Malabsorption – The Cause of Chronic Illness, Fibro, Lupus

BiomagScience analyzes chronic illness as sick cells that have lost so much energy they have gone through a threshold where they form malabsorption which means they do not have the energy to absorb the necessary nutrients to heal. At this very low energy level, the cells become dysfunctional in a pattern of chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia or Lupus. Since there is no allopathic therapy to increase their energy, they remain stuck. This is where BiomagScience Energy Therapy becomes the Go-to-Therapy…

Question: How does chronic illness happen and why won’t it heal? I have fibromyalgia and nothing works.

BiomagScience: BiomagScience views chronic illness from an energy standpoint. Years ago, science established that the body’s cellular voltage provides an exact snapshot of its health i.e. high voltage equals healthy cells and low voltage equals sick cells.

Cellular energy tests show that chronic illness generally starts with a medical condition [such as a trauma or accident, a virus or bacteria, an allergic reaction to a drug or supplement or an environmental issue such as mold, high EMF, or chemicals] that stressed the system so much, it abnormally reduced the individual’s cellular voltage.


Question: But what does the cellular voltage have to do with my chronic illness?

BiomagScience: Tests on long-term, chronically ill individuals, show that whatever medical condition first caused it, the cells lost a substantial amount of voltage and went below the healing energy threshold.


Question: What does it mean “the cells went below the healing energy threshold?”

BiomagScience: When the cells become so sick that their energy/voltage goes abnormally below a certain energy threshold, they form “malabsorption” which means they have become so weak, they no longer have the energy/voltage to absorb the necessary nutrients to increase their energy to recover and heal.

Cells with malabsorption literally become stuck at a chronically ill, dysfunctional level. As a result, constant pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, high bacterial/yeast population, and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or lupus are caused by these sick cells.  

Since malabsorption also prevents drugs and supplements from being absorbed, the drugs or supplements become toxic to the body making the individual even more ill until the body can eliminate them


Question: I am so depressed. I can barely get out of bed. I have so much pain. I am so tired of being sick all the time. Isn’t there anything that can be done for my chronic illness?

BiomagScience: This is where BiomagScience Energy Therapy becomes the Go-to-Therapy. BiomagScience energy therapy immediately increases cellular voltage without any supplements or drugs. As a result, tests show the body starts to heal within an hour of the initial therapy.


Question: Will it stop the pain and give me some energy?

BiomagScience: Chronic pain comes from inflammation that is not healing because the body does not have enough Bio-Negative energy to neutralize its Positive changes. The Bio-Negative energy therapy immediately starts to neutralize the pain and increase energy as it assists the cells to heal and normalize.

Clinical studies: Testing and results show that BiomagScience Energy Therapy immediately increases cellular voltage which overcomes the malabsorption and starts the healing process.

One case study is the middle-aged woman who was bedridden with malabsorption for 25 years with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and candida. Over the years, she had tried every allopathic and alternative therapy available including improperly designed magnets, but nothing worked.

Within an hour of BiomagScience Energy Therapy, her cellular voltage increased 25%, literally over 100 points from where it was stuck. Within a month of daily therapy, she became healthy enough to return to a normal lifestyle. A year after the first therapy, she was playing competitive tennis.


Question: Is BiomagScience Energy Therapy hard to do?

BiomagScience: BiomagScience Energy Therapy is very easy and simple to do. Following the simple instructions, specially sized BioMagnets are easily applied on the body. Everything is spelled out along with pictures of exactly where to apply the BioMagnets. These therapies are designed to do in the comfort of your home. If there are any questions, BiomagScience is ready to answer your call or email and help guide you toward Wellness.


Question: My friend has lupus. She is in terrible shape. She has trouble eating and has to go to the hospital a lot. Will this help lupus?

BiomagScience: All lupus cases that we are aware of who have done the BiomagScience Energy Therapies have immediately started to heal and within a month, had reached a major state of comfort. Those who have communicated indicated the symptoms went away.


Question: What do I need to get and how do I start? Is it the same therapy for my friend who has lupus?

BiomagScience: Yes, the therapies are essentially the same for fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and chronic illness.

You start by getting the BiomagScience Wellness Kit, review the condition protocols under the A-Z therapies in chapter 21, p. 177 of the Conquer Pain therapy book and p. 8 of the Advanced Therapies for Acute Chronic Conditions in the Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide and start the therapies.   

If you have fibromyalgia, it is suggested that you also get a bottle of BiomagScience Ultimate Supplement to help immediately overcome the pain, cramping, and electrical shocks from the lack of cell division support in your system affecting your nerves.  

Important to Note: Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide report continued good health using the BiomagScience Daytime therapy and drinking Bio-Negative Energized Water for their daily energy supplementation.

Anyone reviewing the bloodwork testing under Research at BiomagScience.Net will immediately see the important health giving properties that happen within an hour of the Daytime or CVS (back of the neck) therapy and will understand why it is so important to use energy supplementation on a daily basis. It is so simple to use and so good for you.

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