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General FAQs

BioMagnetic Therapy General Response FAQ

Are magnetic bed pads safe?

Finally, the Companies who used to make the stressful Positive energy multi-polar beds are now making Negative beds. But are they safe?

In discussing magnetic bed pads with Dr. Walter Rawls (living partner to Albert Roy Davis and his work) at the International Tesla Conference, Kulish and Rawls had similar findings…

It was found that most people exclaimed the Negative bed pads are great. They indicated great sleep and waking up rested. Then upon further questioning, it was found that the individuals using the pads for a long period of time were also indicating a consistent bit of lethargy during the day. What they remembered about the sleep and rest – simply was reaction of the first week they had the pads – not their continued use.

Rawls and Kulish surmised that it was the long term magnetic effect on the adrenals glands that were putting them into a slowed-down hypo state which was not supplying the correct amount of adrenaline for the body’s needs. Since there are useful applications with magnetic bed pads, the Institute determined to make pads without magnetic fields under the adrenal glands.

The Institute makes custom magnetic bed pads for individuals who have chronic conditions or just request them. The Institute requires the individual’s measurements such as height from the waist to the shoulders and how far from the head board they sleep. Then a magnetic pad will be custom made so that the magnets are not under the adrenal area.

The Institute also recognizes very low gauss powered magnetic beds. The Institute’s Senior Medical Officer, the well known researcher, Dr. Tom Levy, has reported using the very low gauss bed without any lethargic reactions found on the stronger magnetic beds.

How quickly will BioMagnetic Therapy work?

That depends on the type of condition and its severity. Everyone’s body responds differently to magnetic therapy. In general, most people report rapid results.

For acute injuries, most people start feeling more comfort in a day or two. Many report pain reduction within hours or even minutes. Most people report full comfort within approximately 3.5 days with issues like a wrenched back pinching the sciatica nerve.

With long term chronic pain related conditions, it has been reported several days to several weeks to achieve comfort.

Looking under the Institute’s and research reports, a women suffering from of mal-absorption syndrome resulting in 15 years of immobilizing severe fatigue, responded in an hour of Institute therapy protocols.

A 91 year old man partially in and out of a coma from septic-shock, woke up healing within several days using the advanced organ group / brain energizing / Meridian Energizing therapies.

Using Biomagnetism correctly, allows the cells to take on the [Zeta potential] energy to immediately start nutrient and waste transfer which reduces swelling thereby reducing pain and helping start an accelerated trend toward healing.

How does the Zeta Energy assist healing?

When the cells are traumatized / stressed (at the injury site), they lose their healthy Negative Zeta energy potential. The reduction of the Zeta energy signals the brain to send Negative energy to re-instate the proper Zeta Potential?

Until the Zeta energy is re-instated, the cellular transport efficiency through the membrane capillaries (channels for nutrient intake and waste elimination) is reduced resulting in painful buildup of the effects of swelling such as fluid and fibrin which further impedes the circulation to the area resulting in more pain.

By immediately increasing the Negative Zeta potential by the proper biomagnetic application, the cell’s capillaries relax and blood flow / oxygen / nutrient / waste (toxins) transfer efficiently resulting in accelerated reduction of swelling and pain. The Negative energy is the body’s natural healing energy. Amplifying that energy in the correct application simply accelerates the body’s own natural healing ability.

How do I get results from BioMagnetic Therapy?

The proper magnetic field, the proper energy, and the proper placement are critical for correctly increasing the electromotive energy [Zeta Potential] of the distressed tissue at the problem site (such as carpel or tendonitis) or an overall lack of electromotive vitality – in which case the BioMagnet can be used to energize the whole body. (see BIA tests)

There is a combination of various therapies that are used together to help benefit the body’s vitality such as:

  • Drinking magnetized water
  • Using BiomagScience’s advanced Oxygen/Mineral supplement
  • Using BiomagScience’s Circulation Enzymes
  • Daytime, Nighttime, CVS, Organ Group and Meridian Energy therapy treatments.
  • Advanced therapies such as the Vortex Initiation Healing therapy, which has shown to start the healing of bones, nerves, sockets, etc
  •  Successful results occur from the proper placement, the proper applications, the proper supplements, and continuing the therapy for the amount of time it takes for the tissue to re-balance and heal. Often, there is rapid pain relief when correctly applied. However, the protocol must be followed for enough time to make sure the tissue is healed.

