Fibromyalgia: Advanced Therapies in Biomagnetic Wellness Kit.

One hour BioMagnet Therapy session leads recovery after 25 years of Fibro & Pain

Cellular Voltage Increase             Before and after Blood Work

Fibromyalgia & Energy Medicine

We have worked with women who have had Fibro and they have gotten over it completely..

Here is one case in point: a woman who was in bed for 25 years with Fibro and a lot of pain. She tried everything allopathic and alternative including useless magnets. Within an hour of BiomagScience therapy, she started healing. Within a year she was playing competitive tennis (see our research about her

The terrible thing about Fibromyalgia is the lack of cellular energy [voltage] to metabolize efficiently and thus the inability to heal and overcome the inflammation that is causing the pain cannot be accomplished. The big problem is the cellular energy reaches such a low electromotive level that it becomes stuck with malabsorption.

Malabsorption is when the cells do not have enough [voltage] energy to pull in the electrolytes to increase their energy so they can function properly – literally “STUCK.” Even taking supplements or drugs during this time often causes a toxic event (stress) as the cells do not have enough energy to process them. With the energy level so low, the metabolism is stuck,normal functions cannot take place, and the immune system barely works: The body is “STUCK.”

Perhaps some of the most painful issues of this condition is the constant pain from electrical shock flare-ups and muscle cramping. If you test your blood for hGH during the flare-ups, you will find it almost non-existent. When the system is so low in cellular electromotive energy, it cannot produce hGH which is a catalyst of cell division and the lack of it creates these painful issues.

So what do you do?.. how do you raise the energy (voltage) since supplementation and drugs cannot do it?… Use Energy Medicine to directly raise the voltage of the cells so the immune function starts, the pain stops, and normal metabolic functions occur and Wellness is accomplished.

What do you need?.. Get a BiomagScience Wellness Kit and a bottle of hGH Ultimate Supplement. In the kit. Use the hGH immediately to start dormant cellular functions. Go to the Conquering Pain Book in the Wellness Kit and start the EMF baby steps on pg 191 so you do not detox too fast (Herxheimer response) and then follow the Fibromyalgia therapies on pg 193 in the book and start total pain relief and rebuild your energy so the Fibro will go away.

Although it takes 4-6 weeks normally to overcome the condition, it is reported that a lot of the pain and many of the symptoms are greatly reduced right away.

Please see Overcoming Chronic Illness, its Pain, Anxiety & Depression, then follow the Acute/Chronic Advanced Therapies on page 8 of the Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide.

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