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Will Biomagnets Work For You

Peter A. Kulish, Founder Statement about Biomagnetics

“All of our BioMagnetic applications used throughout the world have shown excellent, rapid results.”
“Simply, when used correctly, magnetic fields have shown to elevate the cell’s vitality and as a response, the body moves in a very progressive, positive trend toward health.”
“Besides the normal day-to-day aches and pains or such issues as carpel tunnel, we have had wonderful findings on helping individuals such as a 25-year term of chronic illness suddenly progressing toward health after only a 60 minute therapy (see blood and BIA tests on our site)
“Another example is an individual with a cirrhotic liver who could not even sit up. After one day of advanced therapy, he was up and around as if he was never sick.”
“Another great example is the fellow who crushed both of his legs (see testimonial “Crushed legs”) a few inches below his knees in a car crash. That was at the end of October. With the use of our Super BioMagnets, he was able to heal completely pain-free (drug-free) and by X-Ray testing, was totally healed and walking by the middle of January. In this type of case, the subject wasn’t expected to walk till August. Of course, he used the Advanced Protocols to ensure the correct energy supplementation.”
While these examples may not be typical, they do show what results some people have experienced with the proper placement of BioMagnets.
“This science scales both ends of the health spectrum – from the aches and sprains to instantly increasing the Zeta potential of the cellular tissue which supports rapid healing of many serious health conditions.”

Are there any scientific facts that show it helps the body heal?

There are consistent findings from various scientific institutions, practitioners, Pub Med and Medline that indicate this energy supplementation works. When looking at the various tests, testimonials and case reports [on this site], it indicates that it has almost amazing results when applied properly.
One may look on our site under clinical research. These tests show how the magnetic energy has increased the Zeta potential (see BIA tests) which has led to the body’s progressive healing. Most people do not know what the Zeta potential is. The Zeta potential is the Negative charged energy that is important for cellular transfer, neutralization of free-radicals and reduced swelling. High Zeta potential indicates health and metabolic efficiency – low Zeta potential indicates poor health.”

Is there a special way the biomagnets should be placed?

“This is the most important aspect of this science. When one hurts oneself, the site goes into a positive state and a signal is sent to the brain which in turn sends healing negative energy to the site. So we know that it is the negative energy which heals. What we have learned is that the body progresses toward rapid healing with a properly designed and properly placed negative field biomagnet.”
“It is important to note that on the limbs, shoulders and hips, it is required to know the proper BioMagnetic placement as one side of each limb is positive and the other side is negative. Although this is known physiology – it has been carefully evaluated and confirmed by voltage testing with a SQUID – a Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device – a million dollar voltmeter which can measure millionths of a volt.”
“Since our therapies are used to amplify the normal healing charge by using DC (direct current) magnetic fields, it is important to apply the negative side of the magnet to the negative side of the limb. Many people have remarked that it is painful using the negative pole on the positive side of the limb. Just like the DC battery in your car – if the jumper cables are put on wrong poles, it sparks the electricity – in the body, magnetism also short circuits the energy pathways of the body if incorrectly applied. But when used properly, many individuals express rapid healing often with almost instant pain relief.”
Peter Kulish

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