For example: Several individuals reported their pre-operation Carpel Tunnel pain and immobility went away completely within hours. The individuals took off the BioMagnets and the pain came back in a couple hours. They were directed to do the therapy for one month [which is easy to do because the Power Wafers are so small and non-intrusive].

Their final reports indicated the BioMagnets helped heal them completely by using the detailed instruction of the proper applications as provided in the ”Conquering Pain” therapy book. There have been many reports that people, using other company magnets, experienced pain when using it for carpel tunnel. Unfortunately, they put the magnet on the wrong side (improper polarity location) of the wrist.

Biomagnetism is a very exacting science and must be placed properly. When used improperly, it can stress the area instead of giving rapid results.

Since pain can be a response from somewhere other than where it hurts, the protocol may require review. The Institute provides contact through email, conference call forums and practitioners skilled in the art to assist you in determining how the therapy may be correctly guided.

Does BioMagnetism help supplements to work?

The Institute has acquired cutting edge supplements to work in conjunction with its BioMagnetic therapies to ensure that the proper micro-nutrients are available to support the increased cellular vitality gained from increasing the Zeta Potential of the cells. All of the supplements the Institute uses were acquired for their special responses such as:

  • A bio-identical hGH molecule naturally derived from plant material specifically acquired to help assist cell mitosis and support a reduction of such conditions as Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, aging
  • A natural oral chelation for assisting reduction of vascular and cellular plaque
  • An oxygen and an oxygen/mineral supplement to support increased blood oxygen levels

In tests and research case reports, each of these products has worked faster and better [with the Institute’s BioMagnetic therapies] than the lab’s original research on each of these supplements. The Institute reports that the supplements, in conjunction with the energy therapies, indicate not only faster response – but unusual responses such as organs like the pancreas restarting with blood/sugar level balancing and rapid removal of plaque in the heart, ankles, and feet resolving restrictive circulation while reducing pain and swelling.

Part of the Institute’s Mission is to find, research, develop, and provide the most effective supplements and energy therapies to support healing of all conditions. Please look to our Communications Page on “Breakthrough Research Reports” on our Supplement and BioMagnetic therapy reactions

Does BioMagnetism help joint pain?

Biomagnetism increases the Zeta potential in the cells that make up the spongy and surrounding connective tissue that make up the joints – thereby stimulating cellular healing, reducing swelling and pain. Often the Vortex Initiation Healing circuit [as shown in the “Conquering Pain” book] is used to stimulate the energy pathways to make sure all the cell’s neurotransmitters are stimulated to support increased healing.

Increased Zeta potential improves circulation which increases oxygen and nutrient transport for supporting cellular repair.

Can Magnetic Fields help heal bones?

Yes. With the proper advanced circuit applications, completely crushed bones with surgical pins have healed without any pain in several months that were expected to take over 10 months before walking unassisted.

The Institute is continuing to gather reports in this area, Dr. Tom Levy reported a green fracture fully calcified in 10 days. In all cases, the application and proper magnetic strength are critical.

Can Biomagnetism help me sleep?

There are a number of ways that Biomagnetism can help sleep.

A lack of sleep generally occurs from pain, stress, a condition that wakes up someone such as coughing, a change of the sunlight time throughout the year affecting serotonin and a lack of melatonin made by the pineal gland.

Since the BioMagnets help reduce pain, they can help one get to sleep. Since they can help the body increase it electromotive vitality, the condition of coughing may be addressed by increasing the immune system and therefore, the BioMagnets can further help sleeping.

Dr. William Philpott discovered that when the pineal gland [which is responsible for melatonin – the sleeping neurotransmitter responsible rest and therefore the body’s natural repair] is energized to increase its Negative Zeta potential, melatonin is increased for better sleep. As people get older, many have a tendency to make less melatonin which means they get less sleep.

The Institute has developed a protocol of using a 2-stack of Power Wafers simply using the hair [between the bottom and top Power Wafers] or a bobby pin or a band-aide to attach to the crown of the head which increases the melatonin for better sleep.

One of the mechanisms of melatonin is that it reduces stress – that is why it is used as a sleep supplement. Increasing it naturally with Biomagnetism is a simple, natural therapy to achieving sleep without drugs.

Can Biomagnetic Therapy benefit back pain relief?

