body with the Daytime therapy found in the “Conquering Pain” therapy book.

The Regular [middle-sized] Wafers were designed for acute pain and the Advanced Therapies (OGE & MET) used to energize the glands and organs and energize and balance the enerite body to rapidly progress toward wellness and create a healing terrain for other therapies such as joint regeneration or helping the  body to overcome acute and advanced illness ( in the “Conquering Pain” book and the Pictorial guide). The Regular Biomagnet has a power value that is as strong as the best and most powerful Biomagnets in the marketplace.

The Super [large] Biomagnet is a specially designed, ultra-powerful Biomagnet which is uncommon in the marketplace. It was developed for very deep tissue and organ therapy. It is powerful enough to deflect a compass at 22” from one side of the body to the other.

Anyone studying BiomagScience’s blood microscopy and BIA (electromotive membrane) testing, research studies, and testimonials – will realize that the proper design and use of the Foundation’s Biomagnetic systems have continuously shown remarkable results with many conditions.

Reports of people with terminal conditions that were supported by the Foundation’s advanced therapies are resolved and now thriving. An example of proper placement is the case study of a man who crushed both leg bones which healed without pain and was walking within 3 months instead of the normal prognosis of almost a year – the Biomagnets were placed on the anterior of one leg and the posterior of the other. For proper placement – See “Conquering Pain” therapy book.

Please realize that Biomagnetism is a Science and a very specialized, exacting technology. You can depend on the Foundation’s over 4 decades years of developing the proper Biomagnetic strength [for proper applications] and the exacting basic and advanced protocols which are scientifically based on the physiology and correct energy pathways of the body.

There are Biomagnets with 45 thousand gauss – is that possible?

Not in static (solid-state) magnets. Technology has not been able to achieve 4.5 tesla (45 thousand gauss) in static magnets – only in high-intensity electromagnetic fields.

Any company putting out this kind of rating does not know what they are talking about and purchasing from them may be very dangerous to your health. If they do not understand the basic science, how can you trust them or their products?

Are there any bad side effects (Contraindications) of Biomagnet Therapy?

Are there any bad side effects (contraindications) of Biomagnet Therapy? Not when used correctly. But if used incorrectly, magnetism can stress a site already stressed. It is a very specific science and must be applied correctly. The Foundation for Magnetic Science through BiomagScience teaches and explains exactly how to place the Biomagnets.

In basic physiology, it has been found that a traumatized site immediately sends a signal to the brain which in turn sends Negative energy to raise the cellular voltage to heal the site. Bio-Negative supplemental therapy energy simply amplifies the normal healing process. When Bio-Negative energy is applied on the [proper] Negative Meridian of the site, the energy supports and increases the body’s ability to reduce [Positive charged] inflammation/swelling and pain and support rapid healing.

 Warning – there are bi-polar magnets and multi-polar pads that are sold for pain relief. Scientifically, when both poles are together, the field emitted will have a 7-14% aggregate of Bio–South Positive energy since it is the expanding pole. Positive (reduced Zeta potential) energy is the body’s weakened energy from trauma or stress. The bi-polar or multi-polar pad’s Positive energy works against acquiring the proper Zeta potential.

Positive [Bio-South] energy creates acidity in the blood and increases Positive energy which is the same charge state as inflammation and free radicals. Using Negative field energy has shown to immediately reduce the inflammation and its pain and help heal the free radical sites – see under Research. It also help  charge and normalize the healing alkaline chemistry so important to health.

It has been found that the Positive field is useful in specialized circuits and sparingly used in normalizing hypo [slow reacting] organs/glands – these issues are shown in the advanced protocols and Magneto-Diagnostics in the “Conquer Pain” Book.

The Science of Biomagnetism is a very exacting technology/science.

Many magnetic companies think it is OK to place magnets anywhere on the body. Even the World Health Organization has issued a formal statement that static magnetic fields (from hard, non-electric magnets) pose no health risks.

But this is not true – the body is made up of complex energies that go into the billionths of a volt. Through the years, the body and its cellular voltages (see BIA test under Research) have been completely tested, analyzed and fully reported in basic physiology. As the laws of physics are very basic, the voltage from an improperly applied magnetic field can stress the cell’s electrical field.

