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Torn Meniscus

Torn Meniscus Resolved with BioMagnet Therapy

Pain from torn Meniscus (cartilage) in the knee goes away in a day with BiomagScience Knee Circuit Therapy. “I’m a 62 year young dog walker in New York City and I suffered a torn meniscus in my right knee. The doctor prescribed narcotics for the pain and said that I needed surgery. A friend told me about your magnets and I decided to try anything because I did not want the surgery nor did I want to keep taking narcotics.

I got my magnets and instructions on Thursday and I put the magnetic circuit on right away and I went about my walking the dogs. Well I just can’t believe it, today Friday the pain is gone!!! You have given me hope again that I might not loose my livelihood nor need the surgery and I have stopped the pain killers.

Thank you, thank you for your wonderful product and for your help.”

The Advanced Back Therapy Kit provides the basic regeneration and healing support therapy.

For bone on bone missing cartilage and spongey tissue or chronic arthritic knee issues, BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit so that the general and advanced therapies: OGE (organ Group Energizing), Daytime, Nightime and MET (Meridian Energizing Therapy) along with Bio-Negative Structured water daily can be applied to help the body’s biochemistry energize and balance so that ther chemistry will support rapid regeneration of missing cartilage/tissue or resolve the arthritic biochemistry creating it.

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