No they are not.The Institute has developed an advanced back pain protocol that uses a Negative / Positive / Negative circuit that stimulates healing and reduces swelling and pain quickly.

Most companies just use the Negative field on the back – however, using the Negative over the spine relaxes the tissue which reduces the extra-cellular fluids allowing the vertebrae to continue to pinch the nerves for a lessened, but continuous pain.

The Institute’s protocol helps stops the nerve pinching while stimulating the healing of the weak, traumatized muscles. The advanced back pain protocol was designed to support building muscle strength to hold the vertebrae in place after therapy. They are made of non-magnetic metals such as surgical stainless steel or titanium. However, as indicated by the individual with both broken legs who healed in several months rather than almost a year – Biomagnetism can be applied as an adjunctive support with them to reduce healing time.

Are surgical pins or plates affected by Magnetism?

No they are not. They are made of non-magnetic metals such as surgical stainless steel or titanium. However, as indicated by the individual with both broken legs who healed in several months rather than almost a year – Biomagnetism can be applied as an adjunctive support with them to reduce healing time.

Are magnetic insoles safe?

That is a big question. A fellow reporting at a meeting of the North American Academy of Magnet Therapy asked if he could use the magnetic insoles because he had a pacemaker as he was warned not use have a magnet near it. It was explained to him that the magnetic insoles are so far away from the heart that it would not affect him. He put them in his shoes and his heart started to fibrillate. He took the insoles out of his shoes and his heart immediately normalized [as personally reported by an associate of the Institute at the meeting].

When explaining this to several practitioners who do Reike, acupuncture, and Shiatsu – they immediately explained that the magnetism was affecting the trigger points of the heart in the feet. If that is the case, then the direct affectation of the electromotive energy from the magnetic soles is not a good idea if it triggers each gland or organ group into a slow (hypo) or fast (hyper) state.

It is surmised that when first put on, if there is MDS (Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome), the lack of cellular electromotive vitality may be overcome initially, but once overcome, the soles may very well trigger direct problems with the gland and organs.

In conclusion, the Institute agrees with the energy practitioners and does not promote this type of system. As there are other basic methods to energizing the body, the Institute cannot recommend this system.

Are Magnetic Fields from power lines & appliances dangerous?

The electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines and electrical appliances have very powerful Positive and Negative fields therapy alternate (Alternating Current electricity) back and forth 60 times a second here in North America and 50 times a second in most other areas of the world. There is a tremendous body of knowledge and investigation proving that AC fields from power lines and appliances have disturbing biological properties that are bad for health if the individual is within the field.

In Sweden, it is illegal to have any commercial working atmosphere that has 2 or more milligauss (one thousandth of one gauss) of AC current since Swedish science has established that 2 or more milligauss can cause cancer. Appliance, tube type computer screens and overhead electric lines can give over 40 to +100 milligauss.

The 1 meter rule – It is wise to keep tube type computer screens, plug in radios or clocks or any electronic equipment 1 meter (39 inches) away from any area you spend a lot of time in – especially when sleeping. Reduced cellular electromotive energy from AC may be raised by using the daytime therapy. Individuals with hyper sensitivity to AC Electromotive smog have reported an increase of energy from the Daytime therapy.

What is Pulsed Magnetic Therapy?

There are a number of electromagnet appliances that put out a pulsed field to stimulate tissue with a number of Positive results from these devices. Peter Kulish indicates that although the pulsed fields have given some good results, he does not subscribe to them for any continuous therapy as each directed pulse has an opposite collapse field – similar to the fields of Alternating Current of electric lines and appliances.

Kulish explains, “The electrons of the atoms that make up the cellular structure are always affected by external magnetic fields. Although the pulsed magnetic therapy systems seem to help initially, I am concerned because the electrons of healthy cell tissue have a continuous Negative spin [counterclockwise, left hand chirality]. When influenced by a magnetic field that pulses, the electrons are also pulsed which is not natural in nature. I believe these types of [pulsed devices] are good for initiating an increase in cellular vitality, but then a static [continuous] field should be used to complete the energy supplementation.”

Most solid state (static) magnetic devices used for Biological therapy use direct field (DC) magnetic field current which continuously emits one field from each pole. This type of field is natural to the body when applied correctly. The proper DC polar field of a magnet, when used in the correct application, simply imitates an amplified form of the body’s natural healing energy.

For more information, please review “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism” by Peter Kulish – which can be purchased on this site.

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