EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields)

Overcoming EHS (Extremely HyperSensitive) to EMF

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I owe my sanity to BiomagScience Magnet Therapy. I now know I am extremely hypersensitive (EHS) to electromagnetic fields (EMF) & wireless technology but have found a simple way to effectively manage it. I don’t wear EHS as a badge of honor but as a testimony that YOU REALLY CAN HEAL YOUR BODY from EHS with BiomagScience! I literally got my life back. And I couldn’t believe how simple the process was that I could do AT HOME for less than $200.

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Able to finally fly in comfort

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EMF, Frequent Flyer Fatigue Hair color is returning with your biomagnets

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EMF, Hair, Vitality Detrimental Health Effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)

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EMF Jet Lag turns to Energy
History: The subject is an airline stewardess female in overall good health, just being tested after a series of international and national flights. The subject indicated feeling very tired and a bit disoriented from jet lag and complained about having a long term cold.

EMF is very high in Airplanes and this is found to be fairly general among most professional people who fly for a living.  After 15 minutes of Meriden Energizing Therapy, her membrane voltage went up 12 points and she suddenly had lots of energy. She started wearing the Daytime (sternum) therapy and reported back for several months that she hardly ever got fatigued from Jet Lag and her could finally went away.

EMF:  EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue Protection Kit

The EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue BioMagnet Protection Kit offers protection from EMF & Frequent Flyer Fatigue and helps to revitalize & nourish your body at the cellular level


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If the EMF is acute, BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit rather than the EMF Therapy Kit because it contains the Advanced Therapies necessary to help resolve the EH. It also has everything necessary for over 180 simple and painfully acute injuries, chronic illness and other medical conditions. It is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains, cuts, bruises, sprains, burns, bites, etc. It is also considered to be the best overall supplemental energy kit for your family’s daily wellness. “Every home should have one.”

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