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Diabetes Resolved

Diabetes Resolved with BiomagScience Therapies

 In Jan. 2014 I was diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes. My doctor wanted me to take.. Metforim to help control my sugar. I also was told to test my sugar levels twice a day. So I bought the medication.. and left it sit on my desk.. my thought was that my mother had taken the same medication and she was never really able to control her sugar.. My grandmother had gone into a diabetic coma some fifty years ago and never came out of it.

I know that medicine and technology have changed since then, but to me I had to wonder was it for good or for bad. And the more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion that in every treatment, doctors treat the cause and not really the effect. So I thought “okay, what is the cause” and so I researched and realized that a lot of things have to be changed.

Since I had been using BiomagScience magnets for circulation, I called Peter Kulish (senior therapist) to see what else I could do. Peter recommended the Circulation Enzymes and also the MET and the OMET (Meridian Energizing therapy & Overnight Meridian Energizing therapy) – so that is what I did. I also watched what I ate so as not to add to my condition; I cut out a lot of things that feed the condition. You see diabetes runs in my family – all of my cousins on my mother’s side have it, my aunts and uncles as well. Some are on medication while others are on insulin sometimes two to three times a day. I was determined that was not going to be my life. Sooo.

When I went to the doctor in January, my A1C. reading was 6.6. By May my A1C had gone down to 5.7. My doctor said “well looks like the medication worked that I gave you.” I said “I never really took it” and I explained to her why I did not take it. She was to say the least very surprised.

Also my fasting sugar level was 129 in May. I went back to the doctor last week (July 21) and my fasting level was 97. She did not do an A1C test again as she felt there was no need to. She said she was going to take having diabetes out of my chart. I had it, but I do not have diabetes anymore.. I will be getting another blood test in Oct. and also will be given an A1C test then as well. I feel very confident that it is gone now and forever.

The benefits also are that I no longer have to test my sugar level – that was a real pain. (no pun intended) I don’t know if what I did was something that others would be comfortable in doing, but for me I decided I did not want to go the route that the rest of my family have gone and are going through.

Peter I want to thank you for the many times that you spent with me on the phone.. when I first got the report, I was so overwhelmed I really didn’t know what to do. And you in your calm and confident manner had a way of making me feel everything was going to be okay. And you were right – it is okay.

I will keep you posted as to what my next reports will be but I have no doubt it will be okay. One more thing: I think that it is so sad that people are put on drugs for a lifetime and yet nothing changes – they still battle with diabetes all the time and all the side effects that go with it. But here I am to testify that really in a matter of a few months it is gone. What are a few months compared to a life time of illness?

Something else people may wonder: ‘Well, she was just diagnosed with it in January so she didn’t have it for very long’.. to clarify.. I had it for a really long time – long enough to have neuropathy in my feet and legs – I had not been to a doctor for a very long time, that’s all.

So thank you BiomagScience for all that you do for so many people there really are answers to problems other that the drugs that are prescribed all the time. Sincerely, Joan

Diabetes improves, heart unblocked – WOW

“I have used the BioMagnets for years and know that they have kept me alive during my heart condition. A few years ago, with a 90% blockage, I used the Super BioMagnet and the MSO oxygen drops to keep my heart alive and my system oxygenated while I tried to get the money for an operation. The Doctor was completely surprised that I didn’t have a major attack during the 3 months it took before I could get the money. He said whatever I was doing, keep it up as no neuropathy was occurring which he did not understand.

December 20, 2005 – after days of starting Circulation Enzymes – After breakfast I have to take my diabetic medications and to test again, I did not take any medications as mentioned and my blood sugar level shows 6.1 which is excellent and to me this is astonishing as after food sugar levels must go up without medications but with the help of enzyme capsules, it has done wonders.

December 29, 2005 – “The latest news on The Enzyme Circulation pills – Yesterday morning I took another bold step. I had a good breakfast and did not take my 3 different diabetic pills and also BP tablets. Come afternoon lunch time, I had my usual lunch. Then at tea time I took my toast of bread and 2 Marie sweet biscuits.”

“At 5.30 pm I did my glucose test and the shocking and surprising result was that it was at 6.5. I have my doubt that any doctor would believe me unless I was tested at the hospital. I have done this before, but not after 3 meals. My sugar levels should have gone up to 15 minimum, but they stayed at very, very normal levels.

Jan 2006 WOW. WOW. WOW. The blockages in my heart had cleared by 100%. Blockages in my artery on my throat has been reduced to 45 to 50% from a high of 75% and this is within bearable level and as such, no angioplasty is needed or surgeries. I am now a young man of 37 and not 73.”

S. M. Malaysia


*Note on Adult Type 2 Onset Diabetes therapy:

The key to the therapy is Biomagnetically energizing and balancing the body’s biochemistry to increase the cellular energy (voltage) and use BiomagScience Circulation Enzymes (oral chelation) to dissolve the cellular plaque which apparently re-starts the pancreatic cell communication which has been prohibited by the plaque.

The breakthrough therapy is that the increase in the cellular voltage provides the cell’s ability to use the chelation to dissolve and eliminate the internal plaque. Previous to this time, chelation only worked on vascular plaque, not cellular plaque.

BiomagScience Diabetes Therapy Program: Get a Wellness Kit and do the Chronic Therapy in the Pictorial Guide and a 3-month supplementation of Circulation Enzymes. The Program also provides a substantial increase in overall health and vitality.

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