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Conquering Pain Book

Give the gift of Good Heath, Vitality and, Pain Relief to friends, family & loved ones

Conquering Pain Book – Therapies for over 180 A-Z Health Conditions

Press Release – 2nd Edition: Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism

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Table of Contents

Chapter One

Full and Partial Therapy Samples

Polarity & Diagnostic Diagrams

Author’s Biography

Editoral Review  

Over 250 Pages of Complete Magnet Therapy Science!

  • LEARN the proper scientific placement for Biomagnetic usage.
  • UNDERSTAND which poles are used and why.
  • KNOW why using bi-polar or positive Biomagnets could be playing with fire.
  • LEARN the importance of energized structured water.
  • LEARN and use special techniques for energizing the body so that it will heal itself more rapidly.
  • LEARN protocols to help heal disease, nerve, neurological, and genetic related issues.

Conquering Pain Book – Complete A to Z Biomagnet Therapy Guide for over 180 Health Conditions Explaining the Science of BiomagScience

The internationally recognized award winning magnet therapy book Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism , is now in its second edition. With ground-breaking work in the field of magnetic therapy, Conquering Pain is the only comprehensive magnet therapy guide you will ever need to stop pain, start healing and maintain wellness.

Written for the individual and the practitioner, Conquering Pain provides step-by-step applications for over 170 painful A-Z health conditions such as arthritis, backaches, burns, carpal tunnel, headaches, sprains, tendonitis, toothaches, acute injuries and chronic illness. The protocols are exact, scientifically-based, easy-to-apply, and are illustrated throughout the book.

The second edition also details the simple-to-use, breakthrough Circuit Therapies such as the Organ Group Energizing or Brain Re-Entrainment therapies that have helped heal such acute and chronic conditions as optokinetic infant blindness, CFS, malabsorption, early-mid MS, fibromyalgia, lupus, post-stroke dysfunction, severed nerves (paraplegic walks again), 400% faster healing of crushed/splintered bones, individuals awakening and healing from terminating comas, and much more.

Now after three and a half decades of development, the new second edition provides amazing, never-seen-before research and pictures of immediate rapid healing of inflammation/free-radical sites, immediate increase in red blood cell vitality so important in heart attack and stroke prevention, and immediate increases in cellular tissue voltage resulting in healing never achieved before.

In addition, you will learn the simple steps to defend against EMF toxicity and how to overcome EMF and chemical hypersensitivity (electro/chemical-hypersensitivity). Also you’ll learn the important information about the dangers of applying magnetism improperly – are those magnetic bracelets and foot pads good for you?

As one professional explains, “The healing protocols of the correct use of biomagnets are essential information to anyone who is considering self-healing. I have found this kind of precision and information lacking in all the other books which I have read [on the subject]. It is important that users of magnetic products be fully educated to the possible misuse of biomagnets and their potential to short-circuit our nerve functioning or even to cause harm. Peter Kulish has made a unique contribution in this field.”

Everyday, people throughout the world are successfully using magnetic therapy to eliminate chronic back pain, headaches, toothaches, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of other painful and/or chronic maladies.

With three and a half decades of clinical research experience, Peter Kulish is literally leading the way in this therapeutic field. His scientific studies are recognized worldwide by practitioners, hospitals and universities for the therapy of pain and serious medical conditions.

“Proper use of Biomagnets can often help when medicines are not very effective. This Book offers a variety of the proper applications of Biomagnets for many different medical conditions.”
Dr. Thomas Levy, M.D.,J.D
“If you are one of the millions of people who experience chronic pain due to injury or poor health, this book will guide you to the pain relief you seek without the side effects of dangerous drugs.”
J.W. McGinnis, President, International Tesla Institute
“It is the only magnet therapy book that incorporates [the important knowledge of] Energy Medicine with physiology. That is why it is so effective and why the Chinese use it.”
Dr. Chi, M.D. Los Angeles

I was delighted by this book for its comprehensive presentation of healing …
By Karen McChrystal on August 9, 2016

Having worked in the field of mental health and alternative medicine for 25 years, I was delighted by this book for its comprehensive presentation of healing with biomagnetism. I’d not been persuaded by other things I’d read about using magnets for healing, especially given the poor quality magnets which have flooded the marketplace, and which have created more bad publicity in the scientific community. Healing with magnetism is an important therapeutic modality, and its effectiveness and benefits have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. The use of magnets in therapy and medicine date back to before even the ancient science of acupuncture.

