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Psoriasis – My healing ‘miracle’ created by your Cold Water Line Energizers!!!
For 26 years I’m living in the same house with public water supply and a good quality KDF-GAC filter for my drinking water (installed under the kitchen sink)… and I have been suffering from this “skin disease” Psoriasis (30-50% of my skin was red, with skin scales continuously flaking off).

Only 10 days after these 2 blue Cold Water Line Energizers (CWLE) were installed (for shower and under kitchen sink), my psoriasis [of 26 years] was 99% healed!!! G.O., New Zealand

Oh, and my neighbors saw my magnets and I told them about them and showed her your book so she ordered a kit which she got yesterday. He has psoriasis bad and started with the waterline magnets first and it has cleared up almost half in just under 2 weeks. Keep up the good work. D & D M. St Cloud, MN 

It is further recommended with chronic psoriasis to do the Advanced Protocols on page 8 of the Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide along with bathing in the Bio-Negative Energized Water to help the body overcomes the issue. 

BiomagScience Recommendation

The Wellness Kit contains all the required information to guide you through psoriasis. Combined with bathing in the Cold Water Line Energizer.

BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit.  It contains the A-Z Book/Manual, Pictorial Guide, all the various sized Biomagnets, Water Energizers, liquid Oxygen, bandage and step-by-step protocols necessary for to help resolve over 180 simple to painfully acute injuries, chronic illness, and such medical conditions as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida, MS, Lupus, Malabsorption, etc.

BiomagScience recommends doing the Advanced Therapies on Page 8 of the Pictorial Guide to help rebuild and revitalize the system to support the healing of any chronic condition, such as an illness or joint repair.

The Wellness Kit is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains, bruises, sprains, burns, bites, or any major health issues that can occur in daily life. It provides the best overall supplemental energy for your family’s daily wellness. Every home should have one for better health and increased longevity.


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