Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff problems for 12 years

I’m reporting on a success story. I’ve had rotator cuff problems for 12 years. After the painful episode of the initial flare up, I’ve had weakness and pain which slowly escalated to the point where I could not use my left arm for any sort of rigorous work. Pulling a shirt off over my head was really hard. I was always sore. I couldn’t exercise, and I continually had to protect my shoulder from typical daily functions. My husband was convinced that I needed surgery. I decided that as long as I behaved myself, I could manage the problem.

I tried Peter’s magnets several months ago. In addition to the sternum placement, I used a regular double stack on the front of my bra strap (left side) up by my left shoulder. I do this every day.

Four months later, I am swimming one mile 3 days/week. Although I still feel some weakness, I can use my arm now, and I’m not constantly sore. There is absolutely no need to consider surgery any more.

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