Needed Back Surgery – Amazing Outcome

Philadelphia Eagles Player finally gets Relief with BiomagScience Back Therapy

“I cannot begin to tell how much pain I have been in for years after playing 13 years on the Veteran Stadium AstroTurf.

Football is a physical sport but when I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis of L-4, L-5, I have tried everything from PT to hanging upside down, and countless other devices.

I could not drive or sit for more than a half an hour!

BiomagScience has changed my life! I cannot believe the relief after just a couple weeks! I wear my magnets 24-7, except when I am in the water.

How do I spell relief? BiomagScience!“

John Bunting
Phila Eagles 1972-82
Phila Stars, (USFL) 1983-84

Comment from Peter Kulish, Founder BiomagScience: When I sat with John him at a diner in Pennsylvania, he was constantly adjusting his sitting position as he explained how bad his back was and how hard it was to drive with the pain. I understood his discomfort as I had an acute back issue for many years until I learned what magnets can really do. I applied the BiomagScience Advanced Back Circuit Therapy to him and he drove off to North Carolina.

I spoke to him the next day after his long drive to see how he was. He was elated about how the Back Circuit Therapy had relieved the majority of his discomfort during the drive.

I talked to him about a couple weeks later and he told me that he was feeling great, playing golf without pain and added that while he and his wife were packing up the house, they had found a magnetic back device that he had tried years earlier that hadn’t worked. He asked why BiomagScience worked and the device didn’t.

I explained that the device he had and that the majority of products in the marketplace including bracelets and necklaces were not only designed incorrectly, but often caused stress at the cellular level which can build up and cause additional health problems. The problem is that most manufacturers don’t know anything about the physiology of the body’s energy fields and the correct magnetic applications to eliminate pain and support healing.

Since BiomagScience knows and understands the body’s energy fields, it’s therapy products are properly designed to work.

Regarding the Advanced Back Circuit Therapy, years ago, BiomagScience received a report from a nurse with herniated discs that had rebuilt themselves back to full height after 8 weeks of therapy. Matter of fact, BiomagScience works so well, that conditions like Acute Lupus go away in 4-6 weeks, long term chronically ill CFS and/or Fibromyalgia become well again, people with severed nerves heal and start walking again, and the list goes on.

Bone on Bone Herniation with Missing Cartilage/Spongy Tissue

Bone on bone herniation missing cartilage/spongy tissue is generally the result of trauma and the body’s inability to heal it. It is recommended that the individual with this condition get the Wellness Kit (includes the Back Therapy Kit) to do the Daytime therapy and drink the energized Bio-Negative water to energize the biochemistry to help target the healing site with adequate nutrition for rapid healing support.

If the individual with the back problem is run-down, this can hinder healing. In that case, BiomagScience recommends applying the Advanced Therapy Protocols of the ATACC (Advanced Therapies for Acute Chronic Conditions) so the body’s healing functions are operating normally before applying the Advanced Back Circuit Therapy. Follow the therapy guidelines next:

To energize, balance and rebuild the biochemistry PRIOR to Back Circuit Therapy, apply the ATACC protocols on page 8 of the Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide. After the ATACC protocols, the energized and balanced system has shownreduction of inflammation and support of proper nutritional targeting to provide a normal state of healing for the Advanced Back Circuit Therapy.

The Wellness Kit contains all the Advanced Circuit Therapy Kits and everything necessary for over 180 simple and painfully acute injuries, chronic illnessand other medical conditions. It is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains bruises, sprains, burns, bites, etc. It is also considered to be the best overall supplemental energy kit for your family’s daily wellness. Every home should have one.”

Back Pain Avoided – still able to play with kids

Hi Peter,

I have a nice magnet testimonial to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago my family and I were going out of town for a week long vacation. The day before we left, I was at work and we ended up having to move a lot of boxes out of the walk in cooler in a hurry.

We were almost done when I picked a load up wrong and pulled my lower back. I couldn’t stand up straight without spasms and pain.

I always carry some magnets with me, so I popped a 2 stack of regulars (negative side down) on the injury immediately, and used oral and topical homeopathic arnica. I slept with a single regular negative magnet on the injury. When we left early the next morning it was still very bothersome. I could stand a little straighter, but continued to experience painful spasms. I hadn’t looked over how to do the back circuit therapy correctly, and the magnet book was already packed in the luggage, so I just kept the negative 2 stack on the injury during the 6 hour trip.

As soon as we arrived, I unpacked the book and placed the magnets in the correct position. During the first hour of placement the pain increased slightly, then it began dissipating.

I still had to be careful with my back the next day, but the day after that it was fine.

At that point I was able to do several strenuous hikes, go horseback riding and zip lining, etc. I was even able to do a large tree top ropes challenge course with my kiddos.

