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Flu disappeared, Free Radicals reduced with Biomagnet Daytime Therapy

During his tenure as the Dean of the Zen-Tsing Medical Research Institute, Professor Wan attended many international conferences and published many medical reports. Such a busy schedule made him susceptible to flu infections and he caught colds easily. This illness not only interfered with Professor Wan’s daily life but even affected his research progress especially after oversea trips when his body rhythms were disrupted by jet lag. At a medical equipment exhibition show, he was introduced to ‘Tsi-Bao” and became intrigued by the potential health effects of negative magnet energy.

He bought a set of ‘Tsi-Bao” and used it regularly, following the procedures in the brochure diligently. After some time, he saw the potential benefit of using “Tsi-Bao”: his frequent bouts of flu infection had disappeared! As a scientist, he became intrigued with the mechanisms of the recovery process, and decided to investigate the biological effects of negative magnetic energy by using free radical reduction as a biomarker, which followed the protocol recommended by the Taiwanese National Science Foundation.

This project was a collaborative effort among Professor Wan, myself, and Dr. Chen, the Chairman of the Internal Medicine Department in the Institute. Fischer-344 (or Sprague Dawley??) rats with damaged livers were used in this study to investigate any enhanced liver recovery resulting from the application of negative magnetic field.

The results demonstrate the positive effects of “Tsi-Bao”: there is reduced free radical production, lessened inflammation, and a decline in ATP content in the presence of “Tsi-Bao.” The report is published in Volume 7 of the Journal of this Association; it can also be found in Volume 8 with the combined issue.

Professor Wan shared the results with Dr. Cheng (National Taiwan University Hospital) and a follow-up experimental demonstration was conducted in Dr. Cheng’s laboratory to investigate the effects of negative magnetic energy on free radical production. Interestingly, in the presence of “Tsi-Bao,” there is a distinctive, whole-scale reduction of radicals as quantified by Electron Spin Resonance in the laboratory. Dr. Cheng was amazed by this phenomenon of free radical reduction and asked if I could elucidate what had happened.

A black and white TV was present in the lab and I saw a perfect opportunity to demonstrate this phenomenon. I positioned the positive magnetic pole of the “Tsi-Bao” close to the TV screen (consisting of electron beams) and then repeated the procedure with the reverse (negative) pole. I explained that the difference of the two distorted patterns on the screen was partly due to the different electron spins under the different magnetic fields: electrons are inclined to spin counterclockwise under the influence of negative magnetic energy, whereas positive magnetic energy tends to make electrons spin clockwise. Under normal biological conditions, cells exhibit a counterclockwise electron spin and thus a negative magnetic energy.

Free radicals in the cells are formed when electron(s) are stripped from bio-molecules as a result of a change in the electron spin from a normal counterclockwise state to an unstable clockwise state. The presence of negative magnetic energy in can suppress the production of free radicals by opposing the electron stripping, as well as eliminating free radicals by reversing the electron spin to the normal counterclockwise state. (Tsi-Bao is Daytime Therapy over sternum.)

Coordinated by Professor Charles Yeh

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