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Circulation and Detoxification Improved

Live Cell Microscopy

Before and After Energized Blood Tests
Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The sample below was taken from a 26 year old male professional with a history of physical inactivity, poor nutrition, lack of water consumption, difficulty sleeping and general malaise. He had fasted all night before the test.
This is a typical picture of poor life style choices. The red blood cells are stacking due to dehydration, inflammation, and or loss of the Zeta potential. The Zeta potential is the slight negative charge around a healthy red blood cell. This enables better perfusion and exchange of nutrients at the capillary beds.
Capillaries can be one-third the size of a red blood cell. When the cell comes in contact with the capillary wall, there is an exchange of gases (O2 goes into the tissues and CO2 comes out of the tissues). When the cells are over lapping there is less exposed cellular surface area and less cellular gas exchange, therefore there is less ability for the body to rid itself of toxins. This can lead to many variations of maladies.
Also observed are a large amount of fats (small floating specks) which could be the effect of a fast food diet. Normally fats are cleared from the blood within four hours of ingestion. Hydrogenated fats however, which have been observed to take days and have actually been observed getting into the body’s communication systems, may take in this case awhile to clear from the blood.

Sample 1 – Live, Pre-treated
Sample 2 – After Energy Therapy: This sample [2] was taken after applying the sternum therapy for 30 minutes. There is some improvement observed in the form of relief of congestion in the plasma, however the stacking (Rouleau) remains as well as the fats (specks).
The smallest size fats are HDL’s, medium sizes are LDL’s, and the very large fats may be cylomicrons or hydrogenated fats from a fast food diet. Fats enter the body in the Micro Villa (finger like projections in the small intestine that emulsify the ingested fats) into the Lacteal Duct (the Lymphatic system). This is very significant due to the fact that the Lymphatics house our immune system and powerful antioxidants that the liver creates. The fats are then dumped into the Subclavian Vein and into the blood stream. One can only imagine the congestion this can cause with a constant diet high in harmful fats including hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.
An important issue is that the Lymphatic System does not have a pump like the Arterial System. Some of the ways it is able to circulate include exercise through the pumping action of the muscles and deep breathing which changes the thoracic pressure to create movement both in the Lymphatics as well as the Venous System. This information is significant in this case due to the fact that this individual doesn’t exercise and consumes a large diet of fat.

Sample 2 – Live, Treated 30 minutes
Sample 3 – After Energy Therapy: This sample was taken two hours later (total 2.5 hours after original sample). The Zeta Potential was reinstated, which significantly improved circulation. This sample shows the White Blood Cells (WBC’s) with increased motility, the liver and gallbladder having cleared the fats and verifies that the negative energy from the bio-magnets has given the body its ability to perform properly.

Sample 3 – Live, Treated 2.5 hours

Dry Cell Microscopy
Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The dry cell (a.k.a. Bowen Test, from Dr. Bowen, out of Mass. General Hospital) shows evidence of oxidative stress/free radical activity that is observed in this sample as a white area. This is a good indicator of free radical activity in all the tissues.
Sample 1 – Dry, Un-treated
Sample 2 – After Energy Therapy: This very simple therapy (Daytime therapy – negative over the sternum/heart) has re-established the healthy negative charge around the red blood cells. It is obvious that this very simple therapy has greatly impacted circulation and is the first step to re-establish a healthy terrain, along with dietary changes.
The dry cell has filled in, showing no free radical activity in the matter of a few hours. In my many years of clinical experience, I have not seen this kind of dramatic change. The young man has had an immediate increase in energy and is going to work on his diet and hydration.

Sample 2 – Dry, Treated 2.5 hours
The pattern of the increased Zeta potential manipulating the blood cells into homeostasis, alleviating the dangerous fats by energizing the liver and gallbladder function, and neutralizing the oxidative stress remains consistent and constant in all cases [reviewed so far] with the use of properly designed bio-magnets, applied in specific systemic therapy applications.
Carole Bergeron, July 2005

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