Arthritis Pain and Aches finally gone with Biomagnet Therapy

I am a 70 year old man who has advanced diabetes and arthritis. These conditions have severely limited my mobility for several years. Even with raised seats, it was still a struggle for me to get up out of a chair.

The BioMagnets first went on my knees and hips and soon the pain subsided and in two days I was able to raise myself out of my chair without using my arms and hands as levers.

My wife has a sleep disorder as well as other general aches and pains. She has been using the Institute  (BiomagScience®) BioMagnets as directed for depression and sleep, including the ones on the top of her head and has slept well the past few nights. She has also suffered an ache in her left foot for over two years.. She immediately put one magnet on the top of her foot and the pain subsided instantly. She was absolutely ecstatic.

We are today using the magnetized water, the Ultimate Supplement and doing the therapies. We feel t his has improved our overall general well being and feeling of vitality. Spreading the word to some relatives has prompted them to order some BioMagnets also. We feel confident, they will have the same positive reaction we have experienced.

Keep up the good work. We are definitely impressed and feeling better than we have in quite some time, even years.

Arthritis Resolved

I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to help myself.  Over the years I have heard of others getting Arthritis, and have showed compassion to them in their difficulties, but never really knew what they were feeling.  A couple of months ago I was sure I had broken a bone in my hand, somehow. It hurt so bad I could not even move my thumb. I went to the emergency room, they ran x-rays and tests only to find out that I too have arthritis. I am only 50 years old, I could not believe it.

Well sometimes when you are open to other peoples suggestions, you can benefit.  It always helps to have an open mind no matter what. So a person who is in my circle gave me a couple of these BiomagScience “rare earth magnets” and I tried them.  At first, no way, it actually hurt worse.  But after reading the literature and directions and speaking to him again I realized I had placed them incorrectly. So for another try I went……   and THEY WORK.  I wore the magnets for a couple of days and have not had pain in that area again.

A month later, my hip at the joint area hurt terribly.  I immediately put the magnets back on….   and no more pain.

I believe that for me with the arthritis, these magnets are the answer. Thank you so much for giving me relief.  D.G. Texas

“BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit as it has all the magnets for the therapy, the Conquer Pain therapy book which explains the step-by-step simple instructions to overcome arthritis pain, and the Water Jar Energizers for the Structured Water so important in supporting good health. BiomagScience recommends doing the advanced therapies on Page 8 of the Pictorial Guide which will help rebuild the system so that the arthritis goes away and better overall health is achieved.”

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