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Acute Shingles Resolved

Acute Shingles Resolved

Acute Shingles Resolved by Practitioner with BiomagScience Protocol

In May of 2018 a rash appeared on my brother-in-law’s side and he thought nothing of it and let it go for a few weeks when it started itching terribly.  He showed it to his wife and she took him to the hospital.  It was determined to be an advanced case of shingles. 

They gave him meds which did not help. In a week or so the nerve endings were irritated and beginning to hurt; he could not sleep. He was given morphine, Percocet’s and Oxycodone for pain but he was allergic to most of that and it made him constipated so he discontinued the pain meds. He could not sleep and would walk around most of each night due to itching and pain. 

I have been using BiomagScience for about a year, so I called Peter [at BiomagScience] and discussed my brother-in-law’s case.  We decided on a pathogen reduction therapy of strong magnetic field application with load dosing of vitamin C and oxygen in energized water to kill off the varicella virus causing the shingles.

BiomagScience rare-earth powered Biomagnets were put on his spine at shoulder level and on his sternum.  He started load dosing of 30 drops of BOA (BiomagScience Activated Oxygen) to a glass of Bio-Negative energized water and 4-5 grams a day of liposomal vitamin “C” split into three times a day.

In three days the rash began to fade.  The pain decreased from almost a constant ten to zero to three and he could sleep nights which he had not done for weeks on a regular basis.  The rash went away in a few weeks and the itching stopped.  (BiomagScience comment: We found out the client was spreading the liposomal Vitamin C throughout the day in August and explained it was necessary to load dose all 6 grams in the morning which would have considerably reduced his pain and the length of time for complete healing.  It should be noted that upon the 6 gram load dosing in August, he was healed the next month).

He continued the therapy to September and all the pain and he is fully recovered.   Thank you [BiomagScience] for sharing your knowledge and making these items available to everyone.  Brother-in-law: H.L Practitioner: VG, New Jersey

BiomagScience Therapy Comments: Shingles occur when the immune system weakens and allows the varicella virus (of chicken pox) lying dormant in the body to suddenly populate. Often occurring in older people, the terrible debilitating painful rash on half the body (hemispherical) indicates the virus is congregating on one side of the spine. Former therapy testing isolated the viral site as vertebrae C7 -T1 where the neck meets the shoulder.

Strong magnetic bio-fields lyse (kill) pathogens, therefore a Bio-Negative field was applied at the viral site and used 24/7 until resolution of the condition.

A strong Bio-Negative field was placed on the sternum (heart is the body’s key energizing point) to systemically amplify all the cell’s energy in the body to increase their metabolic and immune functions to support rapid healing. After resolution of the condition, daily energy supplementation is recommended to maintain Wellness and longevity. Important Sternum/heart application note: The sternum/heart application cannot be applied with any heart appliance (defibrillator or pacemaker) or mid to latter stage congestive heart disease. In this case only the viral site application on the spine at the shoulder height shall be applied.

Vitamin C is a viricide (kills viruses), so a load dosing of liposomal (the most bio-available) vitamin C is used in the therapy to help to eradicate the varicella virus. One gram oral of the [breakthrough] liposomal vitamin C has tested to be equal to 10 grams IV (intercellular availability) whereas normal types of ascorbic or ascorbate vitamin C only deliver a maximum of 14-19% of 1 gram. Normal daily load dosing should be 6 grams per day under 140 lbs., 7 grams per day up to 180 lbs. and 8 grams a day over 180 lbs. for the 6 week period. Liposomal Vitamin C does not make one go to the bathroom – it is entirely absorbed into the system.

Supplementation of BAO (BiomagScience Activated Oxygen) increases blood oxygen percentage which helps kill pathogens and increases cellular metabolic and immune function. Increased oxygen is always used as therapy support for healing support of chronic and acute conditions. For high delivery efficiency, BAO drops are always mixed into Bio-Negative energized water. 

Bio-Negative energized water is used daily worldwide for its health giving properties of increased hydrogen ions for gland and organ function and increased cellular transfer of nutrition, oxygen, and detoxification. It is used as important support in most BiomagScience therapies and highly recommended as daily supplementation for maintaining Wellness.

Summation: The above pathogen reducing protocol has shown excellent results at overcoming deep seated pathogens in the body. It is highly recommended to maintain Wellness after recovery, the individual continue with daily energy supplementation on the sternum and drinking Bio-Negative energy water. BiomagScience recommends its Wellness Kit to overcome this condition.


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