Which Biomagnet Kit to Order – Quick Reference Guide

Complete Scientific Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

For ALL health conditions, BiomagScience strongly recommends the Wellness Kit, the only Complete Scientific Biomagnetic Therapy Kit used by individuals, practitioners, and medical institutions worldwide with easy-to-apply therapies for over 170 simple, acute and chronically painful injuries, illness, disease, and increased vitality and wellness. As first-aid, the Wellness Kit is unequaled and every home should have one.
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General Energized Water Recommendation used with all other Therapy Kits

Bio-Negative Structured Water provides increased cellular nutrition and detoxification important for healing and wellness. It is so important that a full chapter is the Conquering Pain Therapy Book is devoted to explaining it’s health benefits. The Water Jar Energizers come with the Wellness Kit, but it is recommended to purchase a Water Jar Energizer Kit or an Under the Sink Cold-Line Water Energizer with any of the other Biomagnetic therapy kits below to help with healing and maintain wellness. Enjoy the health and the taste of the water.

Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism Therapy Book

Called the Bible of Biomagnetic Therapy, the Conquer Pain Book is used by individuals, practitioners and as curricula in medical institutions. It contains all the definitive information and step-by-step therapies for over 180 A-Z simple, acute and chronic medical conditions and disease. It explains everything you need to know to apply magnets to help the body overcome pain and help healing. Enclosed in the Wellness Kit, it is often purchased separately or with other kits.

Quick Reference Guide for Biomagnet Kits & Supplements

The following is a quick guide to choose the proper BioMagnet Kit and supplements for: 

  • Increased Vitality and Preventative Health
  • Aches and pain
  • Acute Pain or Injury
  • Chronic Fatigue, Illness or Medical Condition

Increased Vitality and Preventative Health

The Wellness Kit or…

  • Pain Relief/Vitality Kit>
  • Water Jar Energizers or Under-the-Sink Cold-Line Water Energizer
  • OGE (Organ Group Energizing) therapy kit for overcoming very low vitality – increases overall vitality and health by energizing and balancing the primary organs uniformly at the same time.


  • Over the age of 50: Ultimate Supplement hGH for new cells for youthfulness, weight loss, great sleeping.
  • Conquer Pain Book

Product Links:

Wellness KitPain Relief/Vitality KitWater Jar EnergizerCold-Line Water Energizer
Ultimate Supplement hGHConquer Pain BookOGE (Organ Group Energizing) therapy kit

Aches & Pain

The Wellness Kit or…

  • Pain Relief/Vitality Kit for small field penetration or
  • Pair of Regulars BioMagnets for medium field penetration


  • Water Jar Energizers or Under-the-Sink Cold-Line Water Energizer
  • Conquer Pain Book

Product Links:

Wellness KitPain Relief/Vitality KitWater Jar EnergizerCold-Line Water Energizer
Ultimate Supplement hGHConquer Pain Book

Acute Joint, Neck, Shoulder or Back Pain

The Wellness Kit or…

  • Specific Joint Kit: Back/Sciatica, Carpal, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Neck/Whiplash, Shoulder, Hip, or Knee
  • Water Jar Energizers or Under-the-Sink Cold-Line Water Energizer


  • Conquer Pain Book
  • CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate supplement) is important for helping rebuild any joint – can be purchased at health stores or online.

Product Links:

Wellness KitBack/SciaticaCarpalElbowHipKneeNeck/WhiplashShoulder
Water Jar Energizer • Cold-Line Water EnergizerConquer Pain Book

Chronic Fatigue, Disease, Illness or Medical Condition

Requires the Wellness Kit

Recommended Therapies – Fully Explained in Wellness Kit Pictorial Therapy Guide and Conquering Pain Therapy Book

  • OGE (Organ Group Energizing) to energize and elevate all the primary organs uniformly for advanced healing. For major illness and disease.
  • Daytime Therapy after OGE for continuing and maintaining energy supplementation
  • MET (Meridian Energizing Therapy) for energizing/balancing biochemistry to normalize health
  • OMET (Overnight Meridian Energizing Therapy) for energizing/balancing biochemistry to normalize health
  • Nightime Therapy to help maximize sleep and restorative functions
  • Energized Water to help increase cellular and immune functions
  • BiomagScience Activated Oxygen to help increase blood/oxygen levels, increase cellular health and immune functions, and overcome anaerobic pathogens such as Candida, etc. Daily supplement.

Recommended Additional Supplements with above therapies for CFS, Fibromyalgia,

  • BiomagScience Ultimate Supplement hGH for CFS, Fibromyalgia: recommended daily supplement for 6 months to assist in healing unless individual is recovering from cancer; it is unknown whether hGH might be dangerous
  • BiomagScience Circulation Enzymes high blood pressure, high chlorestoral, poor circulation: recommended daily for 3 months to reduce vascular and cellular plaque for high blood pressure and poor circulation

Product Links: BiomagScience Ultimate SupplementBiomagScience Circulation Enzymes

!! For any medical conditions not covered in the Conquer Pain Book, please email us at [email protected]

Health Conditions (alphabetical index links)

Magnetic therapy protocols for Health Condition relief and results you need and expect


BIA Cellular Voltage Testing – Case Research Studies

An FDA approved device to measure cellular voltage to determine the health of an individual through an analysis of the energy of their cells. An important measuring device to instantly gauge and determine whether the Biomagnetic therapy is providing the proper energy to increase the electromotive health of the cells and the individual.

Live Cell Microscopy – Case Research Studies

Live blood cell analysis is viewed in a more 3 dimensional view of the sides and top and bottom of the cells than just from the top. It provides a more complete view of the blood cells and surrounding fluid chemistry.


Case Studies, Research & Clinical Studies

Clinical research by the Foundation for Magnetic Science (FMS). Review before and after of cellular microscopy and voltage and neutralization and rapid healing of free-radical sites.
Customer Letters – Case Studies
We enjoy hearing from happy customers, just like yourself, sharing some truly amazing Biomagnetic stories & experiences. Stories are never typical.

 Videos – Case Studies
These Biomagnetic Therapy Case Research Study videos are of individuals explaining their condition, magnetic therapy and their results. Includes nerve regeneration and resolution of acute and chronically painful conditions.

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