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Power and Effect FAQs

BioMagnetic Therapy Power and Effect FAQ

Does gauss rating of a Magnet indicate its effectiveness?

No it does not. Due to the fact that many size biomagnets will be made of the same material with the same rating does not mean they will have the same energy and penetration values. T

he power and depth of the energy penetration of the tissue is determined by the thickness of the magnet. Simply said – a small magnet will have a much smaller penetration value whereas the larger and thicker the magnet, the more powerful it is and the better it will work on deep tissue therapys.

The BiomagScience Institute BioMagnets were developed in three major sizes.

The Power Wafer is a small, easy to use dime-sized BioMagnet which is often used in a stack of 2 with a band aid between them and then applied to the skin for easy application. Its frequencies (power) were specifically designed for most aches and pains and to energize the entire body with the Daytime therapy found in the “Conquering Pain” therapy book.

The Regular [middle sized] Wafers were designed for acute pain and the Meridian
Energizing therapy used to stimulate the nervous system to help the body to overcome acute and advanced illness ( in the “Conquering Pain” book). The Regular BioMagnet has a power value that is as strong as the best and most powerful biomagnets in the market place.

The Super [large] Biomagnet is a specially designed, ultra powerful biomagnet which is uncommon in the marketplace. It was developed for very deep tissue and organ therapy. It is powerful enough to deflect a compass from one side of the body to the other.

Anyone studying BiomagScience’s blood microscopy and BIA (electromotive membrane) testing, research studies and testimonials – will realize that the proper design and use of the Institute’s BioMagnetic systems have continuously shown remarkable results with many conditions. Reports of terminal conditions that were supported by the Institute’s advanced therapies are now thriving. An example of proper placement is the case study of a man who crushed both leg bones which
healed without pain and was walking within several months instead of the normal prognosis of almost a year – the BioMagnets were placed on the anterior of one leg and the posterior of the other. For proper placement – See “Conquering Pain” therapy book.

Please realize that MagnetoBioPhysics / BioMagnetism is a Science and a very specialized, exacting technology. You can depend on the Institute’s 26 years of developing the proper BioMagnetic strength [for proper applications] and the exacting basic and advanced protocols which are scientifically based on the physiology and correct energy pathways of the body.

Gauss is the rating of a magnet – what does it mean?

Science has always measured gauss (g) as the amount of magnetic lines of force that are emitted from one square centimeter of the polar surface of a magnet. Since the introduction of the new Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Super magnets, there has been a shift in “language” due to the substantially increased power of the new Super Magnets.

The new language of gauss is now being determined by the amount of energy inside the magnet which is called its br.coersive (internal) value – the amount of energy it takes to neutralize the magnet.

With the advent of the new Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, the lines of gauss on the surface have gone up substantially from the + 1400g surface, 3950g br.coersive from a high grade ceramic magnet to upwards of 2000g-5000g surface and 12,800g br.coersive internal gauss for a Super magnet. In addition, the Oerstedt measurement (the distance the lines go out from the pole) has gone up dramatically with the new
Super magnets.

As the thickness of the Rare Earth magnets increases, the depth of its penetration (Oerstedt) value has increased. This is critical in the proper therapy of organs and damaged tissue deep in the body.

At the time of this writing, the measurements in Peter Kulish’s “Conquering Pain” book on the Institute’s Super Biomagnets are based on surface measurements – but are +12,800 br.coersive gauss Super magnets. The Institute only carries State-of the-Art Rare Earth BioMagnets.

The Institute’s largest Super BioMagnet is twice as powerful as the other Rare Earth biomagnets offered in the Marketplace. It can be held on one side of the body and deflect a compass on the other side. This is extremely important in raising the Zeta potential in deep tissue therapy.

One has to be careful what one buys. With many untrained individuals selling powerful, magnetic energy devices – they have started creating their own language and Science. You must be careful because if True Science is not
followed, then the magnets and application may also be incorrect.

There are BioMagnets with 45 thousand gauss – is that possible?

No. These kind of gauss ratings do not exist. They are not scientific. Science has not been able to produce this kind of power. Any company putting out this kind of rating does not know what they are talking about and purchasing from them may be very dangerous to your health. If they do not understand the basic science, how can you trust them or their products?

What are penetration values – how important are they?

The penetration value is how deep into the tissue the magnetic effect penetrates.

It is very simple – if there is a deep tissue condition, the magnet must be strong enough to penetrate the energy to stimulate the cells correctly.

For example – when the Institute’s protocols were used on the woman in a coma with terminal pancreatitis, the Super BioMagnet was used. The Super BioMagnet is twice as thick and strong as other Rare Earth biomagnets [in the marketplace] and its penetration value was the most critical issue about the therapy. The woman was on a trend to terminate within a day or two – instead she woke up in 3 days and left the hospital 4 days later. She was also given the Meridian Energy therapy to stimulate her entire nervous system to help her body’s cellular communication system work better.

All BiomagScience BioMagnets are designed to specifically reach the required A-Z penetration values. After a quarter of a century of development, you can be assured the Institute’s
BioMagnets have been designed for the proper penetration values to help the body heal rapidly – whether you have pain, chronic illness or an acute condition.

What determines the effectiveness of a BioMagnet?

The strength and proper field of the magnet to penetrate the stressed tissue and the location of the application to make sure the site is being properly energized down the proper energy (nerve) pathway. Both issues are critical for rapid results.

Too many magnet therapy companies either sell improperly designed magnets that use both polar fields (such as necklaces or bracelets or multi-polar pads) or simply state ‘just use their Bio-North pole consistently.’ Again, the wrong polarity location will stress the tissue. Only the correct field on the right location will give rapid and proper results.

For the correct applications and therapy protocols, please review BiomagScience Institute’s vast developments and you will understand why practitioners use the Institute’s Biomagnets. The “Conquering Pain” therapy book has specific protocols for over 170 conditions.



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