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Fibromyalgia: Advanced Therapies in Biomagnetic Wellness Kit.

One hour BioMagnet Therapy session leads recovery after 25 years of Fibro & Pain

Cellular Voltage Increase             Before and after Blood Work

Carole Bergeron, July 2005
BiomagScience: The client successfully recovered. We have done work with women who have had Fibro and they have gotten over it. Here is a case in point: a woman who was in bed for 25 years with Fibro and a lot of pain. See the above research about her and then get a Wellness Kit and a bottle of Ultimate Supplement and first go to EMF pg 191 to start the baby steps of energizing without detoxifying too fast (Herxheimer response) and follow the Fibromyalgia therapies on pg 193 in the book. The reason to get the Ultimate Supplement hGH is that your system is so low that you are not making enough hGH and the cells are responding with pain to your hypo-hGH level. Rebuild your energy and the Fibro will go away.

Follow Acute/Chronic Advanced Therapies in Wellness Kit.

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