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The first glass.. brought me back to normal life

To those, who’s going to read my testimonial, know that I would probably doubt it if it didn’t happen to me.

It’s been a while since I started feeling really bad. No energy, pain everywhere…. Doing the easiest chores became a tremendous challenge.

I’m a tutor, work from home, which means I sit a lot. When my students leave I keep sitting because I need to know the latest news. With my heart being weak and this kind of life style I severely messed up the circulation in my legs.

Little did I know that if it were not for the activated oxygen and the structured water from BioMagScience my journey could soon be over. 

To make the story short, the very first glass of the structured  [Bio-Negative] water with 15 drops of the activated oxygen brought me back to normal life. Literally! I knew right away I could do a lot of things, including my chores again and I actually did some of them the same day. Needless to say my mood went through the roof and stays there. It’s my third day on these two products. Life is good again.

I can swear by these products, sing to them and their inventors so happy and thankful I am. From the bottom of my heart hugs and love go to each of you, who work for BioMagScience.

Respectful and grateful,

Diane C.
June 2020


The effect of BAO and energized water on a burn

I recently suffered a 2nd-degree burn on my arm. I applied some topical ointments and took a homeopathic remedy but I didn’t think much of it until it got infected.

It seemed that the infection was spreading fast. I knew that this was going to require antibiotics so I called my doctor to request a prescription. But since this happened over the weekend, the doctor didn’t get back to me until the next day.

While I waited to hear from the doctor, I figured that I better find something quick or this infection is going to get worse. 

I reached for the book “ Conquering Pain” to see what was recommended and I immediately made a solution with energized water and BAO. I continued taking the homeopathic remedies. I sprayed the water, at least a couple of times an hour, not really believing that it would do anything but it felt refreshing since the area felt so hot from the infection.

Less than 24 hours after starting the water/BAO treatment the area was 100% better and there was very little pain. I couldn’t believe that something that I was spraying topically could work so fast for an internal infection.

By the time my doctor called me, I told him that I didn’t need anything anymore. I was so happy that he didn’t call me the same day, because I wouldn’t have discovered the power of this treatment.

Although I had read the story about Peter’s accident with his motorcycle and his burn, I was skeptical, but now after experiencing the healing powers of this product myself, I’m a believer. I will always have a bottle of BAO in my house.

Thank you so much for an amazing product.

Maria L.
June 2020


A note from the Peter Kulish

A number of years ago, I was working on my motorcycle and the gas tank exploded. Second-degree burns spanned the entire length of my right arm from the fingertips to my shoulder. Of course, this was very painful.

Several years before, Estee Lauder Co came to me to consult on using magnetism to develop a moisturizer to enhance skin penetration. A number of months later their tests showed a major increase of hydration through the dermis was achieved with the magnetic effect. With this in mind, I immediately drank Energized Negative Water with BAO (50 drops per glass) and also mixed 75 drops of BAO in 4 ounces of Bio-Negative Energized Water, which I sprayed on my arm every hour. Within moments of spraying, the pain subsided by 80% and within a short time after that, the tremendous swelling went down. I kept up the spraying and increased my electrolytes. About six days later, my skin was healed.

This made me realize how important it was to use both BAO and Energized Negative Water together. Although in most cases second-degree burns should always be treated by properly trained medi­cal persons, BAO is a valuable First-Aid therapy that comes with the Wellness Kit and can be mixed with Bio-Negative water to produce a strong healing solution for burns.


Sunburn Relief

I was at the beach this past weekend and enjoyed the most glorious weather but got a sunburn on my right arm. Later that night it got painful and I couldn’t fall asleep.

I remembered using magnetized water with Activated Oxygen for poison ivy and figured that it might help with the sunburn.

I took a cup of ice-cold magnetized water and added 50 drops Activated Oxygen. I soaked a paper towel in the solution and applied to the area. I repeated the soaking/application 5 to 10 times and over the towel, I made circular motions with a Negative Regular magnet (top right arm). Within half an hour I no longer felt the burn and went back to bed for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning the area was still red but no pain; here we are two days later the redness is all gone and I have no peeling of the skin.

This is a very inexpensive and effective remedy for sunburn. Thanks, BiomagScience! SMM


BiomagScience Recommendation: Use 50 drops in ¼ cup of Bio-Negative Energized water and spray continuously keeping the skin moist for an hour. Then spray every couple hours while awake. Make sure your Daytime (sternum) therapy is on for energizing the body and drink or supplement with electrolytes for the next several days. This has helped with second-degree burns in a few days leaving no trace or scar.


To read more of its benefits go to the BAO page


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