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BIA Cellular Voltage


Bio Cellular Electrical Analysis with BIA Testing

Four case studies showing evidence of increased Zeta Potential (electromotive vitality of the cells) which affect the chemical balance of the cells.   The Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine is a FDA registered instrument that analyzes and measures the electrical values [Parallel Capacitance] of the cells.

The properties of the BIA circuit in the body are well defined. The method [of measurement] is precise, sensitive and specific in its ability to illustrate specific changes inherent in the biological subject.

The BIA provides a scientific index – a ‘snapshot’ of cellular level dynamics and architecture, giving valuable and immediate data of the individual’s state of health and healing from many protocols including medical research, clinical practice and the health care professional analysis and recommendation.

BIA prediction measurement equations have been developed since 1939. The measurements use parallel resistance and reactance as predictors of intracellular, extracellular and body cell mass. These equations can specify if cellular health is static, progressing and/or regressing. (Comparisons to K40, DEXA and D20 were very good (r > .9) and are sufficient to be used in clinical practice and studies of wasting disorders in AIDS patients.[1])

What is parallel capacitance

All living things are made of cells. Cells are membrane bound compartments filled with a concentrated solution of chemicals, nutrients, elements, and salts. Groups of cells perform specialized functions and are linked by an intricate communications system.

The cell membrane maintains an ion concentration ‘gradient’ between the intracellular (internal cell/cytoplasm) and extracellular (external) environment. This electromotive gradient [in pico Farads] known as Parallel Capacitance, is the electrical potential difference across the membrane that is essential to cell survival.

The Parallel Capacitance is responsible for efficient support transfer of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and elements in and out of the cell. The higher the capacitance, the more efficient the cellular metabolism.

Parallel capacitance is not affected by weight or body fat. It is a measure of cell membrane health and can change dramatically depending on disease or health. As cells take on nourishment and vitality progressing toward health, their parallel capacitance increases. Inversely, as cells lose their energy and vitality, their capacitance goes down.

A body builder, for example, would have a high parallel capacitance and low resistance, or more cell volume, because he is extremely muscular and fit. A malnourished AIDS patient would have a low parallel capacitance due to lower muscle density.
Increasing Capacitance
Any protocols and/or supplements that progress the body’s health will show an increased capacitance. Inversely, any substances that decrease the capacitance need further inspection. The BIA instrument provides data points. The more data points the greater ability to make an accurate hypothesis that can best assist the client.

For example, are they detoxifying or going through a life change that can ultimately lead to a major shift in health and capacitance. These are some of the exceptions that will lower capacitance before a breakthrough [shift] that will raise it. Patterns and trends are recorded for recommendations and further analysis.

Generally, a fair increase in capacitance takes weeks to months of strict diet and lifestyle change.

The following BIA tests show before and after bio-electromotive stimulus using the Foundation for Magnetic Science Biomagnetic therapy protocols.

[1] Donald P Kotler, S. Burastero, J. Wang, R. N. Pierson Jr. “Prediction of body cell mass, fat-free mass, and total body water with bioelectrical impedance analysis: effects of race, sex, and disease” Am. J. of Clinical Nutrition 64:3 Sep 1996.

R. Liedtke “Fundamentals of Bioelectrical Impedance”
One hour BioMagnet Therapy session leads recovery after 25 years

BIA – Parallel Capacitance Body Composition Report # 111804MW

History: The subject, a 53 yr. old female, has a history of mal-absorption, fibromyalgia, and extreme fatigue that incapacitated her and kept her bedridden for 25 years. Malabsorption is when the cell has so little voltage, it cannot pull in the necessary micro-nutrients to increase its energy – a very bad Catch 22 situation. She has been under the care of a multitude of practitioners who have not been able to help her. She even tried using very weak, improperly designed magnets. She tests for chemical poisoning. Due to her mal-absorption issues, she cannot take any supplements; even a slight nutritional supplementation created an overload and throws her body into a crisis.

During the last three years prior to the BiomagScience therapy, her capacitance was very low only rising 25 points after multiple therapies, including a custom nutritional program. The subject’s inability to absorb or detoxify made it very difficult for her health to improve and most therapies made her ill.



Note: From Nov 4th to June 5th the subject’s capacitance remained the same even with a diet high in nutrition – but minimal supplementation due to mal-absorption, which was typical of her fixed pattern. After her BIA test and within an hour of using the CVS application, her cellular capacitance rose 107 points, indicating a large increase in the cell’s voltage and health progression.

