Nystagmus – Biomagnet Therapy Response

At 3 months, an infant was diagnosed as having manifest nystagmus with strabismus. Nystagmus means that the infant’s eyes go from side to side and up and down continuously, not able to focus; if it is manifest, it is very aggressive (rapid) and if they have Strabismus, their eyes move independently, crossing over each other.

This condition creates blindness because the eyes cannot land to focus. Considered a fault in the neural system, including the cerebellovestibular, optokinetic and pursuit mechanisms that normally hold the eye’s fixation (focus) steady; there was no known allopathic therapy to help the condition.

Once the condition was established, Bio-Negative energy was applied on the top middle forehead to stimulate the frontal lobe where the hypotrophic (non-matured optic nerve – optokinetic nystagmus) area was considered to be. In 3 weeks, there were no longer any physical signs of involuntary and uncoordinated eye movements and the child started to see; the hypotrophic area’s growth had caught up. After the 3 weeks, the biomagnet was moved up higher on the forehead every couple of weeks until it was placed on the top of the head for two weeks to help mature the former hypotrophic area.

As of this date 12 years later, the young man wears glasses and is able to see normally, something that was not expected for his life.

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