Detoxification and Free Radical Reduction with BioMagnet Therapy

Live Cell Microscopy

Before and After Energized Blood Tests

Sample 1 – Live, Pre-therapy

Samples Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: This is a blood Sample 1 – taken from a finger stick of a 27 year old male July 5th, 1:36 pm with no major complaints other than some strange metallic tastes and smells. Also fatigue and irritability were noted. The red blood cells are well separated and there is ample hydration. There is also some evidence of macrocytes (larger than normal red blood cells) which can sometimes indicate low B12. This person also complains of Candida.

Sample 2: This next example is a close up of a red blood cell that has been invaded with protozoa from cats called toxoplasmaghandi. It is usually transferred through the cat’s feces.

Sample 2 – Live (enlarged view), Pre-therapy

Four Hours after therapy: This next sample (3) was taken at 5:15 pm, after a medium size BiomagScience Biowafer was placed Negative over the liver area. This shows the individual cleansing, causing toxin (proteins) dumping out of the tissues into the blood. The person felt no discomfort other than increased fatigue which led to a half hour nap. When toxic proteins dump into the blood they can cause clumping of the red blood cells as well as fibrin (thin lines) which can indicate toxicity from the liver exiting. This is typical of what is seen with cleansing.

Sample 3 – Live, Treated 4 Hours

10 Hours after Energy Therapy: In this sample (4) the blood has completely cleared all the waste from the blood. This was taken at 11:44pm. The Zeta potential has been reinstated around the red blood cells (this is a slightly negative charge that keeps the red blood cell separate from each other which insures increased surface area for better perfusion of blood through the capillaries.

Sample 4 – Live, 10 Hours after therapy 

The following shows how free-radical site testing shows healing inflammation within a day. It is important to note, that free-radical sites are also inflammation sites and that the use of Bio-Negative applications helps the body to immediately overcome inflammation whether it is a particular site or the whole body.

Dry Cell Microscopy Beginning test:

This is a drop of blood that has been dried, taken at the same time as Sample 1 of the live blood (a.k.a. Bowen Test) and is a useful test to detect oxidative stress or free radical damage indicated by the whitened areas. Note the darkened areas as well as the white streaks. According to the extensive research at American Biologic, the darkened area may indicate heavy metals.

Sample 1 – Dry, Pre-therapy

Four Hours after Energy Therapy: As the live blood carries the toxicity out of the body it becomes congested, but as seen here, the dry cell improved dramatically showing only faint indicators of white streaks (this may be related to mineral deficiency secondary to acidity) which were more pronounced in the sample taken before the liver application. This may indicate decreased acidity as well as decreased oxidative stress in the tissues

Sample 2 – Dry, 4 Hours after therapy

10 Hours After Energy Therapy: The dry blood has completely cleared of oxidative stress. The individual had very slight detox symptoms that were relieved with rest and stated an increase in energy. These findings show a very powerful liver cleansing that occurred over 10 hours. This would usually take days to a week with herbal liver cleansing preparations that could include an uncomfortable detox reaction. Please note that it is unusual to see oxidative stress clear so quickly. This usually takes weeks to impact the tissues. Also the darkened area is gone which may indicate that the body has also cleared metals.

Sample 3 – Dry, 10 Hours after therapy


The increased Negative electromotive energy quickly neutralizes and helps remove the systemic oxidative (positive electromotive) stress and inflammation within a very short period of time (10 hours in this model); these test results have never been seen before.

In our testing, we are starting to recognize the immediate changes to the blood chemistry when the liver is energized by the Negative Electromotive Field of a Powerful Biomagnetic Therapy. The therapy produces a field which apparently helps to induce a high cellular Zeta potential in the present model.

From the samples, it seems apparent that the liver, which is the basic filtering and therapy organ for the blood, when treated, increases the blood’s Zeta potential which, when fully inducted by the cells, immediately induces separation of the cells from the rouleau for efficient delivery and immediate detoxification – a very important aspect of homeostasis.

The increased Negative electromotive energy also appears to quickly neutralize and/or help remove the oxidative (positive electromotive) stress within a very short period of time (10 hours in this model) that would require a week of normal [liver flush] therapy.

Report and testing by:

Carole Bergeron, RN 

July, 2005

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