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Chiropractor adds BioMagnetic Therapy

After being trained in spinal manipulative techniques, Mr. Lin, a former middle school teacher, quit his job and started a spinal correction practice at Da-Liao, Kaohsiung with his wife. Besides using a style of acupressure massage called Tui na therapy, their facility also equipped with a Bipolar magnetic bed to allow for patient’s recovery after operation. Their skillful techniques have led to a very successful business with many new patients.

Unfortunately, a successful business often means more work and stress, and eventually both husband and wife developed sleeping disorders. Mr. Lin used to practice Qigong and was able to get rid of filthy Qi accumulated in the body during the day, but Mrs. Lin was unable to relieve her stress.

After learning the potential relief “Tsi-Bao” could provide, they both began wearing “Tsi-Bao” and followed the procedures recommended both during the day and before sleeping at night. They have both benefited from “Tsi-Bao” and now get a good night’s sleep.

 Furthermore, they have gotten rid of the magnetic bed for patients and instead recommend their patients to wear “Tsi-Bao” at home to expedite recovery after the therapy. (Tsi-Bao is Daytime Therapy over sternum.)

Coordinated by Professor Charles Yeh

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