Multiple Sclerosis – BiomagScience Therapy Response

The following case studies of women having MS [symptoms] used the BiomagScience therapies available at the time (approx 2003-2005) and went into remission. Today, the BiomagScience therapies would include a few more advanced therapies that have shown to help normalize the system a little more quickly.

In the first trial, a middle aged woman [in 1st stage MS] was experiencing a major loss of energy during her normal running regimen and would have to sit down a number of times during the run to get her energy back. Her doctor told her she had MS. Upon using the Super Biomagnet over the liver, she regained all her energy. Upon removing it within a week of therapy, she experienced energy loss again and upon replacement, she immediately regained her energy. After 3 months of therapy, she stopped wearing it. From all indications, it appears the MS symptoms were occurring from a hypo-active liver not producing the correct amount of enzymes responsible for the nerve sheathing. The woman was recommended to continue the Daytime and the lower CVS therapy for prevention – to keep the system highly charged to maintain normal metabolic functions.

The second trial, involved a middle aged woman [in early 3rd stage] who after using the CVS, sternum and liver placement for one day, exclaimed increased energy; within 2 days of therapy – greater energy; and within 1 week had normalized and said she hadn’t experienced as much energy in 20 years.

The third trial, involved a middle aged woman [in early 3rd stage] who had to be helped walking and could not stand on her own. With the CVS, Liver and Daytime (sternum) therapy, within 2 days, she experienced increased energy and was able to stand on her own for over two hours; subsequently she experienced a full remission of the symptoms.

The fourth trial, was an in-depth study measuring the parallel capacitance of the membrane before and after initial therapy: The subject is a 54 yr. old female that has suffered from MS type symptoms for fifteen years. She complained of numbness and pain of the extremities with immense fatigue. She has also suffered from chronic lower back pain, food and environmental sensitivities, and shows classic signs of mal-absorption.

The subject has had a constant struggle with anger, alternating with depression. Her ailments have left her without the ability to cope with normal activity, in which she feels is creating a financial stress on her family. Although she has been slowly improving with a steadier gait and less numbness, she has frequently visited many different practitioners without much help.

Note: The probability is high that the subject has had chemical and metal exposure that is shown in hair, urine and radiothesia studies, which may act as neurotoxins and block important pathways. This usually leads to a stuck pattern (viscous cycle) where the toxicity keeps the electromotive energy of the cell down and therefore, the lack of [negative Zeta] energy to move the toxins out of the cell as well as receive nutrients in the cell that are required for the proper production of ATP (energy) and oxidoreductase (neutralization of free radicals).

The subject has a nutritious diet as well as a quality array of supplements. Her cellular parallel membrane capacitance over the last two years was only able to go up 10 points no matter what therapy she did. She is also low in intercellular hydration, which may suggest low absorption of potassium and magnesium. These two key minerals control ionic movement in and out of all cells.

The subject did the Meridian Energizing Therapy (MET) for 15 minutes and her capacitance went up 36 points. She reported an immediate increase in energy. This type of increase in capacitance is unusual except with proper Biomagnetic therapy. An increase this large generally takes at least 4-6 months of a specialized diet, but in this case, every therapy the woman had done would not move her cellular voltage; her cells were stuck until the therapy.


The subject continued with the MET, Daytime therapy, the CVS for her anger and depression and later applied the Power Wafers to her lower back and had relief from pain within 8 hours for the first time in three years. There has been no Herzheimer reaction (a strong toxic event from detoxifying too quickly). Her sleep time has improved due to decreased pain, resulting in increased energy.

Note: When reviewing any case that shows MS symptoms, unless it is an aggressive voltage condition from amalgams attacking the local nervous system in the brain stem or CVS [which the CVS therapy has shown good support], MS is generally indicative of at least a hypo-liver enzyme condition. If the individual applies the Super BioMagnet negative (green side) to the liver, the organ shows a rapid recovery rate. Initiating the therapy with the OGE, then separate liver, CVS, Daytime, MET (Meridian Energizing Therapy) in increments of 15-30 minutes done 3 times daily for a duration of 10 days – then once a day for another 2 weeks, and 3-4 glasses of Bio-Energized Structured water during the therapy and thereafter, shows good therapy support for resolution; continuing Daytime with the Energized Structured water shows good preventative support after resolution.

Conclusion: Health is determined by the cellular electromotive vitality (energy Zeta potential) to maintain the functionality and biochemical balance. With the proper energy, cells are electromotively able to efficiently transfer in their elemental requirements for metabolism and spent energy (waste) out through their various channels. When the cellular electromotive energy becomes low, the transfer efficiency becomes poor and metabolic functions lower as health deteriorates into various conditions. This is sometime a major problem because the cells become stuck and cannot take enough supplementation to increase their function to normalize.

Increasing the electrical vitality (Zeta potential) of the cells through the proper use of Biomagnetism overcomes the energy issue quickly by immediately increasing the cellular voltage without the necessary electrolytes that the cell is unable to input and process. The increased voltage increases the cellular metabolism helping the DNA to properly respond in helping normalize all the essential and correct metabolic functions.

Using Biomagnetism helps to resolve and normalize health conditions; it is also an excellent daily preventative supplement for continued good health.

The Wellness Kit is required. Go to page 8 of the Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide and follow the ATACC protocols including following up with the MS therapy.

The Wellness Kit has everything for over 180 simple and painfully acute injuries, chronic illness and other medical conditions. It is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains bruises, sprains, burns, bites, etc. It is also considered to be the best overall supplemental energy kit for your family’s daily wellness. Every home should have one.

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