These energies and the body’s neurotransmission travel through nerve pathways which run in very specific directions, especially in the meridians of the body’s limbs. When using Biomagnetism, it is important to apply the energy correctly on these meridians so energy travels in the proper pathways so it supports the healing instead of stressing the tissue preventing it from healing.

There have been numerous reports of pain arising from using the Bio-Negative healing energy on the limbs. Practitioners and/or magnet companies have indicated ‘just keep wearing it or continuously put it on and off – until the healing takes place’ – this is wrong…

If you use a Biomagnet and the pain continues or increases, the application is wrong. Our first concern is to “Do no harm.” and if any pain is experienced, it is better to stop the application and review the therapy protocol as it may be on the wrong polarity meridian of the body.

Did you know that one side of the arm or leg has a different polarity from the other side and they are different on each limb (one side is Positive and the other is Negative)? Like a car’s battery, you would not touch the wrong connections as it makes a dangerous spark. When you put a magnet on the wrong polarity, it also sparks the cells electricity which stresses the cell (s) rather than healing them.

The Foundation teaches the proper applications to make sure the Biomagnets are correctly placed. When correctly placed, consistent reports indicate rapid pain relief and the body moving toward rapid healing. See the Conquer Pain book and/or the brochure for the correct limb meridians and their applications.

What is Pulsed Magnetic Therapy?

There are a number of electromagnet appliances that put out a pulsed field to stimulate tissue with some Positive results from these devices. Peter Kulish indicates that although the pulsed fields have given some good results, he does not subscribe to them for any continuous therapy as each directed pulse has an opposite collapse field – similar to the fields of Alternating Current of electric lines and appliances that cause EMF sickness and EHS (extreme hypersensitivity) – both  of which BiomagScience has developed therapies to help overcome.

Kulish explains, “The electrons of the atoms that make up the cellular structure are always affected by external magnetic fields. Although the pulsed magnetic therapy systems seem to help initially, I am concerned because the electrons of healthy cell tissue have a continuous Negative spin [counterclockwise, left-hand chirality]. When influenced by a magnetic field that pulses, the electrons are also pulsed which is not natural in nature.”

Most solid-state (static) magnetic devices used for therapy use direct field (DC) magnetic field current which continuously emits one field from each pole. This type of field is natural to the atom’s electron spin and therefore highly supportive to the body when applied correctly. The proper DC polar field of a magnet, when used in the correct application, simply amplifies the body’s natural healing energy.

Post EMF Syndrome – Through the years, using our Biomagnetic solid-state magnetic field therapy, our clients chronically ill with malabsorption were able to overcome its issues and return to good health.  So why did the illness increase from PEMF therapy in these individuals with malabsorption? This same damaging syndrome had been first noted in the 1990’s from MRI testing, which also uses magnetic pulses to measure internal tissue.

Since several individuals did not have acute disorientation and EHS prior to the PEMF therapy, but immediately developed it as a result of the therapy, the response indicated that the PEMF therapy had reduced their cellular voltage and made them more acutely ill.  But why?

At the atomic level in biology, magnetic fields excite the electron spin in the atoms of the molecules that make up the human cells. Using the correct magnetic field increases the electron spin which increases cellular voltage and function while naturally maintaining its correct polarity for proper communication. The improper magnetic field has the opposite effect.

What is the difference between a Biomagnet solid state (static) magnetic field and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields?

Based on laws of physics and clinical testing shows that a solid-state magnetic field provides a constant energy [field] that increases the electron spin resulting in increased cellular voltage. This solid-state energy flow is sympathetic and synchronistic to the electron’s natural spin.

PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy’s energy pulses the electron in its spin. Each pulse aggressively pushes the electron, then stops and the field collapses, then push again, stop, collapse, repeated as many times per second as its frequency.

As opposed to the constant solid-state magnetic field that has no break in its energy, the pulsed magnetic field is made of energy breaks which apparently disrupt and reduce the natural electron spin and its voltage; PEMF is not a sympathetic or synchronistic energy to the natural spin of the electron

In view of having to develop therapies from people who have gotten ill from EMF, BiomagScience in all good faith cannot recommend a therapy that makes many people ill.

Do you certify practitioners in correct Biomagnetic use?

No, we do not at this time have a certification program, but do work with people directly teaching them. In the future, a certification program will be available.

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