Advantages & Benefits of Certified BioMagnets

Our Certified BioMagnets have been designed with the “Scientific Findings” of some of the World’s leading Alternative Medical Scientists and Researchers.

  • Uni-Polar, State-of the-Art, Rare-Earth BioMagnets

The most powerful, small & simple to use – developed to provide the exact energy for the proper penetration – to help support all conditions.

  • Over Three and a half decades of research applications

Used worldwide by practitioners, clinics, and International Medical Colleges & Universities providing a wealth of information for your consideration and applications.

  • Safe – BiomagScience Neodymium Super BioMagnets

Neodymium super magnets are very dangerous without a protective case. Without the case, it they are allowed to snap together with another magnet or something made of steel such as a filing cabinet, they can crack and along the crack line will explode sending particles outward at high speed. People have had to go to the eye doctor to have these metal particles removed. In the dark, you can actually see sparks come from the cracking exploding super magnets.

BiomagScience BioMagnets were specifically designed with lifetime protective cases that protect from the dangerous cracking and exploding.

BiomagScience BioMagnet cases come in the medically correct universal colors – one side Green for Bio-Negative and Red for Bio-Positive. 

  •  BiomagScience Biomagnet Power Values since 2007

 Dates retested: January 2012 – 2020
Meter: AlphaLab Model GM-1-ST Certification of Calibration
Serial # 596, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 ANSI/NCSL Z4540-1-1994

Gauss: Surface; Primary & Secondary Active Field Depth/Width Measurements

All BiomagScience Biomagnets are made from Neodymium Rare-Earth
Super Magnets and have a 14,800 internal br. Coercive gauss.

Model Width &
Primary Field
Depth & Width
Field Strength
Wafer (PW)
2020 1″d x 1.5″w 3.25″d x 4.5″w
2-Stack PW Mid Lite
2600 1.5″d x 2″w 3.5″d x 4.5″w
Regular (R) Medium
2300 1.5″d x 2.5″w 4″d x 4″w
2-Stack R* Very
2780 2″d x 2.5″w 4.5″d x 6″w
Super** Very, Very
3150 2.5″d x 2.5″w 5″d x 6w”

*2-Stack* of Regulars has a strong third Gama field penetration of 20 inches – deep tissue..

** A Super BioMagnet has a  third primary Gama field penetration of 22 inches – deep tissue.

  • Putting magnetic fields in your body must be done properly

If it is done correctly – rapid results are consistently reported. See the report in “Testimonials” about the woman who had debilitating Carpel Tunnel Syndrome so badly she couldn’t write, read a book, or comb her hair. Her Doctor told her she needed surgery. Within 6 days of BioMagnetic therapy, 80% of the pain was gone – within 2 weeks, she was playing tennis. While her results may not be typical, her experience shows what can be achieved using magnets correctly.

BiomagScience Biomagnets come with raised letters on the Red Bio-Positive side so the correct polarity placement can be felt when applying them out of eyesight such as on the neck or back, etc.

The Foundation for Magnetic Science and BiomagScience has developed many simple, effective therapies

One such therapy is the “Meridian Energizing Therapy” which is used to energize the central nervous system and all the corresponding tissue throughout the body – which has been reported to help the body rapidly increase its healing process. The following cases are a few that have been helped by the MET.

A woman with 25 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome started to heal after one hour of the CVS placement.
A man in his 70’s with two crushed legs – healed pain/drug-free and was walking in 2 ½ months instead of 10 months.
A woman in a coma from terminal pancreatitis woke up and left the hospital a week after the special therapy.
• A quadriplegic walks again

  • Who will help you? Who can you talk or write to about your condition?
    BiomagScience provides a full time Biomagnetic Staff

Our staff will personally assist you in advising supporting therapies that have helped others. Simply call or email us and we will help with the therapies

  • What information is available?

We  offer an award winning therapy book “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with BioMagnetism” that explains exactly how Biomagnetism works while providing over 180 specific advanced therapies for minor, acute and chronic health conditions. In addition, the Pictorial Guide in the Wellness Kit show you exactly where to place the magnets for advanced circuit therapies. People all around the world have been using BiomagScience BioMagnets and their therapy material to help resolve most painful health conditions. 

Of course, you can read the many papers and research on this site which has helped many people.

Foundation for Magnetic Science through BiomagScience is devoted to your Health

We support, teach and provide the latest Scientific Biomagnetic findings to help you enjoy a better quality of life. We are here for you and your family.

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