Description Actual Norm. Diff. Normal Range Comment
18-Nov-04     400 706 -305 Min: 558 Max:855 (PF) CAP less than min by 158.0 (pico farads)
14-Jun-05     400 706 -305 Min: 558 Max: 855 (PF) CAP less than min by 158.0 (pico farads)
14-Jun-05     507 706 -199 Min: 558 Max: 855 (PF) CAP less than min by 51.0 (pico farads)

Parallel capacitance results of Subject 111804MW

After the CVS therapy, the subject used the Daytime, Nightime, MET therapies and drank Bio-Energized Negative water. Within a month of the applications, the subject was able to resume her favorite activity of singing and song writing with a band.

This dynamic improvement was monumental as the subject had been unable to perform the most basic activity for 25 years, including standing for long periods without severe pain. The chemical poisoning that she suffered from resulted in the blockage of important pathways and she did not have the electromotive energy in her cells for complete metabolic function. Her state of health was stuck in a toxic pattern for 25 years.

The cell’s chronically stuck, low-charged voltage was immediately elevated by the BiomagScience therapy to a properly charged functioning state, which re-started the cells natural ionic forces to be able to metabolize micronutrients resulting in increased metabolic and immune functions which started her back on the road to full recovery. Within a year of the BiomagScience initial therapy, she was playing competitive tennis.


The BIA test shows how BiomagScience [proper] energy therapy supplementation elevates the cellular energy and immune function for overcoming critical health issues heretofore not able to be resolved. This case indicates just a minor segment of health issues not treatable with allopathic medicine; cases that now have an energy therapy that helps the body to heal and overcome pain. BiomagScience’s specific therapies provide the necessary energy to stimulate the DNA to regenerate nerve and soft and hard tissue back to normal; this is shown in such cases as quadriplegics walking again or how herniated discs grew back to full height or separated nerves regenerated.

This BIA testing verifies the unusual and immediate increase in cellular voltage which supports a major increase in metabolic and immune functions which subsequently provide the miracle-like results that BiomagScience therapies have helped achieve. Not a stand-alone, do-all science, BiomagScience energy medicine is used as an adjunct to allopathic therapies for additional health and wellness support.

Please review these additional BIA before and after testing of BiomagScience therapies: 

Subject 111804MW

BIA Results:   Female Name: MW
Height in:   67 Date:
Weight lb:   135 Database:
Age:   53 Subject ID: 111804MW
Ideal weight:   135.0 lb Record date: 14-Jun-05
BMI:   21.14 Template: FNA_style.tmpl
Phase angle:    5.2 BIA tests:  template tables: 1
Resistance:   569 Reactance: 52 ohms
Equation Set: Cyprus/FNA


Capacitance (pico Farads) Cell health based on parallel capacitance
Above 1009  Extremely healthy
774-1008 Optimal health
460-616 Below average
304-459 Low energy
Below 303 Warning alert




Jet Lag turns to energy

History: The subject is a 38-year-old female in overall good health, tested just after a series of international and national flights. The subject indicated feeling very tired and a bit disoriented from jet lag


Date 12-Aug-05  12-Aug-05
Actual CAP: 503 515


Note: Measurements of milligauss radiation levels in planes test at above 100. The Swedish Government recognizes that levels above two (2) milligauss destroys cellular vitality and has shown to create cancer. Their laws state no commercial atmosphere may have over 2 milligauss.



Description Actual Norm. Diff. Normal Range Comment
12-Aug-05    503 760 -257 Min: 607 Max: 913 (PF) CAP less than min by 104.0 (pico farads)
12-Aug-05   515 760  -245 Min: 607 Max: 913 (PF) CAP less than min by 92.0 (pico farads)


Parallel capacitance results of Subject 081205DY

The subject’s Pre-Meridian Energizing Therapy Application capacitance of 503 pico farads reflects the effects of air transport radiation, high E.M.F. milligauss and low O2 levels. This from a 30 hr. exposure of air travel from Asia to California and then a 6- hour flight to Philadelphia area.

After a 15 minute Meridian Energizing Therapy, the subject’s capacitance increased 12 points. She reported feeling more centered (balancing parasympathetic nervous system) and also feeling energetic (balancing the sympathetic nervous system).


Conclusion: The electromotive energy from the applications generated the proper ionic exchange to balance oxidative stress occurring from the environmental challenge.
It can take weeks to recover from an arduous trip. With the use of the BioMagnets, resolution seems to occur almost immediately with these simple applications. It has also been noted that individuals with very low tolerance and fairly long residual symptoms to air travel radiation, resolved all the symptoms by using the BioMagnets during the flight.



BiomagScience Recommendation

BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit as it was designed to have everything and simple step-by-step instructions to help the body overcome the pain of chronic illness and its many conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida, and etc. BiomagScience recommends doing the Advanced Therapies on Page 8 of the Pictorial Guide which will help rebuild the system so that the condition goes away and better overall health is achieved.

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