EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields)

Overcoming EHS (Extremely HyperSensitive) to EMF

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I owe my sanity to BiomagScience Magnet Therapy. I now know I am extremely hypersensitive (EHS) to electromagnetic fields (EMF) & wireless technology but have found a simple way to effectively manage it. I don’t wear EHS as a badge of honor but as a testimony that YOU REALLY CAN HEAL YOUR BODY from EHS with BiomagScience! I literally got my life back. And I couldn’t believe how simple the process was that I could do AT HOME for less than $200.

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Able to finally fly in comfort

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EMF, Frequent Flyer Fatigue Hair color is returning with your biomagnets

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EMF, Hair, Vitality Detrimental Health Effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)

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EMF EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue Protection Kit
The EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue BioMagnet Protection Kit offers protection from EMF & Frequent
Flyer Fatigue and helps to revitalize & nourish your body at the cellular level.

EMF Jet Lag turns to energy

History: The subject is a 38-year-old female in overall good health, tested just after a series of international and national flights. The subject indicated feeling very tired and a bit disoriented from jet lag.

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