Magnet Therapy - Nerve, Tendon, Muscle Regeneration


Complete support of knee regeneration of separated nerves, tendons, and muscles. Doctor said I would have to live the rest of my life with no feeling or motion in my leg. With BiomagScience Advanced Therapy circuits, I got full feeling and mobility back in my leg.


Magnet Therapy - TMJ - Extreme Pain / Lockjaw Resolved


TMJ extreme pain and lockjaw resolved with advanced magnet therapy.


Magnet Therapy - 22 year Arthritic Knee Resolved


22 year Arthritic Injured Knee is free of pain and completely healed with Advanced Magnetic Therapy Support


Magnet Therapy - Chronic Extreme Sciatica Pain Resolved


Years of extreme Sciatica Pain resolved with Advanced Back Pain Circuit from - now living pain free


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