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Detrimental Health Effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)

Below, is a list of only some facts concerning the detrimental effects of EMFs:

  • Autoimmune reactions
  • Dysfunction of the immune cells preventing these from optimally fighting infections and cancer
  • Direct stimulation of infectious agents
  • Frequent infections due to immunosuppression: viral, fungal, parasitic, bacterial
  • Cancer and leukemia in children and adults
  • Poor energy, chronic fatigue
  • Headaches, insomnia
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Asthma, respiratory allergies
  • Low sperm count
  • Fertility problems in both sexes
  • Increased miscarriage and still-birth rates
  • Birth and genetic defects
  • Decreased male/female ratio in the offspring
  • Higher incidence of Down syndrome in newborns
  • Poor sex drive
  • Damage and tumors of acoustic nerve
  • Brain fog, inability to concentrate, poor recall and memory
  • Increased appetite and cravings for sweets and stimulants (coffee, sodas, “energy drinks”)
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, irritability
  • Brain tumors in children and adults
  • Hyperactivity, ADD, poor learning
  • Rise in free radicals leading to premature aging, cancer, and all chronic diseases
  • Damage to cellular physiology, energy production, metabolism; weight gain
  • Chromosome and DNA damage
  • Blocking excretion of heavy metals, including carcinogens from the body
  • Destruction of brain cells and imbalance of neurotransmitters which govern memory, learning, analytical function, creativity, joy, pleasure
  • The same cells are damaged in Alzheimer’s and autism patients.

Note: EMFs as encountered in a regular house or apartment, have produced a 1600% permanent increase in the rate of cancer growth in human cells culture

Note: Children’s brain is many fold more sensitive to harmful EMF radiation than of adults. Health Condition:

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