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Independent Practitioners

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Magnet Therapy Case Studies from your neighbor next door to around the world.

COPD: DayTime Therapy with Medium Vitamin C

DayTime Therapy with Medium Vitamin C Medium dosage (3-6 grams a day depending on size of individual)

Fever: DayTime/NightTime Biomagnetic Therapy

DayTime/NightTime therapy; drink oxygenated magnetized structured water with minimum 2 grams Vitamin C per hour up to 15 – 24 grams depending on weight.

Lupus – Amazing results after a week of magnet therapy

A client of mine is 43 and has suffered horribly from lupus since she was 29 years old. I turned her onto bio-magnets and she has been doing meridian therapy for almost a week; following everything by the book… Last weekend, she became so ill she had to go to the emergency room, because her digestive system hardly works at all, and she suffers from severe constipation; just one of the many things that plague her because of the lupus. Within a few days of magnet therapies, her transformation has been to say the least awe-inspiring. She couldn’t even drink water before wearing the magnets and she’s already on her second gallon of magnetized water. And the most amazing thing… She’s hungry for the first time in along time. She can’t believe how much better she feels already.

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Seizures Stopped with BioMagnet Therapy

“Its no joke playing mother to an adopted nine-year-old boy who is an epileptic. Imagine seeing him suffer grand mal seizures despite unpleasant medications such as Tegretol 200 mg. that he had to take three times daily. But, things changed for the better when one day, I brought home a set of BiomagScience BioMagnets and applied them on him. I told him that this was much safer for his body since the magnets are applied externally. He has been on daytime and nighttime therapys since December 1995. The results? I’d say quite satisfactory because his intake of medication has been reduced to once a day and he hasn’t suffered an attack since then.” E.L.M.T., M.D. NOTE: We suggest that the above therapy only be used as an adjunct to professional care; not as a substitute.

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Practitioner Testimonial

Glowing report from California Practitioner who has had wonderful results in many applications:

“I have had a wonderful adventure learning about your magnets, they are everything you said they would be and much more! I enlisted as many people as possible to put the magnets to the test with their many different and varied complaints. The one constant was that all the people gained more energy and slept better at night.

Then there was the removal of pain and dysfunction from all sorts of different areas/problems: joint issues, glandular dysfunctions, digestive problems, TMJ, inflamed nerves, warts/root removal and pain relief from insect bits/stings. Everyone has been most pleased with the results and the fact that the book, pictures and magnets are so user friendly. The magnets are easy to use, do not wear out and can be used over and over again with the same degree of results each and every time. Thank You! The magnets are truly a blessing to all who use them! Cheers.”

JF Oakville, CA Oct 10, 2007



Medical Doctor Interview

Dr. Chi, M.D. L.A. CA.


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Dr. Chi has been using BiomagScience BioMagnets for years in her large L.A. practice where she has combined acupuncture magnets and nutricuticals into her medical practice as a leading oncologist in complementary medicine.

Dr Chi loves using the BioMagnets because of their quick and profound results.  She tells her clients how simple to they are to use.  Basically put them with the negative pole (green side down) where ever it hurts on your torso.  She has reported many instances where clients have gotten immediate results   Even accompanying bruising from injury goes away.  She is also a big advocate of drinking the magnetized water for any imbalances in the body.

Because she is so versed in acupuncture she has incorporated the BioMagnets in her treatments using the meridians.  Some examples of these are having her client hold a super BioMagnet with positive charge on right palm and the negative charge on the left palm.  They then put hands together and raise arms above head intermittently while exercising.  This not only increases energy (chi), it also increases circulation and is good for the heart and lungs.

She also has her clients put wafers on the bottom of their feet at night on the proper meridian, which helps improve kidney function.

For environmental allergies her clients do a thirty minute therapy of placing the magnets on each side of the nose and a two stack at on the back of the neck.  Her clients have been able to get off allergy medication including being able to stop chronic use of nasal sprays.

For bladder incontinency and frequency she has them place a two stack of Power Wafers to their undergarments to strengthen the bladder.  They also do the Daytime sternum treatment for energy and generalized well being.

She has also incorporated BiomagScience Circulation Enzymes with the BioMagnetic therapies.  She has seen (in how many cases) a big improvement with type-2 diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol as numbers return to normal values.

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