In the past this kind of back pull injury took about a week to resolve. I never would have been able to do all those fun things with my kids if that had happened this time. So your magnets helped to save my vacation. Many thanks Peter!



Mom helps skeptical son with back pain

Yes, yeah magnets! Now that I have good quality magnets and know how to use them correctly (because of your book), I use those things all the time. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Your magnets came to the rescue again this week. A few days ago my son decided to emulate his mother. =;-) He picked up some heavy, precariously balanced computer equipment and ended up pulling his back. I immediately placed the back circuit therapy on him, and he’s healing quickly. He’s no longer skeptical about the benefits of magnet therapy. Many thanks Peter! click to Read more…

Love, Linda

No more severe backache

Two years ago, I suffered from severe backache. The pain would occur every time my workload got heavy. One day, I attended a seminar on Biomagnetics held by the BiomagScience Group (now the Foundation for Magnetic Science). Hoping to solve my problem, I borrowed a set of Biomagnets and placed them over the affected area. I waited overnight for the results.

The following day my back pain was gone. I was cured and impressed to say the least. I also drank Magnetized Negative Water to supplement the therapy. From that time on, I haven’t complained about my back pain. Now I am really determined to use a whole set, not only for my family, but also to help those who wish to be relieved of any illness.

Mrs. E C.

Chronic back pain resolved

I have an old nursing injury from lifting patients for years. I was told I would have degeneration to the site and there was nothing I could do. I started a swimming program to strengthen the surrounding muscles but if I sat incorrectly, I would be in pain for months until the inflammation reduced. Now I apply the Super BioMagnets to the area for one day and the pain is gone. Now even when I sit improperly, there is no pain.

C B NJ 3-06

Backache & Stretched ACL resolved:

I’m writing to you to let you know that I have been using your magnetic therapy for four years. 

Some time ago I went with a friend to Trinity county and stayed at her cabin. I slept on the couch and when I woke up I could barely stand up straight. I had brought my bio magnets and put the circuit therapy on my back. Within 45 min. I was able to stand up straight as though nothing had happened. 

I had another experience with the therapy. I was told by my Sports Dr. that I had a stretched ACL on my right knee as it had been bothering me.  I was in a lot of pain and did about a month of physical therapy at the facility. The therapy helped but still had some pain. I immediately started using my magnets and circuit therapy daily on my knee which provided comfort and within a year and a half the pain had subsided. Two months ago I went to see my osteopath doctor for a physical and I had the doctor check my knee and he found the knee to be normal with no injury to be found. Also, I should let you know that before I saw my sport’s doctor, I went to an orthopedic doctor who wanted to perform surgery.

I want to thank you for introducing me to the magnets. I feel I know much more on how to use them in my daily life not just for injuries but for non-injuries as well.

You have helped me understand the power of the magnetics.

Yours truly, 
Mike Chavez

Needed back surgery – Amazing outcome 

An amazing outcome – a close friend 60 years old… has had a back problem for many years, has had 2 X discs fused, and was using heavy duty pain killers. His physician said that surgery was the only answer. After 3 weeks of BioMag magic, does not need pain killers and has postponed mid-Sept surgery indefinitely pending further developments.

My friend just returned from Germany. Notwithstanding his spectacular outcome, he was not 100% convinced that the recovery was due to the magnets, but being a good friend, he indulged me politely, ha, ha. Due to possible safety/security concerns of taking the magnets on his flight, he decided to leave them behind.  In his mind he had pretty much recovered anyway and felt he didn’t need them any longer. Low and behold due to the stresses of travel, lack of sleep, picking up grand-children, etc., his back pain returned.

On returning to Sydney late last week he immediately applied the magnets again …… the pain was gone by the end of the day We caught up for dinner on Saturday night. There is no more scepticism …. he now agrees the recovery is due 100% to the magnets. Sometimes one miracle just ain’t enough 🙂  

R. G

Hi Peter, amazing results following your much-needed advice for my back problems. 3 years ago I fractured my back in 7 vertebrae; I lifted something very heavy and awkward and as I was then 64 they diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. I found this amazing as I had no warning and actually felt so well in myself. The pain was terrible and the medication the docs offered me, on researching the ingredients, I found that they actually promoted more fractures! Needless to say, I didn’t take their meds, nor pain killers but started to use the magnets and soon found the much-needed relief. You also came to my rescue when I suddenly had a very serious attack of anxiousness, for no apparent reason except too much wifi/computer use. The relief I felt, following your advice once again, was so quick and thorough so I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am and hopefully the person who borrowed my Wellness book will soon return it so that I can look up how to do the MET to get my whole system back on a healthy track again, blessings, Loren B

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