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In November 1996, I attended a medical equipment exhibition held at the Taipei World Trade Center. I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Dr. Nelson Chung, the chair of the Department of Alternative Medicine at the Taiwan VA Hospital.

The following May, Dr. Chung called me and we had a long discussion on the Monopolar BioMagScience’s BioMagnets. We both came to the conclusion that the bio-effect of the BioMagScience’s BioMagnets on patients can be monitored using the Bio-energetic Regulatory Measuring Instrument (BERMI) developed by Dr. Chung.

In other words, the performance of the BioMagScience’s BioMagnets, Tsi-Bao, can be quantified from BERMI measurements. The measuring pointer of BERMI goes up when the patients are stimulated, excited or encounter inflammatory responses—this is called the positive magnetic field effect. The measuring pointer of BERMI goes down when the patients are calmed or relaxed—this is called the negative field effect.

Preliminary results showed the positive magnetic field appears to be hazardous to human health, while the negative magnetic field is not. Since then, Dr. Chung has been an essential advocate of “Tsi-Bao.”. During his visit to the U. S. in January 1998, Dr. Chung began using “Tsi-Bao” to complement his acupuncture therapy on an old friend, Mr. Herb Ellingwood, the legal consultant of former President Bush. Use of “Tsi-Bao” improved Mr. Ellingwood’s situation greatly, and he was able to sleep and attend church again.

On his flight back to Taiwan, Dr. Chung also performed an emergency therapy. These two case studies have been reported in the 5th issue of the Association Journal. (Tsi-Bao is Daytime Therapy over sternum.)

Coordinated by Professor Charles Ye

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BIA Cellular Voltage Testing – Case Research Studies

An FDA approved device to measure cellular voltage to determine the health of an individual through an analysis of the energy of their cells. An important measuring device to instantly gauge and determine whether the Biomagnetic therapy is providing the proper energy to increase the electromotive health of the cells and the individual.

Live Cell Microscopy – Case Research Studies

Live blood cell analysis is viewed in a more 3 dimensional view of the sides and top and bottom of the cells than just from the top. It provides a more complete view of the blood cells and surrounding fluid chemistry.


Case Studies, Research & Clinical Studies

Clinical research by the Foundation for Magnetic Science (FMS). Review before and after of cellular microscopy and voltage and neutralization and rapid healing of free-radical sites.
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We enjoy hearing from happy customers, just like yourself, sharing some truly amazing Biomagnetic stories & experiences. Stories are never typical.

 Videos – Case Studies
These Biomagnetic Therapy Case Research Study videos are of individuals explaining their condition, magnetic therapy and their results. Includes nerve regeneration and resolution of acute and chronically painful conditions.

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