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Pain Relief and Vitality Biomagnetic Therapy Kit

Give the gift of Good Heath, Vitality and, Pain Relief to friends, family & loved ones
Pain Relief and Vitality BioMagnetic Therapy Kit 

BioMagnetic Pain Relief and Vitality Therapy Kit includes: 
  • Four Certified BioMagnetic Power Wafers
  • Instructional Therapy Brochure for proper polarity placement instructions included in kit

Pain Relief and Vitality Therapy Kit for Pain Relief and Increasing and Maintaining Vitality

BioMagnets standards:

  • Color-coded Polarity, with protective casing
  • Raised letters on red side to feel correct polarity placement
  • Instructional Therapy Brochure includes directions for exact and proper placement of certified biomagnets to amplify the body’s natural energies to provide relief from pain while maintaining health and vitality.
  • The certified biomagnets in this kit are known as Power Wafers and are designed for pain relief, vitality and health maintenance.

The advantage of FMS Certified Power Wafer BioMagnets is that they are many times more powerful than most other magnets available on the market today. The result is improved deep tissue penetration for quicker pain relief. This is necessary in order to have a positive healing effect. The strength of FMS Certified Power Wafer BioMagnets can treat many health conditions that ordinary magnets cannot.

Our Certified Power Wafer BioMagnets are:

  • Powerful – for deep tissue penetration
  • Small – can be placed anywhere on the body with ease
  • Convenient – no cumbersome, hot sweaty wraps.
  • Affordable – compare to other inferior magnets which cost four times as much!


BioMagnetic Therapy Supports the Body to Provide Fast Results

People Report Relief from all types of Pain and Swelling like:

  • Back, Neck, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Wrist, Ankle, Foot, Carpel Tunnel, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Toothache
  • Headache, Sinus Pain and Migraines
  • Menstrual Cramps / Menopausal Fatigue
  • Acid Indigestion Painless Recovery from Broken Bones

People also report: 

  • Immediate Energy Increase
  • Reverses Free Radical activity
  • Revitalize your Metabolism
  • Improve Circulation & Cellular Vitality

How to use BioMagnetic Power Wafers

Power Wafers are generally used in a 2-stack configuration that was designed for the optimum field. Place one Power Wafer next to the skin and cover it with a band aid. Place the second Power Wafer on top to hold it in place. A second band aid crosswise on top of the 2-stack will ensure that the system is firmly secured.

If it is in a convenient location such as the Sternum Placement, place one Power Wafer inside clothing next to the skin and the second Wafer outside clothing to hold it in place.
Vitality and General Health maintenance

Recharging the human battery with magnetics – Consider what happens when the battery in your car is low; the lights dim, the horn doesn’t work and the circuitry fails.


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