This is a book that cuts through all the misunderstanding about the use of magnets for healing. The information is based in science, including the science of acupuncture, energy medicine, and the seminal research on biomagnetism by the Albert Roy Davis, the Godfather of contemporary biomagnetism, his students, the late Dr. Richard Broeingmeyer, the late William H. Philpott, M.D. and Peter Kulish, the author of this book. The new edition of “Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with BioMagnetism” gives detailed information on how to properly use rare earth biomagnets for remedying one hundred eighty serious common ailments. The testimonials and cases given are quite impressive — about how biomagnetics has been used successfully to remedy dozens of types of serious illnesses.

The basic principle of healing with biomagnetism is simple. Injury to cells, including free-radical damage, causes them to go into a positively-charged state. Biomagnetic therapy works by energetically amplifying the negative charges of the unhealthy cells’: using the magnets to rapidly increase the cells’ negative charge accelerates the natural healing mechanism which results in increased metabolic and immune functions until the cell(s) become fully charged and healthy. The art comes in knowing where exactly to place the magnets and for what duration. Peter Kulish provides this information.

The author is, in fact, known worldwide for establishing and recognizing the different polarity meridians of the limbs, hips and shoulders. His therapies harmonize and accentuate the body’s healing energies through the directional flow of the energy and nerve pathways, instead of what he calls “slapping on magnets” – incorrectly placing the healing energy field on the wrong polar meridian which in turn creates the same [micro] sparks and electrical shorting that happens when jumper cables are placed incorrectly on the wrong battery terminals.

Phillip Schaeffer, former director of the Royal Society of Medicine and author of The Longevity Codes, the outstanding book that provides extensive information about how to look, feel and stay younger, explains: “There is one thing at the age of 90 that I can honestly attribute for my wonderful health: wearing the Biomagnets every day for the last several decades is what has kept me young and healthy.” Schaeffer was the senior editor of Kulish’s first edition of Conquering Pain: The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism where he first learned and started using Biomagnets every day.

Even if you are in reasonably good health, and not suffering from any of the many serious diseases for which “Conquering Pain” offers therapy protocols, you still owe it to yourself to be aware of the harmful effects of EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields), especially now that exposure worldwide has increased exponentially over the past fifteen years.

Consider the fact that, as Kulish writes, everything that transmits and uses electricity gives off EMF. High tension wires transmit EMF up to 100 yards during the summer air conditioning season. Appliances such as cordless phones, stoves, stereos and electronic devices like laptops or tablets transmit fairly powerful, pulsing EMF short distances, while wifi and cell phones transmit lower-powered EMF long distances. Smart-metering, especially in multi-housing areas, contributes significantly to the EMF-exposure load. This means that strong and weak EMFs are constantly going through our body.

How does that affect our health?

According to Kulish,

“The electrons of a cell and its metabolic functions are directly affected by EMF. Electricity is made from pulsed magnetic fields that energize the electrons, and so the pulsing EMF emitted from appliances and electronic devices directly affects the electrons in our cells. As the EMF pervades the cells, the electrons’ natural free spin is altered and disrupted by the pulsing fields. Over a period of time, the external EMF can disrupt the electron spin enough to wear down the cell’s voltage, leading to cellular dysfunction, poor health, and altered DNA.

“…Worldwide research shows that EMF as small as over 2mG (milligauss), over a period of time, can disrupt and lower the cell’s voltage and functionality; subsequently the body may go into chronic fatigue syndrome, malabsorption, Parkinson’s, MS, cancer, etc.”

It has also been shown in research done by Professor Olle Johansson, neuroscientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, that EMF exposure is are a strong contributor to Alzheimer’s disease. The research shows, further, that even now an increasing number of teenagers are developing Alzheimer’s due to high EMF exposure.

“Conquering Pain” offers a simple biomagnetic therapy for recharging cells depleted from EMF exposure, restoring them to healthy functioning.

I highly recommend this book for anyone suffering from pain or illness, for anyone in good health who wants to maintain it, and for health practitioners. (The first edition of the book is already being used by practitioners and caregivers worldwide, as well as being used and taught in Asian medical colleges and universities.)

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