Overcoming Extremely Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS) to EMF

I owe my sanity to BiomagScience Magnet Therapy. I now know I am extremely hypersensitive (EHS) to electromagnetic fields (EMF) & wireless technology but have found a simple way to effectively manage it. I don’t wear EHS as a badge of honor but as a testimony that YOU REALLY CAN HEAL YOUR BODY from EHS with BiomagScience! I literally got my life back. And I couldn’t believe how simple the process was that I could do AT HOME for less than $200.


From October 2015 until September 2016, I became extremely hypersensitive from EMF. I experienced chronic fatigue, brain fog, disassociated feeling while present, Vertigo, anxiety attacks, extreme heart palpitations, dramatic emotional swings, headaches, high pitched sounds in ears /picking up vibrations in my body and brain of cell phone activity before the actual ring or notification and the same with radar signals before I could visually see or hear planes flying by. I felt inflammation in most of my joints which started in groin and knee area; Rapid Eyesight deterioration, and Skin rapidly aging.

My overall body was quickly aging both mentally & physically right before my eyes – I was miserable and felt like a walking radiation meter faced with living the rest of my life avoiding most environments and having to run away every minute from the EMF’s everywhere. My family thought I was mentally ill, friends were worried and nobody knew what to do. Sound familiar? So many people have many of these symptoms and chalk it off to whatever name the medical community wants to call that symptom but the tipping point was when I had these symptoms ALL AT ONCE.


In August 2016, I ran across Biomagscience & consulted with the Founder Peter Kulish. He explained that when the body’s cells lose their energy, they become very sensitive and that magnetically charging the body will INCREASE the CELLS ELECTROMOITVE VITALITY so their immune functions CAN DEFEND from EMF and OVERCOME EHS. My understanding is that the human basically functions like a car battery. When it is low, the windows don’t work, the lights are dim and the engine won’t start. Charge its battery and the functions are restored. Charge the human battery and its immune and metabolic functions are restored which includes overcoming and preventing EHS. It really is that simple!

So I got their Wellness Kit and started the EHS therapy. After 2 days I had the first night of deep SLEEP which I had not experienced for over a year. I also had a higher degree of “calm”, mental clarity and an overall energetic healthy response.

After ONLY 2 weeks I no longer needed to sleep under EMF blocking canopy and actually slept better than when I had slept under the canopy.

After 2 months of sticking with the EHS therapy, I am consistently energetic, mentally sharp, motivated, without heart palpitations, balanced emotions, no headaches and overall feel 15 Yrs younger. I wear a very small, unobtrusive magnet for DAILY ENERGY SUPPLEMENTATION so I can go anywhere for as long as I want.

I’ve read about and met hundreds of EMF cases. Nobody that I know with the same level EHS I experienced has functionally recovered to the level I have without totally moving to rural areas outside a smart grid and adapting their home to extreme low levels of ANY EMF.

I wish I had known of BiomagScience a year ago. It’s simple and effective. My family can’t believe the difference & now does their magnet therapy for EMF protection and to maintain balanced energy and health for themselves.

If you are EHS or if you want to protect yourself from damage and harmful effects from smart meters, cell phones, DECT Phones, cell towers, radar, biological effects from all wireless gadgets please do this for yourself: get the Wellness Kit or at minimum the EMF Kit and follow their EHS therapy. BiomagScience offers a 30 day money back guarantee ( you won’t need it).

I tell everybody I know about the history and effectiveness of BiomagScience therapies. The knowledge, history, integrity and genuine care for humanity the founder Demonstrates through his therapy book Conquering Pain, The Art of healing with Biomagnetism is exemplified in the results I personally experienced for not only EMF protection but with every other therapy for pains or symptoms I have tried.

I am trying to help get the word out there that BIOMAGSCIENCE EHS THERAPY REALLY IS THE FINAL STOP for HEALING AND PROTECTING AGAINST EMF. The tool that gets you over/off that mountain of constantly checking your body for symptoms in every environment you enter and start LIVING in any environment. Dr. Martin Pall discusses the “cumulative” nature of EMF and the Voltage Gated Calcium Channel mechanism. I have found that this magnetic therapy directly addresses his findings.
Sherri G. Arizona


For those interested, these are the steps I previously took that offered “some” measure of relief and protection before learning of Magnet Therapy from BIOMAGSCIENCE. IF I had it to do all over again, for protection: I would START with Magnet Therapy (the guidelines for how to start is very simple), make some adjustments to home and change some habits as suggested by the EMF consultant. Besides the simple Daytime therapy, the SLEEPING Environment is MOST important. BIOMAGSCIENCE gives a very effective night time therapy for maximizing and improving the quality of sleep.

Below is a chronological list of things I did as I was learning how to cope before magnet therapy.

Through a very experienced EMF consultant,  who used multiple tools to read & monitor EMF levels inside home, I learned that the new home-office-lifestyle & home environment/location that we had just moved into had caused the tipping of extreme symptoms. I took all of the following steps to try to stop the horrible feeling:

  1. Hired a highly trained EMF consultant who came to the house and measured the radiation and dirty electricity inside home. As a result, I replaced the smart meter with an analog meter and changed habits: wifi router left OFF when not in use, use of a land line phone, all wireless technology OFF when not in use, removal of DECT cordless phone, turned cell phone off at night and kept it in airplane mode while in the car. Stetzer Filters were installed to reduce dirty electricity ($2,000)

  2. For first 2 weeks, I still had insomnia and searching for ways to sleep. I found some refuge by leaving home at night, driving away from the dense populated area away from the smart grid to sleep a few hours in my Suburban away from the smart grid.

  3. Bought a $2,000 EMF shielding canopy which helped a lot but no deep sleep.

  4. Consulted with Nutritionist. Learned of Detox Methods specifically for overexposure to radiation, ate an antioxident rich diet, & added supplements for management of inflammation.

  5. Constantly looked for grass for grounding barefoot as much as possible/10 times a day.

  6. Extensive lymphatic system massages. Also jumped on rebounder to move lymph system. Both gave some short term relief.

  7. Flew to Costa Rica for 2 weeks to get massive absorption of negative ions in a canopy of green foilage, waterfalls, beaches. This resulted in a 2 month reprieve from miserable, dysfunctional levels of mental and physical reactions…and then symptoms started to came back.

  8. Spiritual Therapist….I wanted to make sure I was not posessed! No really! Thank God, I was NOT.

  9. Physically moved to a different home in a different part of town far away from Luke Airforce Base. Home located with no neighbor’s smart meter directed toward home. No Solar Panels on or near home.

  10. Identified & Implemented Products that reduces harmful levels of EMF offering a sympathetic frequency for home, car, cell phone & wireless gadgets.

  11. Completed a neuroplasticity program by Annie Hopkins. Retraining the brain to develop new pathways to cause your system to stop the “flight or flight” response it is stuck in. Got some relief.

  12. On-going Prayer and Meditation
With each step, I got small measures of relief as I learned of the EHS illness, causes & temporary solutions for relief. But I was still unable to live freely without the edgyness and nervousness. I was losing hope… but because I was getting small measures of relief I was able to push forward and research, research, research the problem and determined to find a solution. I had to take lots of breaks allowing only 3 hours a day exposure to wired or wireless technology before my nervous system caused unbearable anxiety.
Before magnet therapy…My analogy of a GOOD day with EHS is when EVERY minute of the day is like that feeling as if I’m sitting at a traffic light but as if I were a race car driver, idling, with anxious anticipation of the light turning green any second and hitting the gas. High internal anxiety.

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